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Want a Successful Life, Dream it and Make it
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Most of us will rate our life as average and with nothing new. Most of us are just wandering aimlessly throughout our lives and have no clue to what we really want to. We are just leading a life which is dull and there is not enough fun in it. Below are some points that one must consider for a better and a successful life.

Tips for a better and successful life

Marry the right person
This is tip number one and is the most important of all, if you marry a person who makes your life hell, then your life is hell. You can do nothing about it. But on the other hand if you marry someone who is patient with you, can understand you, can feel your thoughts, then well, this is what people call paradise.
As Socrates has put in his own words,
By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you`ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you`ll become a philosopher.
Your marriage can determine your life path.

Learn to say no!
Dont say yes when you really meant to say no! There is no point in being intelligent, good looking or anything if you are not in control of your life. You will not be able to follow other tips if you are unable to make your own decisions. Lets say you want to go for a morning walk. Some friend of yours asks you to come to a late night party the night before and you agree. There is no way you can wake up early and go for the morning walk. Lets say this happens too often, finally yout morning walk resolution is flushed with the parties.

Improve your memorizing power
Like exercise is important for the body so is mental exercising important for brain. If you use your brain constantly, then your memory power will improve. So try to memorize something daily. Try to memorize the quotes or formula or phone number you come across. Not only will it make your brain sharper and increase your memory power but you will be left with a huge database of facts and quotes that you can use anytime you want.

Be curious
Try to explore the world, try to know things that you never knew. The world is full of mysteries and culture that we never knew or had a clue about. Go out of your comfort zone and check how things are going in other fields. Try to question and reason everything that you see in your life. Try and do new things.
One thought that holds us back whenever we find anything new is that it is not our field of expertise and we tend to not give much heed to it. This is not good at all for your development. It is no harm in gaining knowledge. Even if you can`t understand the whole thing, you can at least know some basic things about it.

Be courageous
If you look back into your life, you will regret for things that you havent done more than regret for things that you have done. It is hence required that you must be bold and courageous. Go out and ask that lady you have been eyeing, go and ask your Boss for a raise. But be careful, you must accompany other qualities with this one otherwise you will be taken as a simple fool.

Try to remember names
Most of the time when we come across someone we dont often see, we try hard to remember their names but just cant remember. Imagine what if we could. They would feel appreciated and will try to remember you too. So try to remember peoples names. When they introduce themselves, dont just hear the name. Say their name back to them to make sure you got it right. Repeat the name in your head a couple of times. Try to use their name in your conversations. If you still have problem then try to make out something funny or something that can be easily remember.

If you have a body that is fit and healthy, then you will have better confidence, better thinking and hence become more successful. Hence it is advised to exercise often and try to stay at the top of your health. If you need the motivation to start one exercise regime or to stick to one then just consider the problems that you are facing currently and visualize how they will all be no more if you are fit.
Waking up early and going for a walk will be a great start.
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Focus on the present
Many people just worry for the future or regret for something that they have done in the past so much that they do not concentrate on the present. This will only deteriorate your life. Whatever we did in the past is unchangeable and there is simply nothing you can do about it. Also future is but a result of what you do today; hence it is far better to concentrate on work at hand.
More specifically focus on this particular moment

Research has shown that whenever we have a smile on our face, the brain is releasing serotonin, the hormone that can kill stress. It will make you younger and healthy. Smiling is a simple way to stay happy. As we tend to smile when we are happy, the converse also holds true. When you wake up, just smile at your day ahead and you will feel happier throughout the day. Just like happiness leads to smiling so does smiling lead to happiness.

Drink adequate amount of water
Water is needed for various metabolic activities and is highly recommended that you take water quite frequently. It will remove the toxins from your body and make your skin glow. Instead of gulping soda and other products that have no nutritional content, rather go for a plain glass of water.

Dont be too serious
Don`t be overly serious about life, perfection is impossible and there is nothing you can do about certain situations. Instead of scratching your head over some issue that you will never remember in your life then why not learn to laugh off at things. Try to learn from your mistakes rather than worry and repent. Failures are a part of life as much as success. Rather failures are the pillars of success. Always remember that and try to enjoy your life no matter how hopeless it seems. Most importantly enjoy your life, life is not entirely a business trip, it can be mixed with pleasure and happiness.

Be positive
Always think positive thoughts. You might have heard that positive will attract more positive and negative will attract more negative. So try to fill your mind with lots of positive things and stop yourself when you start to think negative thoughts. Instead try to fill in with positive thoughts as it is necessary for happiness and eventually success.

Read books
Reading books not only improve your reading and writing skills but will give you a world of knowledge and will improve your imagination. Read books over a variety of genre, you will get to know about many new things.

Will this matter after five years?
If you are facing a big crisis or problem and are unable to let off the burden, then ask yourself this question,Will this matter after five years? The problems that we face will mostly not survive even another sunrise, so we shouldnt be tense with it or depressed. Rather get yourself together and face the problem. Remember, there is always a way. Always!

