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Grown Up
She is not dead
Author : bindu
Category : Grown Up
posted Date :
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Tags :
Sweet emotions

She is not dead

She is not dead- but only flying higher,
Higher than she`s flown before,
And earthly limitations
Will hinder her no more.
There is no service ceiling ,
Or any fuel range.
And there is no anoxia
Or need for engine change.
Thank God that now her flight can be
To heights her eyes had scanned ,
Where she can race with comets ,
And buzz the rainbow`s span.
For she is universal,
Like courage , love and hope ,
And all free , sweet emotions
Of vast and godly scope.

And understand a pilot`s fate
Is not the thing she fears,
but rather sadness left behind ,
Your heartbreak and your tears.
So all you loved ones , dry your eyes,
Yes it is wrong that you should grieve ,
For she would love your courage more,
And she would want you to believe,
She is not dead .
You should have known
That she is only flying higher,
Higher than she`s ever flown.



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