Assam Pre Matric Scholarship


Article 46 of Part IV ("Directive Principles of State Policy") of the Constitution enjoins upon the State to promote with special care the educational and economic interests of the weaker sections of the people, in particular, of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes. Article 38(2) of the same Part also enjoins upon the State to minimize inequities in income and to endeavour to eliminate inequalities in status, facilities and opportunities, not only amongst individuals but also amongst groups of people residing in different areas or engaged in different vocations.
Objectives of the scheme are:
(a) To support parents of SC children for education of their wards studying in classes IX and X so that the incidence of drop-out, especially in the transition from the elementary to the secondary stage is minimized, and
(b) To improve participation of SC children in classes IX and X of the pre-matric stage, so that they perform better and have a better chance of progressing to the post-matric stage of education.
Scholarship under the Scheme will be available for studies in India only and will be awarded by the Government of the State/Union Territory to which the applicant belongs i.e. where he is domiciled.


4. CONDITIONS OF ELIGIBILITY (i) Student should belong to Scheduled Caste.
(II) His/ her Parent/Guardians income should not exceed Rs. 2.50 lakh per annum.
(iii) He / she should not be getting any other Centrally-funded Pre Matric Scholarship.
However benefit of National Means-cum- Merit scholarship scheme of D/o School Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development can be availed by the beneficiaries of Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme for SC students.
(iv) In pursuance to the provision of Section 7 of the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act 2016, a student is required to furnish proof of possession of Aadhaar or undergo Aadhaar Authentication. If not yet enrolled for Aadhaar, student is required to make application for Aadhaar enrolment.
(v) She/ he should be a regular, full time student studying in a Government School or in a School recognized by Govt. or a Central/State Board of Secondary Education.
(vi) Scholarship for studying in any class will be available for only one year. If a student has to repeat a class, she / he would not get scholarship for that class for a second (or subsequent) year.
Scholarships will be paid to the students whose parents/guardians income from all sources does not exceed Rs. 2, 50,000/- (Rupees two lakh fifty thousand only) per annum.
NOTE 1: So long as either of the parents is alive, only income of the parents, as the case may be, from all sources has to be taken into account only and of no other member even though they may be earning. In the form of income declaration, income is to be declared on this basis. Only in the case where both the parents have died, the income of the guardian who is supporting the student in his/her studies has to be taken. Such students whose parents income is affected due to unfortunate death of one of the earning parents and resultantly comes within the income ceiling prescribed under the scheme, shall become eligible for scholarship, subject to their fulfilling other conditions of eligibility, from the month in which such sad incidence takes place. Applications for scholarships from such students can be considered even after lapse of last date of receipt of applications, on compassionate grounds.
NOTE 2: House rent allowance received by the parents of a student shall be exempted from the computation of income if the same has been permitted to be exempted for the purpose of Income tax.
NOTE 3: Income certificate is required to be taken once only i.e. at the time of admission to courses which are continuing for more than one year.


