Class 12 Geography NCERT Solutions Chapter 5 Primary Activities

Class 12 Geography NCERT Solutions Chapter 5 Primary Activities

Class 12 Geography NCERT Solutions Chapter 5 Primary Activities is designed and prepared by the best teachers across India. All the important topics are covered in the exercises and each answer comes with a detailed explanation to help students understand concepts better. These NCERT solutions play a crucial role in your preparation for all exams conducted by the CBSE, including the JEE.

Class 12 Geography Chapter 5 NCERT Textbook Questions Solved

Topics and Subtopics in Class 12 Geography NCERT Solutions Chapter 5 Primary Activities:
Class 12 Geography Chapter 5 NCERT Textbook Questions Solved
1. Choose the right answer from the four alternatives given below:
Question 1.(i) Which one of the following is not a plantation crop?
  • (a) Coffee
  • (b) Sugarcane
  • (c) Wheat
  • (d) Rubber
  • Answer:
  • (c) Wheat
Question 1.(ii) In which one of the following countries co-operative farming was the most successful experiment?
  • (a) Russia
  • (b) Denmark
  • (c) India
  • (d) The Netherlands
  • Answer:
  • (B) Denmark
Question 1.(iii) Growing of flowers is called:
  • (a) Truck farming
  • (b) Factory farming
  • (c) Mixed fanning
  • (d) Floriculture
  • Answer:
  • (D) Floriculture
Question 1.(iv) Which one of the following types of cultivation was developed by European colonists?
  • (a) Kolkoz
  • (b) Viticulture
  • (c) Mixed farming
  • (d) Plantation
  • Answer:
  • (d) Plantation
Question 1.(v) In which one of the following regions is extensive commercial grain cultivation not practised?
  • (a) American Canadian prairies
  • (b) European Steppes
  • (c) Pampas of Argentina
  • (d) Amazon Basin
  • Answer:
  • (d) Amazon Basin
Question 1.(vi) In which of the following types of agriculture is the farming of citrus fruit very important?
  • (a) Market gardening
  • (b) Mediterranean agriculture
  • (c) Plantation agriculture
  • (d) Co-operative farming
  • Answer:
  • (b) Mediterranean agriculture
Question 1.(vii) Which one type of agriculture amongst the following is also called ‘slash and bum agriculture?
  • (a) Extensive subsistence farming
  • (b) Primitive subsistence farming
  • (c) Extensive commercial grain cultivation
  • (d) Mixed farming
  • Answer:
  • (b) Primitive subsistence farming
2. Answer the following questions in about 30 words:
Question 2.(i) Future of shifting cultivation is bleak. Discuss.
  • These days the biggest problem being faced by the shifting cultivators is of shortening cycles of jhum, which makes the entire practice unsustainable.
  • Also there are several restrictions imposed by governments through forest acts etc., which hinder the free movement of tribes and practice of shifting cultivation.
  • Shifting cultivation is sustainable (only for self -consumption) in nature, hence it is unable to meet with the market demand and therefore there is no scope for it in the increasing globalized markets.
  • With the infiltration of non tribals in the tribal areas, tribals are adopting to modem agricultural practices which are more productive and environmentally sustainable.
  • To support a small population, a huge land resource base is required, ultimately it leads to soil erosion and land degradation.
Question 2.(ii) Market gardening is practiced near urban areas. Why?

Market gardening specializes in the cultivation of high value perishable crops such as vegetables, fruits and flowers, solely for the urban markets. They are situated close to urban markets mainly because of the high value crops.
The crops are costly, hence they need to be situated close to a market where people have high purchasing power and also demand for high valued crops. In such a situation urban areas are the perfect markets.
These crops are perishable in nature; hence farms cannot be situated far away from the main market. Therefore, farms are situated close to the urban markets so as to prevent crops from getting stale.

Question 2.(iii) Large scale dairy farming is the result of the development of transportation and refrigeration.

Dairy products are highly perishable in nature. They have a very small shelf life. For their supply to overseas and distant markets, adequate storage facilities with regulated temperature and storage conditions is essential. Initially supply of dairy products was limited to nearby markets but development of storage, preservation and transportation facilities have widened their coverage.
Modem transportation such as refrigerated trucks, ships with special cargoes and faster means of transportation like airways provide with adequate facilities, which allow transportation of dairy products to far off markets without spoilage. Refrigeration prevents dairy products from getting spoiled. It increases their durability. Hence dairy products can be sold over far off places.

3. Answer the following questions in not more than 150 words:
Question 3.(i) Differentiate between Nomadic Herding and Commercial Livestock Rearing.
Nomadic Herding Commercial Livestock Rearing
(i) In nomadic herding herders move with their animals from place to place, and rely on them totally for food, cloth and transportation. (i) Commercial livestock rearing is a modern practice of rearing animals for export of animal products
(ii) It is a primitive subsistence activity. (ii) It is a modern scientific, market oriented activity.
(iii) Multiple animals are kept depending upon the region. (iii) Single type of animals are kept.
(iv) Herders keep on moving with animals from one place to another according to availability of pasture and water. They also practice transhumance. The area of a tribe is decided by matter of tradition. (iv) It is carried out on huge permanent ranches which are scientifically managed parcels

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