Try to live a simple life and dont make material thing a priority in your life
Just remember that there are many things in life more important than possessions. There are many small things that you get for free, try to be happy in those small things. Try not to be attached to possessions as instead of you owning it, it will end up owning you. Take a cue from the saints and become a person with minimal needs. You will thus be more content and happier.

Recharge yourselves
Our body needs a certain amount of sun to synthesise vitamin D and various other things. Hence get out and enjoy the sun for some time. Don`t overdo that and later on complain that someone on the internet asked me to do so.

Help others
There are many reasons why by helping others you are helping yourselves
-If you will help someone then they will also feel like helping others. Ultimately one day might come when you will need help and someone will help you.
-You will grow inside when you help someone. It will change you in a way you never thought.
-Your relationship with the person will become stronger
-It feels amazing both physically and mentally.
-You might get some help from the person later on in some way or you may call in for a favour later on. The person will hardly refuse.

Select a time and ponder on your problems and anxieties that you have. Try to scrutinize all the problems that you have in this time. Try to come up with solutions for the problems. This way you wont be worrying about it during the other time which you can use quite efficiently. If you are able to keep all your worry away then you will be a much happier person.

Time can heal anything
A person has lots of problems in his life, there must be times when you must have thought that your problem is very big and it cannot be solved etc. But if you try to recall now, they are of no importance to your life now. What happened to that problem? Time has healed it and so can heal your present power.

Be honest
Honesty has always been the best way. Lies will only lead to trouble and being honest is one step forward towards a better life. Also it is important to be honest with yourself.

Sleep less
Try to know how much sleep your body needs. It is not necessary that every person needs eight hours of sleep. You can reduce the hours of sleep to lets say six hours per day. This way you will have more time to do work. At first it will be quite difficult or awkward and you may feel tired, but your body will slowly adjust to the change.

Try to figure out what your dream is
Instead of wandering aimlessly and trying everything, decide what you really want, what makes you happy, what your goals are and begin to start working towards it.

Start your day in a positive note

After waking up, set some time for personal development. You can do activities like meditation, walk at the park, and things like that that can enrich your soul.

Even if not in God, you must believe in something that can give you energy. Even if you are an atheist and question Gods existence, yet you cannot completely disapprove of the power of belief. If you can believe, you can do anything.

Burn your fear and worries
Whenever something seems to worry you or when you develop fear, just write it down in a piece of paper and burn the paper and watch it disintegrate to ashes. If it is not possible to burn a paper as you may be outside or in a crowd, then you can always close your eyes and imagine it in your mind. After the paper is burned you will feel much relaxed and calm.

Travelling is one of the most exciting and knowledge enhancing thing you can do. You can always explore new places, learn their ways, how they think and know that our thinking is not limited but is as vast as the universe itself. You will better appreciate the world and people that live in it. A change in environment can be good to both your body and soul.
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Get rid of any negative thoughts
I have already discussed how important it is to think only positive thoughts and remove any negative thought from your mind. Here I am going to tell you a way to remove the negative thoughts. Put a rubber band across your wrist. Every time you find yourself thinking a negative thought, just snap the rubber band. This way your sub conscious mind will know that it is bad to have negative thoughts.

Be immune to what others say
People are always there to criticise. Many people get upset when they get this criticism and this may lead to demoralisation. Try not to pay any heed to what people call you. The trick is simple, if I come up to you and call you telephone, then does it mean you are a telephone. Of course you are not. There is no need to give importance to what people say anyway. You know yourself more than any other person may ever know you.

Forgive yourself and others
Many people make mistakes in their lives and surely you have done quite a few too. If you keep grudges and feel angry then it will bring misery to you and prevent good relations. So it is utmost required that you forgive others for the wrong doings as they are merely human beings.

Make others feel special
Complement others for the good they do. Show kindness and sympathy. This way you will make a good image of yourself in the eyes of others and it will really help you in the long run.

Learn how to lucid dream
Lucid dream is the world of conscious dreams. If you are conscious when you are dreaming then you are lucid dreaming. Sleeping is a part of the day when you are the least productive. Why not make it more productive and exciting by learning how to lucid dream. With lucid dream you can do whatever you ever wanted in your dreams. You can do anything, you can drive the Porsche that you always wanted and you can do anything you ever wanted. You can call yourself and hear the answer too.
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Visualize what you want to be
It is said that what you focus on and visualize sooner or later it is what you get. The same holds true for everything in life. If you want to have that physique that you always wanted, then start to visualize it and feel good about it. So spend some time in the morning visualizing.

