TSCHE The Aims of Connect-Chancellor Press Note

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Hon'ble Governor of Telangana Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan, has announced an initiative “CONNECT –CHANCELLOR” through which students studying in Universities in Telangana have an opportunity to project their innovative, exciting and novel ideas in the form of articles, stories and poems on various issues that will have an impact across the student community, academics and the society.

The aims of Connect-Chancellor are:
a) To provide an excellent platform to bring out the creativity,
innovation among the university students;
b) To provide a competitive environment across all state
university students to present their views and ideas;
c) To enrich the writing skills and thought provoking in the fertile
minds of young people;
d) To enhance the learning environment; and
e) To develop excellence by promoting academic developments.
Suggested areas/topics:

The topics of Connect-Chancellor are given below. However students need not limit himself/herself to the topics listed. He/she can write on any issue that is relevant to the contemporary society.

1) Role of print and electronic media during pandemic COVID-19.
2) Impact of COVID-19 in Health Care in Telangana State.
3) Impact of social distancing and lockdown on the spread of COVID -19.
4) Online education during the outbreak of COVID-19 - A way forward.
5) Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in dealing with COVID-19 cases.
6) Role of social media in creation of awareness of COVID-19.
7) Economic impact of COVID-19 - A case study of India.
8) Lesson learned in public health arena in COVID-19 pandemic.
9) Origin, spread diagnostic tests & treatment for COVID-19.
10) Psychological impact of COVID-19 on University students.
11) Use of statistics in predicting COVID-19 spread - A case study of Southern States in India.
12) Strategies to protect health care workers during the pandemic COVID-19.
13) COVID-19 - The impact and role of mass media.
14) Role of civil society during pandemic COVID-19.
15) Education planning in post COVID-19 scenario.
16) Role of NGOs during pandemic COVID- 19.
17) Role of RED CROSS during pandemic COVID-19.
18) Post COVID-19 scenario.
a. All students of State Universities in Telangana studying graduation or above courses are eligible to participate.
b. The articles can be written in English/Hindi/Telugu/Urdu languages.
c. First three best papers in each of the language will be awarded
` 15,000/- for the first, ` 10,000/- for second and 5,000/- for third best papers.
d. They should submit their papers by 10th May, 2020 to the
email id: connect-chancellor@telangana.gov.in or through WhatsApp to 8978586666.
e. The length of Article should not be more than 3000 words with an abstract of 250 words.
f. The papers will be evaluated based on their novelty of contribution, originality of thought, and the ability to stimulate interest.
g. The participants must write their details in the following format:
i. Name:
ii. Father's name:
iii. Mother's name:
iv. Course pursuing:
v. College:
vi. University:
vii. e-mail id:
viii. Primary Mobile Number:
ix. Secondary Mobile Number (if any):
h. They shall give a declaration that the article is their own work, based on their personal study and/or research and that they have acknowledged all material and sources used in its preparation, whether they be books, articles, reports, lecture notes, and any other kind of document, electronic or personal communication. They shall also certify that they have not copied in part or whole or otherwise plagiarised the work of other students and/or persons.
TSCHE The Aims of Connect-Chancellor Press Note
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