IIT JEE Online Model Exam 2021

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JEE Main Admit Card 2021
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IIT JEE Online Model Exam 2021

JEE Main mock test is a crucial exam for students seeking admission to India's top colleges. Since JEE Main is one of the most difficult and intimidating exams to clear, students seek out high-quality JEE Main sample papers to help them study better. The Jee Mains Mock Test Free Online, along with response keys in PDF format, is now available on manabadi. MCQs from Physics,Chemistry, and Mathematics are included in the online test series for jee mains 2021. It aids students in gaining a basic understanding of jee test series, encouraging them to practise as much as possible. These jee mock test 2021 are the most effective way to prepare for these competitive exams.

IIT JEE Online Model Exam 2021

Manabadi model Exams on IIT JEE

Practice is the key to success.

JEE Model Exams

Why Students take our (Manabadi) model exams?

Why Manabadi is the Solution for your JEE?

JEE Main attracts huge number of engineering students across the country. Since JEE Main examination is now set to be conducted only in computer-based mode. Some student are still prefer to take the exam in offline mode, giving the JEE Main online is also a great advantage in many ways. Online mode takes less time to write the answers in online exam.In computer based test, you have the option to change your answer in case you have answered it incorrectly the first time.

There are a lot of JEE Main Online Test Series available on the internet. However, most of them are not uptodate and they are not updating the mock tests previous question papers etc.

Why Free JEE Main Mock Test?

Before taking the main exam, you need more practice about online mode and to get comfortable with computers and Computer Based Tests. In Manabadi free JEE Main model exam, you have the best environment for giving as many free JEE Main mock test as you need to prep yourself up for the JEE Main 2021. In addition, you have access to the JEE Main previous year papers and solutions to give yourself that extra boost that you need.

Step-By-Step Guide To Take The Free JEE Main Mock Test in Manabadi:

Benefits Of Taking Free JEE Main Mock Test/ Sample Papers On Manabadi As far as you’re free JEE Main mock test series on Manabadi is concerned, we have a bigger and a more comprehensive analysis for you. With Manabadi’s Improved Test Analysis after each free JEE Main mock test, you will see where you stand and what you need to do to improve your JEE Main score. The analysis will provide the following insights:

Score Analysis
First look strategy
Subject-wise Time Management
Attempt Effectiveness
Weak Chapters

With these detailed analysis for every free JEE Main mock test, you will get to know where you need to focus exactly. Furthermore, Manabadi provides unlimited JEE Main practice questions for free.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your JEE Main preparation by taking JEE Main Mock Test series of latest pattern syllabus, prepared by top subject matter experts and IITians at Manabadi.

a) IIT JEE Mains

IIT JEE Online Model Exam
ELIGIBILITY Students who are appearing or have already passed their class 12th board exams can apply.
SYLLABUS It includes concepts taught in Class 11th and 12th (Physics, Chemistry & Maths)
EXAM TYPE It is a single paper comprising of multiple choice objective type questions.
DIFFICULTY The questions are generally moderate in terms of difficulty but require a lot of practice. Solving a question in less than 120 seconds is the skill that
LEVEL students need to acquire.
EXAM PATTERN Total Questions : 90 Questions
Maximum Marks : 360 Marks
Question Type : Multiple Choice Objective Type Questions
Correct response : 4 marks will be awarded
Incorrect response: 1 mark will be deducted
No response : No mark will be deducted or awarded for questions left unattempted

b)IIT JEE Advanced

IIT JEE 2021 Pattern – Advanced
Section Paper Question Type Total Questions
Section 1 Paper 1 and 2 Multiple choice objective type 6 Questions
Section 2 Paper 1 and 2 Numerical value type 8 Questions
Section 3 Paper 1 Paragraph based 4 Questions
Section 4 Paper 1 Matching type 4 Questions
IIT JEE 2021 Marking Scheme – Advanced
Section Marking Scheme Allotment of Marks
Section 1 +4 Correct Answer
-2 Incorrect Answer – Negative Marking
0 If the question is left unattempted.
Partial Marking If multiple options are correct but only not all the correct option(s) are marked.
Section 2 +3 Correct Answer
0 Incorrect Answer or the question left unattempted
Section 3 +3 Correct Answer
-1 Incorrect Answer – Negative Marking
0 If the question is left unattempted

c) IIT JEE B Arch (AAT)

Students clearing JEE Advanced are qualified to take JEE B Arch Exam. This will be the entrance exam for aspirants who are seeking admissions in institutions offering Architectural studies.

2. Preparation for IIT JEE exam

It is not easy for all students to have an access to a good IIT JEE coaching. Besides, IIT JEE Preparation can be quite expensive too.Online IIT preparation is ideal for students who choose to study at home.

IIT JEE Online Model Exam
IIT JEE 2021 Topic Wise Weightage
Subject Unit Approx. Weightage (%)
Physics Thermodynamics 7%
Mechanics 30%
Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction 13%
Electrostatics & Current Electricity 17%
Modern Physics 10%
Optics and Waves 3%
Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM), Waves, Elasticity 7%
Semiconductors, Waves and Communication 13%
Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry 30%
Organic Chemistry 30%
Physical Chemistry 40%
Maths Calculus 27%
Coordinate Geometry 17%
Vector and 3D Geometry 10%
Algebra 27%
Trigonometry 6%
Other Concepts 13%

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