Department of Health Research invites applications for Fellowships 2014


Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health Research, Govt. Of India has launched a scheme to provide advanced training to medical and health research personnel in India and abroad in cutting edge research areas concerning medicine and health to create trained human resource for carrying out research activities with main goal of improving patient management and public health in the country 1. This scheme has following components: 1) Short Term Fellowships for 1-3 months (In India and Abroad, Age: upto 55 years) 2) Long Term Fellowships for 6-12 months (In India and Abroad, Age: upto 45 years) 3) Programme specifically for Women who have had a break in their career 4) Scholarships /fellowships to young scientists (medical /non-medical students) in newer areas. 5) Programme to encourage health research personnel [Non-resident Indian (NRI), Persons of Indian Origin (PIO), Overseas Citizen of India (OCI)] serving abroad, to come back to India for undertaking research in identified areas 6) Support to Indian Institutes for imparting training to the Faculty of Medical Colleges/ Research Institutes


Objectives of the scheme: To increase the overall availability of trained personnel for health research from medical colleges across the country through scholarships, fellowships and career advancement scheme etc. for faculty and young medical doctors and other scientists to take up medical and health research as a career To focus on the creation of a cadre of trained medical/health researchers in specific identified priority areas of health research viz., Clinical Trials; Toxicology; Good Clinical Practices (GCP); Good Laboratory Practices (GLP); Quality Control (QC) & QA; Genomics; Proteomics; Clinical Psychology, Geriatrics; Modern Biology; Biotechnology; Stem cells; Genetics; Drugs chemistry; and operational research etc To create, support, nurture and encourage the trainees from these medical colleges to forge linkages with other scientists from universities, research institutes etc. to develop multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral teams necessary for addressing critical national and local health problems To establish suitable online teaching and learning facilities to facilitate training in health research in various subjects in a more effective manner and for promoting biomedical/health research


Targets: The scheme mainly focuses on the development of research capabilities in the medical colleges /institutions of the country, with the following targets: To provide about 2585 fellowships / trainings / scholarships to mid-career / senior faculty/ young post-graduate students in the 12th Plan Period (2013-14 to 2016-17), including the women scientists who had a break in the career etc. To provide assistance to 50 domestic medical colleges/ institutions for providing training in the focused areas of research through specially designed courses About 2/3rdof the fellowships will be given to medical colleges /medical institutions in Government sector Who can apply for training/fellowships? Scientists/ Health Researches/Professionals in regular employment in the universities, medical colleges, postgraduate institutions, recognized research and development laboratories and Non-Government Organizations who fulfill the eligibility criteria and have a concept research proposals in the identified area to carryout research at present institute / organization When and how to submit a proposal Applications in prescribed format are to be received in response to an advertisement for call for applications in the newspapers and websites of DHR and ICMR Applications in prescribed format are available on The component of the scheme, format of application, eligibility criteria and terms and conditions can be downloaded from the websites of DHR and ICMR Thirty copies of the complete applications, duly approved and forwarded by the competent authority along with a copy in electronic mode are to be submitted to The Programme Officer HRD scheme of DHR, V. Ramalingaswami Bhawan, Indian Council of Medical Research, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029 (Ph: 011-26589699) For More Detail: Details of the eligibility, format of application, terms and conditions, whom to apply and guidelines of the scheme are available on and Last date of receiving duly completed applications is 20th August 2014 HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT FOR HEALTH RESEARCH


Govt of India (Dept of Health Research, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare), 2nd Floor, Indian Red Cross Society Buildings, 1, Red Cross Road, New Delhi-110001, Website