Centre for Cultural Resources and Training Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme


The Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme is implemented at the national level. There are hundreds of art forms practiced in our country. Since the number of scholarships available are limited, only exceptionally talented and outstanding students need to apply.


The talented children in the age group of 10 to 14 years (as per the cut off eligibility dates), studying in the recognized schools will be eligible to apply under the Scheme. In exceptional cases, the lower age limit can be relaxed up to two years. In the case of children of families practicing traditional performing arts, the condition regarding attendance of school for academic education will not be imposed at the time of application. But in the event of their selection, they must attend a school for academic education and their scholarship will be released only on submission of a proper certificate from the Head of the School.. The children whose parents/guardians total income is less than Rs.6000/- only (Rupees Six Thousand Only) per month will be given preference for the award of scholarship. However, the criteria of talent and potential will be taken into consideration for all the candidates.


For more informations please visit : www.ccrtindia.gov.in


The value of scholarship will be Rs.300/- (Rupees Three Hundred Only) per month for those children who undergo their specialized training at the station where they are pursuing their academic studies at the time of the award up to the completion of first university degree stage of education. However, where the child is required to shift to a new station permanently for purpose of his/her specialized training and pursue his / her academic studies also on that station, only then the value of scholarship may be increased to Rs.400/-(Rupees Four Hundred Only ) per month. ii) The actual fee paid for the specialized training to the Institution or to the guru/teacher shall be reimbursed to the scholarship holder in addition to the value of scholarship indicated under (i) above, subject to a ceiling of Rs.9000/- (Rupees Nine Thousand only) per year.
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