VIT-AP University enters MoU with Alpha Beta Inc. and Topxight Research Labs


The signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the VIT-AP School of Business (VSB), VIT-AP University,ALPHABETA and TOPXIGHT Research Labswas held at VIT-AP University on 3rd March 2021.

Dr. S V Kota Reddy Vice-chancellor VIT-AP University after signing the MoU withALPHABETA and TOPXIGHT Research Labs said that ALPHABETA is a US company offering products and services to Banks and Financial Services organizations. He told that FinTech is changing the business models and financial models in a way that was never seen before. There is a huge demand for qualified FinTechprofessionals across the globe. VIT-AP University addresses this demand through BBA programme with specialisation in FinTech. Our focus is on combining academic rigour with hands-on training. Students will work on real-life projects with latest technologies using the ALPHABETA platform. They will get certification after completing the two courses "FinTech Practice 1 &2". By the end of the program, students will also be able to research on contemporary issues, develop new business/finance models, and create patents. Students completing BBA Fintech can get into Banks and Financial Services in jobs such as Blockchain Expert, Blockchain App Developer, Financial Analyst, Data Scientist - Finance, Business Analyst, Process Analyst, Compliance Manager, Product Manager and Business Development Manager. The areas where FinTech qualification is in demand are- Personal Finance, Insurance, Wealth Management, Capital Markets, Lending, Billing / Payments, RegTech, Blockchain / Ledger, and Cryptography.


Dr. S.Jeyavelu, Dean, VIT-AP School of Business said the business school is offering BBA with specialisations in Business Analytics, Digital Marketing and FinTech. Each specialisation has a partner who will provide real life practice and industry approved certification. These certifications will enhance the job opportunities of our students. We also have tie-ups withUniversity of Michigan, Dearborn and Arizona State University, where students can study for two years in India and two years in the USA and get a degree from our partner universities in USA. We also have B. Com (Finance), where students will have option to take up coaching for CA exams.


Siva Visveswaran, Co-founder &CTO, ALPHABETA INC, stated that the growth in the FinTech sector will be primarily driven, not by cost or labour arbitration but, by innovation using new technologies such as AI, Blockchain, 5G and Big Data Analytics. It will require an understanding of the financial ecosystem, analytic and quantitative programming skills, and the ability to solve problems using a design thinking approach. The ALPHABETA platform is specifically designed to enable this and we are so glad that the leadership at VIT-AP has chosen ALPHABETA and Topxight Labs to be their partners. This joint FinTechCenter will allow students to build the right skills through active learning, conducting research, working with cross-disciplinary teams, and creating demonstrable proof of work.


SathyanarayananPalaniappan, Managing Director & COO, ALPHABETA INC, Asia Pacific mentioned that, FinTech is poised to be a big economic growth engine for India. More than 80% of companies globally plan to increase investments in FinTech in the next 3 to 5 years. With hubs in Chennai and Vizag, employers are already prizing innovation and critical thinking in addition to academic achievements and expect new hires to exhibit them on day one. We are happy to prepare students by encouraging them to solve problems and competitively showcase proof-of-concept and proof-of-work for real world problems.

Dr. C.L.V Sivakumar, Registrar, VIT-AP University, faculty, and staff witnessed the MoU ceremony.