Different ball games with ball information
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here are many games which are played by the object called balls. In this article you will see the size and shape of the balls and other related information with their international standard. Some of them are cricket ball, baseball, football, hockey, basketball etc.


Different ball games:

There are different ball games in the world. There are such a lot of varieties available for the ball games. Different ball games are available with different shapes of balls and with of different sizes. As we all know the world famous games of balls are Football, Cricket, and Basketball etc. In ball games, actually ball is an object in that particular sport or game.
Bat-ball-game known as cricket and baseball. Stick and ball games are hockey, billiards, snooker, pool etc. There are other ball games which are played by balls widely in the world are basketball, volleyball, football, netball etc. let see the use of balls in different games with some details of the ball.


1) Cricket ball:

It is the famous game around the world, which plays with bat-and-ball. The ball of cricket made up of in weight of no less than 155.9gm and also not more than 163gm. It is of red/white in color. It measures with minimum of 22.4cm in circumference and maximum circumference is 22.9cm. The ball is made up of leather with cork core and flax seam.

2) Football (Soccer) ball:

Football is the game of passion; it is need lots of stamina. It is one of the game which is played by ball. It is also called as `soccer`. The ball of the soccer is available in different sizes in the market. The types of sizes are size1, size2, size3, size4, size5, where size1 is for children under the age of 8 years. Size5 is the international standard match ball for all the adult play. The standard ball weighs between 14-16 ounces with a circumference of 27-28 inches. The ball made up of pure leather and other suitable material.


3) Baseball ball:

Baseball is the game, which is mostly popular in North America continent. It is the type of bat-and-ball game. The ball is primarily made up of rubber or cork center; it is not much hard as compared to cricket ball. It is wrapped in yarn and covered with in leather. It is of 9 inches (229mm) in circumference (73mm in diameter). Some balls have plastic types finish, while other have leather finish.

4) Hockey ball:

Hockey is the stick-and-ball games. It is mostly played in India, Pakistan, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Malaysia and Argentina etc.
Hockey ball have a circumference of between 224mm to 235mm. It`s weight in between 156gm to 163gm. It can be in the any color but mostly preferred to white color for the international games. The ball made up of any material.


5) Basketball ball:

A basketball is a sphere in shapes. The standard size of basketball is 29.5 inches (75 cm) in circumference. All basketball nearly made up of inner rubber, outer surface is of fiber and most outer surface of the ball is leather as synthetic composite.