The value of scholarship includes the following for complete duration of the course:-
(i) scholarship and other grant,
(ii) additional allowance for students with disabilities studying in private un-aided recognized Schools.
The details are as follows:
Rates of scholarship and other grant will be as follows:
Item Day Scholars Hostellers
Scholarship (Rs. p.m.) (for 10 months) 225 525
Scholarship (Rs. p.m.) (for 10 months) 750 1000
(iii) Additional Allowances for SC students with disabilities studying in private unaided SchoolsUnder the Centrally-sponsored Scheme of Inclusive Education of the Disabled at Secondary Stage (IEDSS) implemented by the M/o HRD, financial assistance is already being given under its "Student Oriented Component" to students with disabilities studying at the Secondary stage in Govt., local body and Govt. aided schools. However, students in un-aided schools are not covered under IEDSS.
Therefore, SC students with disabilities, studying in classes IX & X in private un-aided recognized schools, will be eligible for allowances under this Scheme, as follows:
Allowances for students with disabilities studying in Private unaided Schools Amount (In Rs.)
(i) Monthly Reader Allowance for Blind students  
(ii) Monthly Transport Allowance for students with disabilities
(as defined in the Persons with Disabilities Act 1995), if such
students do not reside in the hostel which is
within the premises of the Educational Institution.
(iii) Monthly Escort Allowance for Severely Disabled (i.e. with
80% or higher disability) Day Scholars/Students with low
extremity disability
(iv) Monthly Helper Allowance admissible to any of the hostel
willing to extend help to a severely orthopaedically
handicapped student residing in the hostel of an Educational
Institution who may need the assistance of a helper.
(v) Monthly Coaching Allowance to Mentally Retarded and
Mentally ill Students.
Note: The disability as defined under the Persons with disabilities (equal opportunities, Protection of rights and full participation Act, 1995) Act has to be certified by competent medical authority of the State Govt./UT Administration.
(i) All eligible Scheduled Caste candidates will be given scholarships as prescribed in this Scheme.
(ii) Candidates belonging to one State but studying in another State will be awarded scholarships by the State to which they belong and will submit their applications to the competent authority in that State.
(i) The scholarship will be payable for 10 months in an academic year.
(ii) The award once made will continue subject to good conduct and regularity in attendance. It will be renewed for Class X after the student passes Class IX.
(i) Scholarship is payable from 1st April or from the month of admission, whichever is later, to the month in which the examinations are completed, at the end of the academic year (including scholarship during holidays), provided that if the scholar secures admission after the 20th day of a month, the amount will be paid from the month following the month of admission.
(ii) In case of renewal of scholarship, it will be paid from the month following the month up to which scholarship was paid in the previous year.
(iii) The Government of the State/Union Territory Administration, to which they belong, in accordance with the procedure laid down by them in this regard, will pay the scholarship money to the selected students.
(i) The scholarship is dependent on the satisfactory progress and conduct of the student. If it is reported by the Head of the Institution/School at any time that a student has by reasons of his/her own act of default failed to make satisfactory progress or has been guilty of misconduct such as resorting to or participating in strikes, irregularity in attendance without the permission of the authorities concerned etc., the authority sanctioning the scholarship may either cancel the scholarships or stop or withhold further payment for such period as it may think fit.
(ii) If a student is found to have obtained a scholarship by false statements, his/her scholarship will be cancelled forthwith and the amount of the scholarship paid will be recovered, at the discretion of the concerned State Government/ UT Administration. The student concerned will be blacklisted and debarred for scholarship in any scheme forever.
(iii) A student is liable to refund the scholarship amount at the discretion of the State Government/ UT Administration, if during the course of the year, the studies for which the scholarship has been awarded, is discontinued by him/her.
11.1 The Scheme will be implemented through State Governments/U.T. Administrations. All the State Governments/UT Administrations will, at the appropriate time, suitably publicise the Scheme and invite applications by issuing an advertisement in local language, in the leading newspapers of the State and through their respective websites and other media outfits. The applicant should submit the completed application to the prescribed authority, as mentioned below before the last date prescribed for receipt of applications.
11.2 State Govt. would prescribe a suitable application form in the local language and place it on its websites. School authorities will get these forms filled by the eligible students and send them to Block / District level authorities. State Governments/UT Administrations will delegate powers to sanction scholarships under the scheme to appropriate Block/ District level authorities/ Heads of Institution, as appropriate.


