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National Current Affairs April 1st Week 2021

ULPIN Pin is a special land parcel identification number issued by the government:

Within a year, the central government plans to grant a 14-digit identification number to each piece of land in India. 
♦ It would then, on a voluntary basis, merge its land records database with income court records, bank records, and Aadhaar numbers. 
♦ In 2021, ten states will implement the Unique Land Parcel Identification Number (ULPIN) system. 
♦ It will be promoted across India in March 2022 
♦ This number will uniquely identify each land under investigation and prevent land fraud, particularly in rural India, as it is referred to as "the Aadhaar for land." 
♦ The plot`s longitude and latitude will be used to classify it, as well as detailed surveys and geo-referenced cadastral maps. 
♦ This is the next step in the "Digital Indian Land Record Modernization Program" (DILRMP), which began in 2008 and has increased in scale many times.
Military Farms - Indian Army Has Closed Them:
The Indian army`s military farm was closed on March 31 after 132 years of service. The military farm was built to provide sanitary milk to the entire British Indian garrison. 
♦ Both farm officials and staff have been redeployed within the ministry to continue to provide services to the company now that the military farm has been closed. 
♦ Several plans have been made in the past to close the farm. 
♦ The Quarter Master General division suggested closing in 2012. 
♦ In December 2016, the DB Shekatkar (retd) Committee recommended that the farm be closed once more. 
♦ On February 1, 1889, the first military farm was built in Allahabad. 
♦ 30,000 cattle were added to 130 farms across India after independence. 
♦ Also farms were established in Leh and Kargil in the 1990s. 
♦ These farms have produced 35 million litres of milk and 25,000 tonnes of hay per year for over a century. 
♦ The farm must be located far away from the city, so a farm is needed. 
♦ With the growth of cities, cantonments have expanded into towns, and milk is increasingly purchased on the open market. 
♦ People have also uncovered numerous allegations of corruption involving the farm over the years. One of the reasons for the farm`s closure is because of this. 
♦ The farm was also celebrated for pioneering artificial insemination technology for cattle and establishing an organised dairy industry in India. 
♦ These farms provided Yeoman-style services during the 1971 War, supplying milk to the Northern Command on the front lines of the Western and Eastern War and during Operation Kargil. 

Directorate General of Training Vocational Training:

The Directorate General of Training (DGT), which is part of the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship, is the supreme agency in charge of developing and coordinating national vocational training programmes (including women`s vocational training). DGT also runs field institutes under its direct supervision that provide technical training in a variety of fields. 
Major functions of the DGT: 
♦ Create general policies, guidelines, and requirements for vocational training. 
♦ Diversify, refresh, and extend the number of training facilities for craftsmen. 
♦ In specially developed training institutions, organise and conduct advanced training and study. 
♦ Implement, govern, and broaden the scope of apprenticeship training in compliance with the Apprenticeship Act of 1961. 
♦ Organize women`s workforce training services.
♦ Assist with career planning and job placement. 
♦ Provide paid work and self-employment assistance to scheduled castes/tribes and disabled people.

National Current Affairs April 1st Week 2021

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