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AP 10th Class Exams Time Table Available

10th class 2021 exam date AP
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10th class exam date 2021 ap

AP SSC Time Table 2021-AP 10th class time table

AP SSC Time Table 2021:

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The state board exams for Class 10 and Class 12 will be held on time by the Andhra Pradesh government. Class 10 and inter exams will not be rescheduled, according to Education Minister Audimulapu Suresh, and will take place as planned. Although the annual public examinations for Class 10 students will take place between June 7 to June 16 2021, the inter exam theory papers will begin on May 6th 2021.
Tenth and inter examinations [will be conducted] as scheduled in AP, Mr Suresh said, announcing that the Class 10 and Class 12 exams will be held as scheduled. We have taken steps in all schools to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

AP 10th Class Exams have been Released

The state government has decided to conduct Exams on June 07-16. There are 6.3 lakh tenth class students in the state. He has given lessons online and on television. In addition, 11 papers have been reduced to six for examinations. Exam centers also doubled for physical distance tracking. Sanitizers, thermal scanner, masks have been prepared. But the Exam was canceled due to a lack of control of the situation.

'We take steps to ensure that every room has only 10 to 12 students. A total of 4,154 review centers were identified. As of now, we must make changes in areas which have been reported as being checked in case of corona cases. At every test centre, we have sanitizers, thermal scanning, and masks. 1,022 open-school students will be screened for centers.

BSEAP on Thursday announced that ap 10th class exam date 2021. The examinations will be conducted from 07th June 2021 to 14th June 2021. Government had took a key decision on conducting AP SSC 2021 examinations in six papers instead of eleven papers considering the delay happened due to Covid-19 pandemic. Examinations will be conducted from 9.30 am to 12.45pm as per the schedule. AP Education minister Sri. Adimulapu Suresh said that the AP SSC 2021 Time Table Released considering the present situation on Covid-19 pandemic across the state. He said social distancing at examination centers will be strictly followed and a limited number of students will be assigned to each examination hall. Seating arrangements will be made according to social distancing guidelines. Face mask at the exam hall is made mandatory.
Usually all subjects except for second language have two papers and we have decided to make it single paper and conduct the exams in shortest possible time so that students will not lose time in coming academic year, Mr.Suresh (bseap on behalf of)released ap ssc exam time table 2021 commencing from 07th june, 2021. The exam will be conducted strictly even if the government declares public holiday or General holiday in respect of and date /dates mention below

AP 10th Class Exam Dates 2021 Download

First language
09:30AM to 12:45PM 01T&02T, 01A&02A, 01K&02K, 01U&02U, 01O&02O and 01H&02H
First Language Paper-I
(Composite Course)
09:30AM to 12:45PM 03T, 03U
Second Language 09:30AM to 12:45PM 09H, 09T, 11E
English 09:30AM to 12:45PM 13E&14E
Mathematics 09:30AM to 12:45PM 15E&16E, 15T&16T, 15A&16A, 15K&16K, 15U&16U, 15O&16O and 15H16H
Physical Science 09:30AM to 12:45PM 19E, 19T, 19A, 19K, 19U, 19O and 19H
Biological Science 09:30AM to 12:45PM 20E, 20T, 20A, 20K, 20U, 20O and 20H
Social Studies 09:30AM to 12:45PM 21E&22E, 21T&22T, 21A&22A, 21K&22K, 21U&22U, 21&&22O and 21H&22H
First Language Paper-II
(Composite Course)
09:30AM to 11:15AM 04S,05,06 and 08H
OSSC Main Language Paper-I
(Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian)
09:30AM to 12:45PM 23, 25 & 27
OSSC Main Language Paper-II
(Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian)
09:30AM to 12:45PM 24, 26 & 28
SSC Vocational Course
09:30AM to 11:30AM 31 to 57 61 to 89

All the Academic course subjects/papers are common for both SSC Academic Course and OSSC Course candidates.


SSC Public Examinations, June 2021 will be conducted strctly as per the above time table even if the Government declares Public Holiday or General Holiday ir respect of any date/ dates mentioned above.