(i) An application for scholarship can be made online on the respective State/ UT scholarship portal where available and in hard copy otherwise. Where applying on line, the documents may be scanned and uploaded. Hard copy of application uploaded will be submitted as per the requirement of portal where application has been made. Every application either online or in hard copy will compulsorily include:
a. One copy of the application for scholarship in the prescribed form.
b. One passport size photograph with signature of the student thereon (for fresh scholarship).
c. One self attested copy of certificates, diploma, degree etc. in respect of all examinations passed.
d. A certificate of Caste duly signed by an authorized Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tehsildar.
e. Income declaration of self employed parents/guardian should be in the form of a certificate issued by Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tehsildar. Employed parents/guardians are required to obtain income certificate from their employer. Employed parents/ guardians should obtain consolidated certificate from Revenue officer for any other additional source of income.
f ) In pursuance to the provision of Section 7 of the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act 2016, a student is required to furnish proof of possession of Aadhaar or undergo Aadhaar Authentication. If not yet enrolled for Aadhaar, student is required to make application for Aadhaar enrolment.
g. Application for scholarship should be submitted by the student by 30th November of the academic year in which he/ she is studying, provided that for valid reasons State authorities may extend the last date.
(Note: Where hard copy is submitted all copies should be self attested.)
(ii) Application complete in all respects, shall be submitted to the Head of the Institution/School, being attended or last attended by the candidates and shall be forwarded by the Head of Institution, after scrutiny and with his recommendation, to the sanctioning authority, mentioned in para 11.2.
In order to ensure timely and correct payment of scholarship amount to the beneficiaries, State Governments/UT administrations should ensure payment of scholarship through their accounts in post offices/banks. All State Govts/UT Administrations will implement a computerized management system of scholarships, including e-payment system. The Ministry of Social Justice vide notification number 428 dated Feb,16,2017 has notified aadhaar as identity document under Section 7 of Aadhaar Act 2016 for all Scholarship Schemes w.e.f. 16th February 2017. The States henceforth will make provisions for capturing details of Aadhaar, aadhaar EID and other alternative documents as provided for in the said notification on their respective Scholarship portals or otherwise.
14.1 The Scheme is Centrally Sponsored Scheme and implemented by the State Governments and Union Territory Administrations, which will receive 100% central assistance from Government of India for expenditure under the Scheme, over and above their Committed Liability. The level of Committed Liability of respective State Government / Union Territory administration in a New Finance Commission (FC) cycle annually will be equivalent to the total of the demand on the State as well as the Central Government in the terminal year of the previous Plan period/ Finance Commission (FC) cycle, provided that when a State has made no demand on the Centre in the terminal year of the Plan period/ Finance Cycle or the demand made by a State is lower than in any of the previous years of the plan period / Financial Cycle, in that case the highest demand made in any of the previous financial years of the Plan/ Finance Cycle will be considered as demand of the State on Centre for the purpose of computation of Committed Liability for the next Financial Cycle. The committed Liability so computed will be co-terminus with the FC cycle and will be required to be borne by them by making provision in their own budget.
14.2 Many States/UTs are presently implementing Pre-matric Scholarship Scheme of some kind for SC students, from their own resources. If a State Govt. is already giving pre-matric scholarship to SC students of classes IX-X, it will have to either:
i) continue to provide scholarship at that rate, over and above the Scholarship under the proposed CSS, or
ii) if it chooses to reduce its own expenditure on its Scheme, utilize the saving so effected only on other educational programmes for SCs.
14.3 Upto 1.5 % of total Central expenditure towards Scholarship, would, be utilized on administrative expenditure, Management, Monitoring & Evaluation etc. The funds would be utilized for this purpose, by the Central Govt. or it would be released to States/UTs, over and above the Scholarship amount, on the basis of proposals received from them in this regard. However, no new posts would be created under this component.
Since this Scheme was introduced during the first year of XII Plan i.e. 2012-13, committed liability has been transferred, for the first time, to State Govts / UT Admns at the end of XII Five Year Plan i.e. w.e.f. 1.4.2017. Subsequently, committed liability in the Scheme will be transferred to the States/UTs during the first year of the succeeding plan period/ Finance Commission Cycle.
16.1 CA will be released to the States/UTs, in two installments. First installment of CA would be released on ad-hoc basis, as far as possible, during the second quarter of the year (April- June) subject to satisfactory utilization of Central assistance, released in the past, if any. State Governments/UT Administrations will be expected to submit their complete proposals for CA under the Scheme by 31st December each year, which would be released to them, subject to fulfillment of all the conditions. Next years claim will have to be accompanied with a Utilization Certificate along with Audited Statements for the previous years CA. Unspent or unaccounted for balance, if any, from the previous years grant will be adjusted, while releasing the next years grant.
a. The aggregated demand of the State/ UT to Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment should be submitted in the prescribed format.
b. Demand for CA submitted beyond 31st December will not be entertained. c. The demand for the current Financial Year should be in respect of students scholarship for the corresponding academic year. Arrears due to non release of CA of previous years should be shown separately.
16.2 State Governments/ UT Administrations will be expected to ensure timely and regular disbursal of scholarships to students through Bank /Post office accounts, preferably on monthly basis. Pending release of CA, the scholarships would be expected to be paid out of the State Budget, against which reimbursement can be claimed. In no case the disbursal of the scholarship to students should be held up due to any delay in the release of CA.
State Governments and Union Territory Administrations implementing the scheme will:
i) furnish data of beneficiaries and expenditure under the scheme, to Government of India, regularly in the Quarterly Progress Reports whose proforma would be separately prescribed. Financial assistance given under the scheme shall not be utilized for any other purpose.
ii) make beneficiaries database which may be integrated with UIDAI by (a) embedding Aadhaar numbers (UID numbers) in it, (b) using the UIDAI enabled bank account (UEBA) for crediting the scholarships and (c) using the UIDAI authentication services for beneficiary identification.
iii) ensure that an institution-wise list of awardees, with necessary particulars, for award of scholarships is displayed on the web-site of NIC at District level. iv) designate Grievance Redressal Officers (GROs) at the State and District levels to redress students scholarship-related grievances.
The provisions of this Scheme can be changed at anytime at the discretion of the Government of India.
a. For the purposes of effective implementation of the Scheme, States/UTs may formulate guidelines for assessing eligibility of beneficiaries & institutions and modalities for Direct benefit transfer, which shall be in accordance with the objectives of the Scheme provided that the States shall not be at liberty to impose any guideline which enhances or has the effect of enhancing the liability of the Centre under the Scheme.
b. The Centre may call for reports from time to time and issue guidelines for effective implementation. The guidelines and eligibility norms of the scheme may also be changed by Central government as deemed necessary.
The performance of the scheme will be evaluated by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (GOI) at least once every three years, to begin with.
Identified beneficiaries of scholarships under the existing Pre- Matric Scholarship Scheme for SCs will also get the benefit of the revised rate of scholarship from effective date of revision of the scheme i.e. 19th September, 2017.

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