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Electric Shock
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Small children are very fond of putting their fingers into electrical sockets. Electric shocks can cause burns and even be fatal.

All children try to learn by imitating, pulling, pushing, climbing and touching. This is the normal way of learning. A child while doing these things is liable to hurt himself. It is the duty of parents to encourage him in his process of learning and protect him against the obvious hazards. It is imperative for parents not only to make the household, but also the neighborhood, safe for the child.

Prevention Tips

> Children should be taught not to play with electrical fittings.
> Do not amuse your child by repeatedly switching the light switch on and off.
> Plug unused electrical outlets, alternatively one can place heavy furniture in front of them.
> It is preferable to put safety circuits, which will automatically cut off the current in case any child comes in contact with a live point.

First Aid

> Switch off the electrical current immediately.
> Push the child away from the current with a dry wooden stick.
> Never attempt to push or pull the child directly yourself.
> In case the child is not breathing, start CPR and rush your child to the hospital.
> Electric shock can cause extensive burns for which the child may require hospitalization.