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Parents take care about your child before EXAMS.
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Parents will give the life to the child but building the character is by studying. You can prepare your child for any exam by following the three Re`s Make sure he is rested, relaxed and ready. Whether it is a simple weekly spelling test, a unit or semester exam, or a high-stakes standardized test, students face similar challenges. They must stay focused and complete the test within a specific time frame. By getting involved with test preparation, parents can help their child succeed on a test. Help them to learn more activities, ask them to participate in cultural activities and ask them to participate even in quiz competition.


1.A good breakfast is fuel for your childs brain.
2.Provide a healthy breakfast and insist on a full night`s sleep before any test. 
A relaxed and positive manner helps a child to do her best.
Keep a positive attitude and avoid arguments and stress the day of a test. Instill confidence by reminding your child that you believe in him completely. Encourage him to always do his best.
3.Teach your child relaxation techniques if he suffers from test anxiety. Taking deep breaths or counting slowly from one to ten can help a child to refocus on the task at hand.
 4.Talk to your child about the test. Discuss the format of the test. Explain the purpose of the test to your child. Create a calendar at home to keep track of test dates and refer to it frequently.
5.Discuss test-taking strategies with your child.
Provide your child with some basic test-taking strategies. For instance, your first choice is usually the right one; watch for key words like "all," "always," "never" and "only"; look for information in the questions that can help you answer other questions; watch for negative words like "no" or "not." Remind your child to listen to instructions and to read questions carefully.
6.Create a reasonable study schedule and stick to it. Using a study plan can help your child to maintain consistent preparation for tests in all subjects.
7.Use practice materials to help your child prepare for standardized tests. Time his practice tests and keep study periods short. Use diagnostic practice tests so that you can focus study time on weak skill areas.
8.Daily reading and critical thinking help students succeed.
Discuss ideas and allow your child to voice his opinions to develop critical thinking skills. Also, encourage daily reading of a variety of materials. Students who read well and think critically are also good test-takers.