DOST Admission schedule Released 2020-21.

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Presence less and contact less Authentication facility for students for DOST through a smart phone
Telangana government is recognized as leading e-governed state by multiple national and international organizations. Another step in this is the launch of Presence less & Contact less Authentication facility for students for DOST through a smart phone. Degree Online Services of Telangana (DOST) caters to more than 3 lakh intermediate students who apply for degree courses. Students applying through DOST have to visit the Mee Seva centers for Aadhar Authentication, which is a mandatory first step for DOST. In the present situation a visit to Mee Seva centers can be avoided if there is a reliable way to authenticate students' identity in a presence less and contactless manner.

ITE&C Department of Govt of Telangana has come up with an innovative solution called Real-time Digital Authentication of Identity, RTDAI, for an easy, convenient, and correct authentication of citizens' identity through a smartphone without persona. presence at the Government office. Starting 24th August 2020, the students of Telangana can apply for the DOST service through a smartphone from their home, anytime, anywhere through T APP Folio, the m Governance platform of Government of Telangana. Student needs to submit details such as Name, Date of birth, Intermediate Hall Ticket number, and click a Selfie. The mobile application processes provided information using a 3-factor authentication by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, • Artificial Intelligence-based Liveness check to ensure that selfie uploaded is from a live person at that instant and not of a photograph or a selfie taken earlier. • Big Data based Demographic check to match input name with name in Intermediate data • Deep Learning-based Image comparison to match selfie with photograph from Intermediate data. Telangana State Council of Higher Education TSCHE is the first organization in the country to build this kind of platform for use by the Students by leveraging emerging technologies to provide contactless and presence less services. Marching ahead towards its vision of a Digital Telangana, Telangana Council of Higher Education and ITE&C department dedicate DOST Authentication service, to 3 lakh Students of Telangana. Convener DOST 2020

DOST Admission schedule Released 2020-21.
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