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Private universities on a high in India

Published on Mar 14 2012 | Updated on Mar 14 2012
 Private universities on a high in India
The number of private universities is constantly growing in India.

A recent report has confirmed that the number of private universities has increased in the last six years and the increase is more than two fold. Before 2005 the country possesses 20 private universities but last year it has surged to 107.

"Private Universities in India: An Investment in National Development "report to be released at a conference in New Delhi by union human resources development (HRD) minister Kapil Sibal. The report has been compiled by Management consultancy group Parthenon.

As per the report, Private universities are defined as capital driven and are independent enterprises for entrepreneurs and investors. Private universities act like a platform for students and employers where it bridges the employability gap. Rupa Shah, educationist and former vice chancellor of SNDT University said that pay off well to the faculties and are also a main source of motivation. But there is also an immediate need to setup an efficient regulatory body to keep an eagle eye on the operations of these universities.