Teachers day in India - A day of thanksgiving to Teachers
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Teachers day is a day where students express their thanks and gratitude to Teachers who are their friend, philosopher and guide. Teachers day is celebrated on the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was a great teacher and an eminent leader in India. This article is my tribute to all teachers who have dedicated their lives for this wonderful service.


Introduction on roots of Teachers day in India:

Teachers play a pivotal role in a student`s life starting from childhood to adulthood. A teacher has several roles to play in a student`s life. A teacher has to be a guide, friend and a mentor to a student. Students have to understand the importance of teacher in their life. Teachers day is a reminder of these facts to everyone. Teachers day is celebrated on the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Dr. Radhakrishnan was the second president of India. His birthday was on 5th of September. People close to him wanted to celebrate his birthday grandly. Dr. Radhakrishnan kindly requested that instead of celebrating his birthday it would be great if his birthday was celebrated as Teachers day. Such was his love and dedication for teaching profession.

About Dr. Radhakrishnan - A great teacher:

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was great philosopher and teacher. His area of expertise was philosophy and he was a pioneer who showcased the greatness of Indian philosophy to the entire world. Dr. Radhakrishnan`s fervent wish was "Teachers to be the greatest minds in a country". Only then teachers can bring about the best in their students. Even the great university of Oxford invited him to deliver a lecture on "Ideals of life". He is a typical role model for a teacher. All his students had a lot of respect and love for him. There was an incident that explains how much his students admired him. When he got transferred from Mysore University to Calcutta his students arranged a flower adorned carriage, made him get seated in it and they pulled it from the university campus to railway station. Great philosophers throughout the world were fascinated with him. He was such an eminent scholar that he was awarded Bharat Ratna. He was the first Indian vice president and second president of India.


Importance of Teacher

Teaching is a vocation rather than a profession. Teachers are considered as ladders who help the students to climb great heights. However they remain as ladders till the last. A good teacher would be aware of his or her responsibility in bringing about a positive change in the students. The role of a teacher is to make a student well equipped to face the life later with courage. Any student requires three important things from his or her teacher to become a successful individual.

    First one is morals or ethics. This could be taught by both teachers as well as parents. In today`s scenario with both parents working, the students mostly spend maximum time with their teachers. Therefore it becomes the responsibility of teachers to instill good moral values in students from their childhood.
    Second one is teacher as a role model. Being a good role model the teacher would aid the student to shape his aims, dreams and goals. This would also create more good teachers and individuals who in turn shape the country`s future towards development.
    Third is the actual teaching where the teacher amplifies the learning abilities of students, encourages innovations and gives them good confidence to face threats and problems in their future. A teacher should be able to understand different type of students in the class and should adopt different approaches to deal with them.

All the three characteristics explain the importance of teacher in a student`s life.


Student teacher relationship:

Student teacher relationship is very important because the students spend approximately 6 to 7 hours a day for 10 months i.e., most of the time they are active with their teachers. Children in this modern age face many problems. First is neglect, where both parents may be working and they have very little time to spend with their children. Second is broken homes where single parent is raising the kid. Third is unreasonable parental expectation from their kids. Mental health problems in children and child abuse are few of external issues. Please find more information on Child abuse and Sensory disorder in children

With the dawn of the internet age, children think that they get all the information from internet while they ignore the fact that such information may be incorrect or misleading. With this abundant information they think that teachers are not required anymore. But they do not realize that a teacher is not only a person who gives information but also is a mentor and a counsellor to them. Many studies indicate that the student teacher relationship is declining in India. Before 1980s when education was considered as sacred and not as a business, students as well as parents had immense faith and respect for teachers. But now this has gravely reduced. It is because today`s students view teaching as a job for which they pay in the form of fees. Education has become a medium for securing good jobs but not knowledge or well being of an individual. Being in a business world where money plays very important role today`s students do not understand the sanctity of teaching profession.

Teachers role also plays a pivotal role in student teacher relationship. Teachers should understand the purity in their profession. Teacher should not treat their teaching service just as any another job. Teaching subjects alone would not be the duty of a teacher. In today`s world Information can be obtained easily by anybody; most of the information is available in internet. It is imperative that teachers should be up to date with knowledge and information. However they should be wise enough to deal with today`s generation. They should understand their needs, make the students realize the importance of teachers; be their friend and a mentor. The children today face different problems personally, psychologically and physically. Being rational, straightforward, firm and kind would help gain their trust. Blind obedience is impossible nowadays and teachers should refrain from expecting the same from students. Teachers should also be aware of the mental health problems in children such as SPD, Dyslexia and ADHD. They should also be aware of child abuse. They need to identify, help and understand the children regarding these problems. Their role has increased manifold with current generation. It is our duty to increase their importance and appreciate them.


Now that we have seen the importance of teachers and student teacher relationship, let us remember our teachers on our teachers day. Let us appreciate their work. Let teachers realize the importance and sanctity of their service. As we go into future let us not forget the basics of life such as morality, wisdom, knowledge, humility and goodness. It is the duty of the teachers to instill all these traits in coming generations. Most importantly parents need to help their children to understand the importance of teachers in their life with some real life examples of their own as well as by telling them about great teachers like Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam and Dr. Radhakrishnan. Only when students have a great respect and regard for teachers, they can accept advice and discipline from them. Let each and every one of us remember to respect and appreciate teachers on this teachers day.