How to Say No To Your Boyfriend Without Hurting Him?
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A lot of women cannot say no to their boyfriend. The reason behind it is guilt, love, or whatever. But sometimes, you will really need to say no to your boyfriend even when it`ll make him mad. He must learn that he cannot you all the way. You have to make him realize that you will not just agree whatever his request is. You have to allow it to be obvious that you could stand by yourself.

Today, I will provide you with 3 simple tips will decide whether or not to say "yes" or "no" for your boyfriend. Continue reading below:

Judge his actions

Prior to you making any decisions or plans, you have to observe his actions in advance. You have to create a border or limit for you and your partner. This border would be the gauge of his actions - whether it`s bad or good.



Consider the end result or effects 

In case your boyfriend asks you for any favor, you don`t just say "yes" instantly. First, you have to consider all of the possible final results of the decision. You have to target the effects of the actions and should be responsible if something goes completely wrong. Should you use this tip consistently, you`ll finish off with a decent decision each time. 

Evaluate your final decision

If you have made the decision, tell the man you`re dating. Whether it is a yes or no, you have to evaluate your final decision. You need to question yourself, "is my decision right?" or "will my decision affect me in a bad or good way?". Keep in mind, you have to evaluate every decision you are making and each actions you are taking. This can ensure that you may have a much better relationship together with your boyfriend.