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Tips to crack a Job interview
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The article is about, how do you prepare yourself for a job interview. If you prepare yourself carefully then it became much easier to crack the interview. As everybody feel little bit fearful, There can be chances of some mistakes and its normal. Don`t feel bad about it. Just concentrate for your next interview but be careful to not repeat you mistakes in future.


First step to get an interview is to send your resume to company websites, consultancies and job sites etc.

After getting the interview call you can follow these simple tips to simply crack the interview.

Here are a few tips that will definitely help you in your interview:

1. Before going to a job interview, it is best to do some research about the company as they will definitely ask you some questions about the company in which you are going. It will make a good impression, if you will answer questions about the company.

2. As it is common to feel fear in an interview, You can practice your answers with your friends or family members which you have prepared for the interview.
Don`t forget Practice Makes a man perfect!

3. When you go for an interview, It is good to reach there at least 15 to 20 minutes before the scheduled time of interview.

4. Always keep an extra copy of your resume before going for an interview. As well as all the necessary documents and photographs required for the job. If you are experienced then don`t forget to keep your salary slips of last few months, your experience letter, your joining letter, relieving letter etc. Interviewer can be asked you for these additional documents.

5. Always wear formal dress for an interview. It will show your sincerity for the job. Cut your nails, hairs etc. Good professional shoes which matches with your formal dress. Don`t wear too much jewellery, ring etc. This will make a good impact on the interviewer.

6. When you are in front of the employer, smile and greet the interviewer. If interviewer wants a handshake with you, do it firmly. It will give a good start to move a interview.

7. During the interview listen everything very carefully that you don`t need ask the interviewer to repeat the question. After listening the question carefully, think about the answer in your mind and start answering confidently and systematically. This is the chance to sell your self to the company. Don`t try to fool the interview with your answers.

8. At last, Thanks the interviewer for taking the interview and giving you his/her valuable time.

These are the tips that you may really need to crack an interview.