How to Teach Your Child Good Study Habits
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When you teach your child good study habits at an early age, she will carry them with her through adulthood. The following tips will help you teach your child good study habits and make homework time easier on everyone.


1. Set up a study area for your child that is free from distractions such as television and foot traffic. Your child will develop good study habits when she is not interrupted.

2. Set up a work space for your child that includes everything she will need to do homework, such as paper, pencils, a dictionary, paperclips, staples, and folders. Part of having good study habits is having an organized work space.

3. Establish a homework routine. Discipline and routine are the cornerstones good study habits. Encourage your child complete her homework at the same time every day. The routine will soon become second nature.


4. Put up a calendar and encourage your child to write down due dates for assignments. Strong time management skills are an essential study habit.