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National Current Affairs June 1st Week 2023

Government Sets Up 3-Member Panel to Probe Manipur Violence

Ajai Lamba, a former Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court, is the chairman of the commission of investigation that the Indian government has set up to look into the recent spate of violent incidents in Manipur. The violence and riots, which claimed more than 80 lives, targeted people from different backgrounds. The commission`s investigation will focus on the origins, progression, and institutional responses to these terrible occurrences.
Manipur, a northeastern state in India, has been gripped by sporadic violence since ethnic clashes erupted on May 3. The death toll from these clashes has tragically surpassed 80 lives. The situation calls for a thorough investigation to determine the root causes and ensure accountability for any lapses or dereliction of duty.
The commission of inquiry, established by the central government, has been given a clear mandate to investigate the Manipur violence. It will examine the sequence of events leading up to the violence, along with the facts surrounding the incidents. The commission will also assess whether there were any lapses or negligence on the part of authorities or individuals responsible for maintaining law and order.

AIIMS Nagpur Achieves NABH Accreditation: Setting a Benchmark in Healthcare Quality

One of India`s top medical schools, AIIMS Nagpur, has made considerable progress by receiving the National Board for Hospitals` (NABH) renowned certification. Among all AIIMS institutions in the nation, AIIMS Nagpur is now the first to receive this honour. The institution`s dedication to providing high-quality medical care was praised for this extraordinary accomplishment by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya. The NABH accreditation reaffirms AIIMS Nagpur`s commitment to ongoing improvement and adherence to the highest quality standards. It is widely regarded as the gold standard for quality and patient safety in the healthcare industry.


The accreditation from NABH serves as a testament to AIIMS Nagpur’s relentless pursuit of excellence in all aspects of medical care. It recognizes the institution’s unwavering commitment to patient care, patient rights, infection control, and various other essential parameters. The accreditation acknowledges AIIMS Nagpur’s exceptional performance in delivering quality healthcare services and underscores its position as a benchmark for other healthcare providers.


A Step Towards Patient Safety:

AIIMS Nagpur’s successful accreditation showcases its dedication to patient safety and well-being. The rigorous evaluation process by NABH encompassed an in-depth assessment of the institution’s infrastructure, clinical protocols, and administrative systems. It involved meticulous evaluations of patient safety measures, infection control practices, patient care, medical records management, and staff qualifications. AIIMS Nagpur’s achievement in meeting these stringent requirements demonstrates its commitment to providing world-class medical services that prioritize patient safety and quality of care.

Acknowledging the Efforts:


The attainment of NABH accreditation was the result of the collective efforts of the core committee and various committees formed as per standard operating procedures. The dedicated team of healthcare professionals, including Dr Gugapriya, Dr Meena Mishra, Dr Minakshi Girish, Dr Akash Bang, Dr Shrikrishna BH, Dr Suyog Jaiswal, Dr Neeta Gade, Dr Anita Yadav, Dr Urmila Chauhan, Dr Harshanand Popalwar, Dr Mohan Sundaram, Dr Hemant Bodhankar, SE Nikhil Pandey, Dr Rajni Peter, NS Abin Vergese, NOs Vidhi Talwar, Shalu Rathi, Prachi Khaire, Jyoti Latwal, and DEO Shivani Ukey, played a vital role in the preparation for the accreditation process. Their dedication, expertise, and tireless efforts were instrumental in ensuring AIIMS Nagpur’s compliance with the highest standards of quality and patient safety.


NTPC Kanti Launches Girl Empowerment Mission (GEM)-2023 for 40 Underprivileged Girls

The Girl Empowerment Mission (GEM)-2023, a four-week residential workshop programme designed to develop 40 poor rural girls from the Kanti block, was started by NTPC Kanti as part of its CSR initiative. This programme, run by NTPC Kanti for the first time, aims to give participants academic instruction, skill development, and overall personality growth.


The GEM program was inaugurated by DSGSS Babji, Regional Executive Director, East – I NTPC Ltd, and K.M.K Prusty, Head of Project, NTPC Kanti. The workshop aims to prepare the girl students to become well-rounded individuals, instilling curiosity and developing better communication and social skills.


Selection and Participants:

Eight students have been selected from five schools in the Kanti Block to participate in the GEM-2023 program. These girls come from underprivileged backgrounds, and the workshop offers them an opportunity to enhance their educational and life skills.

Program Components:

The four-week residential workshop program will encompass various components to empower the participants:


  • Academic Training: The girls will receive academic training to improve their educational foundation and expand their knowledge in different subjects.
  • Skill Development: The participants will be exposed to various skill sets, including soft skills, life skills, communication skills, and computer applications, to equip them for future endeavors.
  • Personal Growth: The workshop will focus on holistic development, offering sessions on meditation, yoga, self-defense, and sports activities to enhance physical and mental well-being.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities: The participants will engage in a range of extra-curricular activities, fostering creativity, teamwork, and leadership skills.


Impact and Future Prospects:

NTPC Kanti aims to bring about a positive change not only in the lives of the participating girls but also in their families and the entire society. By empowering these girls and nurturing their confidence and enthusiasm, the program strives to create a ripple effect of transformation within the community.


DSGSS Babji, Regional Executive Director (East-I), NTPC, expressed gratitude to the teachers, parents, and headmaster for their support in this noble initiative. KM Prustyi, Project Head, NTPC Kanti, believes that the GEM program will leave a lasting impact, leaving the participants with heightened confidence and enthusiasm.

National Current Affairs June 1st Week 2023

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