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Awards Current Affairs May 1st Week 2021

Japan has bestowed the Order of the Rising Sun on a Bengaluru teacher:

Shyamala Ganesh, a Bengaluru-based Japanese teacher, was recently honoured by the Japanese government with the “Order of the Rising Sun.”
♦ Shyamala teaches Japanese at both the septuagenarian institution and the Ohara School of Ikebana in RT Nagar, Bengaluru. She has tutored hundreds of students since the school`s inception 38 years ago. Ikebana is a flower arrangement technique from Japan.
♦ In Bengaluru, Shyamala and her husband Ganesh established a Japanese language school in 1983.
Order of Rising Sun:
♦ The award, which was founded in 1875, is bestowed by the Emperor of Japan.
♦ The award honours those who have made significant contributions to the advancement of Japanese culture, foreign relations, technical advancement, and environmental conservation.
♦ Prior to World War II, it was also awarded for excellent military service.
♦ It is the third highest honour bestowed by the Japanese government.
♦ The tradition of presenting the award to non-Japanese recipients started in 1981.
♦ Women have received the award since 2003.
♦ Anyone who has passed away may still receive the award.