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Be Aware of grammatical mistakes
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A little grammatical mistakes will change the whole sentence so its very important to know the basic rules

Use Complete Sentences

        A complete sentence contains: a subject (the noun that is doing something)a verb (what it`s doing) and a complete thought.
Incorrect: When I go to the store.

        I is the subjectand go is the verbbut the word when makes it an incomplete thought.
 Correct: I went to the store.

Using Personal Pronouns Correctly

        One common mistake is to use I and me incorrectly. Use I when it is doing something in the sentence as the subject. Use me when it isn`t doing something or isn`t the subject.
        Example 1: I am walking.d
        Example 2: You are walking with me.d

Pronouns with And

        When using pronouns with andmentally eliminate the non-pronoun to avoid an error.
        For instancewhen trying to decide to use they or them in example 1eliminate Josh and.
Example 1: Josh and they are going.
        When trying to decide to use I or me in example 2eliminate and Bob.
        Example 2: Give those to me and Bob.

Punctuate Compound Sentences Correctly

        If you link together two complete thoughts with a coordinating conjunction place a comma before the coordinating conjunction.
        Example: You would like to write a cover letterbut you want to learn some punctuation first.
        The coordinating conjunctions are forandnorbutoryet and so. You might remember the conjunctions using the anagram FANBOYS.

Must change:

        Don`t randomly place a comma any time you use a coordinating conjunction. The conjunction has to be connecting two main thoughts.
        Incorrect: Suzy wrote the book and sent it to the publisher.
        Correct: Suzy wrote the book and Bob sent it to the publisher.