Telangana Has Emerged As Top Destination For Commerce Education/Industrial Growth Press Note

Tags: Telangana Has Emerged As Top Destination For Commerce Education/Industrial Growth Press Note

A One day Webinar was held on 18.08.2020 jointly by Telangana Commerce Association (TCA) and Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE) on the theme “Commerce Education in Telangana – A New Perspective”.
Leading Academicians like Prof. Sasmita Samantha, President, ICA, Prof. H Venkateswarlu, Vice Chancellor, Central University of Kerala and President, TCA, outlined the different changes in the Business, Commerce and Trade Environment and the changing needs of Industry, Business and Human Skills etc ., They emphasised that new areas like Human activation, Design thinking, Product development, Technology up-gradation and GST and other legal frame works are to be incorporated into the Commerce Courses, Syllabi along with the other related areas of study as today it is expected that a student is trained to be exposed to different areas and possess a holistic knowledge/development.
They appreciated the efforts of TCA and TSCHE to constantly upgrade the curriculum and prepare the students to be job-ready and also prepare them for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation. Prof. Sasmita also mentioned that the Youth from different States are preferring to study in the State of Telangana since the State has emerged as a chosen destination for Education because of its Safety, Security, Stability and Government and Sensitivity to the needs of the student requirements.
Prof. T Papi Reddy, Chairman, TSCHE spoke about the trend that most of the students are choosing to pursue Education in the field of Commerce as the curriculum in very contemporary and also because of the visionary policies of the Telangana Government to promote industrial development. Chairman,TSCHE highlighted the high priority given to commerce and industry by the government and thanked the Vice Chairman,TSPB for having initiated this very important dialogue with stakeholders to effectively plan for future curriculum and preparation"
Prof. R Limbadri, Vice Chairman, TSCHE said that around 80 thousand students in Telangana are pursuing their Education in the field of Commerce primarily because of the up gradation of curriculum and proper training and practical exposure being imparted to the students.
Prof. H Venkateswarlu, Vice Chancellor, Central University of Kerala mentioned that Telangana being a very progressive State must take the lead in providing the right direction and support to all the Universities in India to make the Commerce Education very relevant and also make students employable. He assured that the in a couple of months a blueprint will be submitted by TCA for the key changes in the Commerce Education to be brought out by the TSCHE. The Speakers also highlighted that because of the farsighted policies, the Government of Telangana like TS-I pan, TS-B pass , Meet and Beat Policy, IT and ITES Experts focus, Innovation , Incubation and Entrepreneurship by way of T Hub and other facilitating agencies the youth of the Country are getting the opportunity to pursue their dreams of starting their own business . However, it is often found that while everyone has a formal knowledge of the subject the application part is many time missing, making them not suitable for Business Planning, Entrepreneurship and extension of business ideas to result in Start-ups.
Prof. V Usha Kiran, Director, ICSSR –SRC, Prof. Prashanta Athma ,C-Bos, in Commerce, OU, Prof. T Krishna Kumar, Head Dept., of Commerce , OU and Prof. D Chennappa, Principal, University College of Commerce & Business Management, OU also spoke about the Employment opportunities and importance of Commerce Education in the changing business landscape. They advised that the colleges who are offering the courses must ensure that quality must be ensured to prevent lowering of standards. The speakers highlighted the following essential components to strengthen the Educational Activities in Commerce Education.
 Field Studies
 Industry Interface
 International View
 Soft Skills Orientation
 Multi Disciplinary Courses
 Internship
 Commerce Laboratory
Sri. B Vinod Kumar, Vice Chairman, Telangana Planning Board, Govt. of Telangana who was the Chief Guest on this occasion outlined the role and relevance of Commerce Education in today’s society. He said that in recent years the different fields in our society are relying on the Commerce faculty for meeting the societal requirements. Further, he elaborated on the need to integrate the curriculum into all the subjects of study like Medicine, Engineering and Technology, Sciences, Law and Humanities & Social Sciences etc., as it is imperative to have functional knowledge of the subject of Commerce for any field of activity. Further, as the Business Environment has become very complex there is a compulsory need to understand the basic concepts which will be useful for all , particularly keeping in view that shift from few interactions and business arrangements to a higher level of business opportunities.
[Prof. V Venkata Ramana, Vice Chairman, TSCHE who gave concluding remarks complimented the TCA for having taken up the initiative to organise the Webinar and stated that the efforts of the faculty even during the Covid situation to improvise the syllabus and give the best inputs to the students and also prepare them to become :
• Financial Analysts
• Chartered Accountants
• Entrepreneurs
• Bankers
• Government Official Consultants and also Advisors to NGO’s etc.,
He explained the various progressive activities being undertaken by TSCHE to provide support to all the Colleges to organise the Seminars / Conferences etc., In view of the first rank in ease of doing Business, Telangana is the most preferred State for industrial and Services Sector and also provides entrepreneurship opportunities through Asia’s largest Incubation Facility, T-Hub etc., and the ecosystem which has been possible because of the Vision of the Dynamic Hon’ble Minister for IT, Sri. K T Rama Rao garu. He assured that the different Departments of the State will be

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