Krishnadevaraya Aid for Poor and Under Privileged


The merit scholarships provided by "Krishnadevaraya Aid for Poor and Underprivileged" are given only to VERY POOR students with 80% marks in academic studies from Class 10 onwards.


These students have to fulfill the following requirements for getting scholarships * Reference letter from any reputed or well known person in their village, about the caste, economic status of the students family. * A passport size photo along with copies of all qualification certificates. * Fees receipt from their college / institution for the running year. * One of the parents should accompany the student.


Students who are financially sound enough to support themselves for their studies are requested not to apply for scholarships. This trust is established to support students with marks above 80% who come from VERY POOR families requiring financial help. Also please understand that we are right now not in a position to fund complete fee of their studies. Depending on eligibility, scholarship amounts are fixed per year. The scholarships shall be give off starting from July 1 to September 30.


For any further information or if you would like to donate please contact Mr. Swami Naidu over phone @ +91-863-2224947 Trust Committee Krishnadevaraya Aid for Poor and Underprivileged 4/7 th Lane,Arundelpet, Guntur
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