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Why don't students pass in exams
Author : shanu
Category : For Kids
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Why don't students pass in exams with flying colours

Why don't students pass in exams

how 365 days are not enough for students to prepare and get ready for their examinations.If a student fails in his examinations, it is not his fault entirely, for a year has just 365 days.


No.of days
Balance days

Sundays 313 days
52 days a year
(Sundays are meant for rest)

Summer holidays 268 days
45 days a year
(holidays are meant for enjoying and the weather is too hot to study)

8 hours of sleep daily 146 days
122 days
(one cannot study while sleeping, he can
dream of studies)

1 hour of playing daily 131 days
15 days
(playing is essential for good health)

1 hour of conversation 116 days
15 days
(Man is a social being)

2 hours of eating daily 86 days
30 days a year
(eating is necessary for living)

Winter vacation 30 days
56 days a year
(most of the time is spend on bed due to illness)

Examinations days 13 days
(17 days a year)

For sickness 3 days
10 days a year
(there are ups and downs in life)

Watching movies 1 day
2 days a year

So 1 day is left.

There is no study without proper time-table.

Students are wise, of course.

So This Day, The Only Day Left, Should Be Utilised To Make a Time-Table.

Now can anyone advice the students how to sail through the exams with flying colours?



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