Meditate everyday
Meditation is important in calming down the mind and hence it is advisable to meditate everyday to keep your mind cool in this hectic and stressful world. If you can meditate daily then you will be better equipped to face the problems of the world. Your concentration power will also increase. So everyday sit in a peaceful place, preferably in nature, close your eyes and focus on your breath or try to keep your mind blank. It might be a little hard at first, but slowly you will get the hang of it.

Learn to control your mind and thoughts

Learning to control your thought is one big step towards leading that life free from stress and worries.

Learn to control your emotions
Dont let emotions control you, rather control your emotions. You hold the key to feel happy or sad or tense. Realize this and try not to bring any negative emotions and rather convert it into happy feelings.

Learn to speed read

As I have said before, books are a wonderful source of knowledge. But it wont be handy if you complete one book in one year. Rather learn how to speed read. This way you can grasp the important things and complete as many books as you can in a short time.

Take time to relax
Always take that time out and chill yourself. Always working is not going to be beneficial to you and it is hence advised to relax after completing the work. It is always a good idea that you reward yourself by some time out every time you finish a work.

Work on first impressions
Learn how to greet people, learn how to have that handshake that will give them positive feeling about you, learn how to complement a person. First impression is that important. People generally remember someone through the first impression and make sure that it is a good one.

Make eye contact
When in conversation always make sure that you are making a firm eye contact. If you are looking down, then it means lack of confidence and inferiority. Instead look at them dead in the eyes and always keep them lock.

Be mysterious
Nobody wants to read that big hoarding by the side of the road,a mystery novel on the other hand will make people buy that novel. Everyone likes to guess and it only increases their curiosity if still they are not able to guess. So get that mysterious look, if you still can`t get what I`m talking about, just act like James bond.

Have a life philosophy
Gandhi had a philosophy of truth and non violence. Make your own life philosophy and stick to it. You can make one entirely on yourself or take inspiration from other great people.

Develop a hobby
You can call it a passion or hobby but choose something that you really like and try to be a master in that. It could be playing a musical instrument, sports, photography, painting or anything that you like. The appreciation that people will give you will give you the high to become better at it.

Do what you love
Doing a job that you love is not only fulfilling but you will be less exhausted at the end of the day. Most people just follow the logic that they will earn as much as they can in their prime and later on enjoy when they retire. It is rather far better to work and enjoy at the same time while you are still young.

Get that abs
Although other muscles are also important and you need to develop them, but abs is the core of your body. The strength needed to do any exercise is derived from the abs and it is of great importance to develop your abs first. Also everyone likes a slim waist and not that beer belly that you think people envy you for, which in reality is untrue.

Keep your brain sharp

Try to solve Sudoku, crosswords, mathematical problems and anything that keeps your brain on its feet. Every day we keep on doing the same thing again and again, this makes the brain work on autopilot and there is hardly any development in it anymore. So it is important that you keep it guessing all the time.

Inspirational thoughts
Put up a chart in your bedroom with inspirational thoughts. Every day after waking up and before going to bed, read the quotes. If you get bored, then change it quite often.

Choose your friends wisely
Friends can make you or break you. It is always better if you chose your friends wisely such that they will inspire you in your life. Try to analyse your friends and check if they will be there in case of emergency. See if you share the same values and principles. Make sure that they are conductive to the type of lifestyle that you want to lead or instead you are dragged into their lifestyles.

Maintain relations
Even if you think that you will never see this person again in your life, it is better if you maintain the relationship. For example if you are quitting your job and going to a different place, then you dont just go to your boss and vomit out all the ill thought you have for him/her. Rather be pleasant to every person you know in your life. Just remember that the earth is round. Anything can come back to you.

Maintain a diary
Maintaining a diary is a good thing that everyone must religiously follow. It will not only help you to treasure your thoughts but will help you in your writing skills. Also you can see how you improved over the years and this will motivate you to improve yourself further. More specifically I would like you to maintain a journal, you can paste your pictures, collect quotes and inspirations.

Follow your intuitions
Like your brain, the subconscious brain also communicates with you although it is not as viable. This is known as intuition. To develop your intuitions, spend some time in silence, check your feelings, check what do you feel like doing. Try to understand this feeling and learn to act by following the intuitions. Do not confuse intuition with your own thought process as these two are quite different from each other.

Improve your personality
Be that person who is the centre of the party, the main attraction. If you are already not that type of person then try to visualize it. Take classes in speaking and remember some jokes and anecdotes. Believe that you are charismatic, if you find it hard then choose a famous person that you think is quite charismatic and try to imitate him/her.

Live in the moment
Even 1 minute before now is past and 1 minute after now is still future. Try to purely live in the present and try to be the master of this moment. What happened one minute ago is no more relevant and there is nothing you can do about what may happen after one minute, but you can make a change now that can make an impact on the future to come.

Love everyone
Love everyone in your life, love your friends, family, strangers, enemies. It is quite difficult to do but nonetheless it is quite important as any of the tips before.
Remember Intense love does not measure, it just gives.-Mother Teresa