"AP SSC Time Table 2021" dates & information

AP SSC Time Table 2021 Dates (Expected)
"10th Board Exam" BSEAP
"10th class exam date 2021 ap" released on 3rd Feb 2021
"AP 10th class exam 2021 start date" 07th June 2021
"AP 10th class exam 2021 End date" 16th June 2021
"ap 10th class hall ticket 2021" Revised Halltickets releasing in last week May 2021
"10th public exam date" TimeTable Published
"ap 10th exam 2021" Number of Exams 6 Exams for Regular
+2 exams for OSSC
"10th Class Exam 2021 Time" Commences from 9.35am to 12.45pm

How to Download ap 10th class exam time table 2021:

SSC Students should follow the given steps to get AP 10 class Time Table are as follows:

AP Board 10th Class Exam 2021 Schedule:

Candidates should download the pdf formet time table of class 10th in the second week of may 2021. The Exam schedule will be released through online mode. the AP Board exam will be started from 3rd week of June to 4th week of june 2021.

The New revised dates of ap 10th class (SSC) exam for the year 2021 was released by bseap and can be downloaded from Manabadi. The AP Government has taken another crucial decision in view of the coronavirus outbreak. the education minister has announced the exam schedule of the 10th class exam date 2021 to be held from 17th june. The decision was taken by the government in the wake of the corona epidemic. it is reported that the10th exam date 2021 ap released

Marks Division & Revised Pattern of AP 10th Class Exam

The state government of Andhra Pradeh has decided to remove separate objective form question paper from annual 10th class exams.

The main question paper will include the brief answers to questions. At the beginning of the test, the students will obtain a book-let with 18 pages including the answer sheet.

The Minister of Education Dr Adimulapu Suresh said they decided to completely revamp the SSC exam pattern to improve the quality of education. Minister of Education said they have also decided to increase the total time from the current 2 hours 30 minutes to 2 hours 45 minutes by giving additional 15 minutes.

AP Board Of Secondary Education SSC June 2021 Exam Time Table

ap 10th class exam new pattern, rules and regulations

Sections and Type of Questions Number of Questions Marks Total Marks Percentage Time (Min)
Objective Type  12 1/2 6 12% 18
Very Short Answer  8 1 8 16% 24
Short Answer  8 2 16 32% 48
Essay  5 4 20 40% 60
Total  33 50 100 150 (2 Hr & 30 Min)
  • Despite the exam time, an additional 15 minutes will be given to clearly go through the question paper and recheck their answers after the exam has been attempted.
  • Internal marks will not be different. The exam will be conducted for a marks of 100.
  • There's no different bit-paper there. The same question paper will contain all of the small, short, and long questions answered.
  • It will give you an 18-page booklet to write the answers. All students only have to answer in booklets given. Additional sheets will not be issued for the students.
  • AP State Government is introducing the waterproof marks memo. In any case, these new waterproof memos will not spoil if they are exposed to water. All class 10th, Intermediate, and other memos from next year will be issued the same.
  • 2 papers will be conducted for each topic for 50 marks each. There will be 1 paper to Hindi. Therefore the students are required to attend 11 exams.
  • Just Hindi paper keeps for 100 marks and the remaining papers remain for 50 marks each [5 subjects X 10 papers].

AP 10th Class Exam Time Table 2021:

AP SSC Time Table 2021 will be released by the Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education. It is also known as the Directorate of Government Examinations. The AP Board is responsible to conduct secondary exams to the state of Andhra Pradesh. The board releases the exam time table before 2 months of commencement of the exam. Here, Candidates can check complete details about the ap 10th Class exam time table 2021 including releasing date and how to download ap 10th class time table.

AP 10th class public exam fees due dates:

AP 10th Time Table 2021: List of Subjects:

The AP SSC Time Table 2021 contains the subjects and details like timings, important instructions which are important to note. So, we have given the list of subjects below, you can check the subjects for which the board will conduct the examination.

AP SSC Time Table Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Here, we have discussed some of the questions that are frequently asked by the students regarding the hall ticket.

Ques.1- When AP 10th Class Exams 2021 Starts From?

Ans.1- As per the Time Table, AP 10th Class Exams Commence from June 07th to June 14th 2021.

Ques.2- How to Download AP 10th Class Exam Time Table May 2021 PDF?

Ans.2- Candidates can download their time table from official website or direct link given in the article.

Ques.3- What is the official website of AP 10th Class Board?

Ans.3- Official website of AP 10th Board is bseap.org & manabadi.co.in

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AP Board Of Secondary Education SSC Mar-Apr 2020 Revised Exam Time Table