National overseas scholarship scheme for scheduled caste etc. Candidates


Introduction: National overseas scholarship scheme for scheduled caste etc. Candidates ...................................................................................... The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment had invited applications for the Selection Year 2010-11, for 30 Overseas Scholarships and 5 Passage Grants from eligible Scheduled Caste and other category candidates for pursuing higher studies abroad in the specified fields of study. As the Endeavour is to encourage women candidates, therefore, 30% of the awards for each year. However, in case adequate number of women candidates are not found available as per the stipulations of the Scheme or found unsuitable for selection by the Selection Committee, then the unutilized slots are to be utilized by selecting suitable male candidates MINIMUM QUALIFICATION: ........................................... For Ph.D. - First class or 60(sixty)% marks or equivalent grade in relevant Masters Degree. Preference would be given to the experienced candidates, especially to those who are on lien with their existing post and employer. For Masters Degree: - First Class or 60(sixty)% marks or equivalent grade in relevant Bachelors Degree. Preference would be given to the experienced candidates, especially to those who are on lien with their existing post and employer. AGE: .......... Below 35(Thirty Five) years, as on First day of the month of the Advertisement of the Scheme. INCOME CEILING: ............................. Total income from all sources of the employed candidate or his/her parents/guardians, shall not exceed Rs.25,000/-(Twenty Five Thousand) per month, (excluding such allowances as are not treated as part of total income for the purpose of income tax) as certified by the employer. A copy of latest tax-assessment as well as latest monthly salary slip from the employer is also required to be enclosed with the application. IV. One child in a family and one time Award Not more than one child of the same parents/guardians will be eligible and to this effect a self-certification will be required from the candidate. The awarded cannot be considered for the award for second or subsequent times as the individual can be awarded for once.


The Scheme: The Scheme provides financial assistance to the finally selected candidates for pursuing Master level courses and PhD abroad in following specified fields of study:- a) Engineering; b) Management; c) Pure Sciences; d) Agricultural Science; and e) Medicine. Thirty awards per year are available under the Scheme with following distribution: Discipline wise: Fields of study No. of seats each year a) Engineering 20 b) Management c) Pure Sciences 05 d) Agricultural Science 05 e) Medicine Category wise: (i) Scheduled Castes 27 (ii) Identified, Nomadic and Semi- Nomadic Tribes 02 (iii) Landless Agricultural Laborers and Traditional Artisans 01 Total 30 If for any specific year, successful candidates are not available to the extent prescribed for each of the above listed categories, the awards for that year will become open for candidates belonging to other categories mentioned above as per merit grades attained by such candidates. Bachelor Level Courses in any discipline are not covered under the Scheme.


Selection Procedure: ................................... I. The Scheme will be advertised in the newspapers giving summarized information about the Scheme. The candidates shall after assessing their eligibility and suitability, as per conditions of the Scheme, apply to this Ministry (employed candidates through proper channel), in the prescribed application form which will form a part of the advertisement. The last date of receiving applications will also be mentioned in the advertisement. Thereafter, all applications received up to the last date of receiving applications, as notified in advertisement, will be put before the Screening Committee. The candidates short listed by the Screening Committee will be required to present themselves for personal interview before the Selection Committee. The merit list prepared, on the basis of assessment of individual candidates, by the Selection Committee will finally and decisively complete the selection procedure to decide the merit. In case of tie-up of two or more candidates, the one who is eldest in age (as per the date of birth) will be placed above the others, as per respective dates of birth as recorded in Secondary School Certificate. II. The constitution of Screening and Selection Committee will be decided by Government of India. The Chairperson and Members of these Committees will be entitled to be paid airfare and the rate of Dearness Allowance be as admissible to the Secretary to the Government of India. If the Chairperson and Members of these Committees are from Delhi/New Delhi then a suitable compensation package inclusive of traveling allowance will be payable to them, for each day of their participation in proceedings of the meetings. There will be no departmental representative in the Selection Committee and the concerned Department will lend only administrative and logistic support to them including services like tea, coffee, cold drinks, lunch, snacks etc. which may be arranged from anywhere. Passage Grants (2010-11 to 2011-12) i. Applications on plain paper in the prescribed format are also invited for the award of five passage grants in a year to Scheduled Castes (four grants), and Gentrified, Nomadic and Semi Nomadic Tribes (One grant), which are open throughout the year. Only those candidates who are in receipt of a merit scholarship for Post Graduate Studies, Research or Training abroad (excluding attending seminars, workshops conferences), from a foreign government/ organization or under any other Scheme, where the cost of passage is not provided, will be eligible to apply. ii. The candidates should possess a Masters or an equivalent degree in Pure & Applied Sciences, Technology, Medicine, Agricultural Sciences and Management disciplines. The eligibility conditions otherwise will be same as contained in the Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship for SC etc. candidates. iii. The candidates who have already reached abroad will not be considered for passage grants. For selected candidates, air passage to the destination abroad and back to India, will be provided by economy class and shortest route through arrangement with the national carrier. The prospective candidates can contact this Ministry for obtaining application form for applying for the passage grant.


FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: A. QUANTUM OF ANNUAL MAINTENANCE ALLOWANCE (I) FOR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND OTHER COUNTRIES EXCEPT UNITED KINGDOM The annual maintenance allowance of US Dollars 14,000/-(Fourteen Thousand) has been prescribed for all levels of courses covered under the Scheme. (II) ONLY FOR UNITED KINGDOM Last Date for Applications: 15.06.2011 The annual maintenance allowance of 9000/-(Nine Thousand) Great Britain Pound(GAP) has been prescribed. VI.EARNINGS FROM RESEARCH/TEACHING ASSISTANCE SHIP The wardress are permitted to supplement their prescribed allowances by undertaking Research/Teaching Assistant ship up to US Dollars 2400/-(Two Thousand Four Hundred) per annul and for wardress in United Kingdom, Great Britain Pound (GAP) 1560/-(One Thousand Five Hundred Sixty) per annul and beyond these prescribed ceilings, their annual maintenance allowance under the Scheme will be correspondingly reduced by the Indian Missions abroad. DURATION OF AWARD WITH FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE i. The prescribed financial assistance is provided unto completion of the course/research or the following period, whichever is earlier:- PhD.D. -- 04 years (Four years) Master Degree -- 03 years (Three years) ii. The extension of stay beyond prescribed period for levels of courses as mentioned above, may be considered without financial assistance of any kind except the air passage to return to India, if and only if recommendation of the competent concerned authority in the educational institution/ university as well as the Indian Mission abroad is received certifying that such an overstay for a specified period, is absolutely essential for facilitating the candidate to complete the course. The final decision in this regard will, however, rest with the Government of India alone.
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