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National Current Affairs February 3rd Week 2021

APEDA upgrades the GrapeNet:

In order to ensure a stable, scalable and cost-effective interface in the export value chain, APEDA updates GrapeNet.

About GrapeNet:

♦ GrapeNet is a web-based software certification and traceability system used to track fresh grapes shipped to the European Union from India.

♦ This is an online electronic service offered by APEDA to stakeholders to facilitate the testing and certification, on the basis of negotiations with exporters, of grapes exported from India in compliance with the standards defined by NRC Pune.

♦ GrapeNet gathers, stores and records data from stakeholders on forward and backward monitoring and quality assurance (ie, exporters, laboratories and PSC authorities in the Indian grape supply chain).

♦ In India, GrapeNet is the first such initiative. An end-to-end system has been developed to track pesticide residues, standardize products and encourage traceability through the different stages of sampling, testing, certification and packaging from retail shelves to the Indian farmer`s farm.

♦ Now, APEDA has implemented GrapeNet`s Blockchain and cloud migration technologies to ensure network security safety for its traceability program.

Digital Insurance Policies to be Issued by Digilocker App:

In order to issue digital insurance policies, the Insurance Regulatory Authority of India (IRDAI) has recommended that all insurance companies use the government`s Digilocker app.
♦ Publishing policies would offer a better user experience through the Digilocker app. Claims processing and policy settlement would be quicker using this application. It would also minimize conflicts and reduce fraud through this procedure.
♦ IRDAI recommends that all insurance companies allow their IT systems to communicate with Digi Locker facilities in order to facilitate Digi Locker`s adoption in the insurance industry. It would also encourage policyholders to maintain all of their policy articles.
♦ The required technical guidance and logistical support will be provided by the Digilocker team of the National Department of E-Government (NeGD) under MeITY to encourage the adoption of Digi Locker.
♦ Under the Digital India program, the Digilocker Project is an initiative. The Electronic Information Management Department manages the software (MeitY). Citizens may receive real documents or certificates in digital format under this initiative. Certificates can be generated from these certificates` original issuers.
♦ The purpose of starting the program is to abolish or decrease the use of physical records. By making the service worry-free and welcoming to people, it aims to enhance the efficacy of service delivery.
♦ An independent and legislative body in India is the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). The regulation and promotion of the insurance and reinsurance industry is the responsibility of this organization. It was created pursuant to the Insurance Management and Development Authority Act 1999. It is located in Hyderabad, Telangana. It is a body of 10 members, consisting of a chairman, 5 full-time members and 4 part-time members.

Oil & Gas Projects In Tamil Nadu:

On February 17, 2021, the Prime Minister of India laid the foundation for main oil and gas sector projects in Tamil Nadu.
♦ The natural gas pipeline at Ramanathapuram-Thoothukudi will be inaugurated.
♦ This pipeline is part of the Natural Gas Pipeline Ennore- Thiruvallur- Bengaluru- Puducherry- Nagapattinam- Madurai- Tuticorin.
♦ Benefits: It would help to use natural gas from the ONGC Gas field and provide industrial and other commercial customers with natural gas as a raw material.
♦ At Chennai Petroleum Co., Ltd. in Manali, the Gasoline Desulfurization Unit will be built.
♦ It will produce environmentally friendly gasoline with low sulfur (less than 8 pm), which will help minimize pollution and lead to a healthier climate.
PM to Hold Governing Council Meeting of NITI Aayog:
On February 20, 2021, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will chair the NITI Aayog Council meeting.
♦ Problems related to agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure and human resource growth will be addressed during this conference. This will be the Council`s 6th meeting.
♦ For the first time, the newly added UT Ladakh will attend the conference. This year, Jammu and Kashmir would also take part as Joint Territories. The Conference would also be attended by other Union territories headed by the Administrator.
♦ The meeting will also be attended by ex-officio members of the Council; the Vice-Chairman and Minister of the Union. The meeting will also be attended by a member and CEO of NITI Aayog and other senior officials of the Indian government.
♦ Niti Aayog, founded in 2015 to replace the planning committee, is India`s policy think tank. In order to achieve sustainable development goals through cooperative federalism, the institution was created. Some of the initiatives of Aayog include: "15-year roadmap", AMRUT, "7-year vision, strategy and action plan" Atal innovation project, Indian digitization, reform of medical education, agricultural reform, and a series of lectures on Indian transformation. 
Member of NITI Aayog: The prime minister is Aayog`s chairman. It also consists of a council comprising the chief ministers of all states and the territories of the union and the deputy governors of the territories of the legislature and the union. Delhi and Puducherry are not included, however. It also has a regional committee consisting of the Head of State and federal municipality governors.
♦ The Governing Council is NITI Aayog`s sole authority. Both chief ministers, deputy governors of the federal territories, other trade union ministers and senior government officials are members of the council. Regularly, the council meets. On February 8, 2015, the first meeting of the council was held.

Puducherry Lieutenant - Governor Orders Floor Test:

The newly named Tamilisai Soundararajan (Lieutenant-Governor of Puducherry), ordered the Assembly Secretariat to convene the House on February 22. A press release issued by Raj Nivas said the single agenda of the session should be to decide whether the Chief Minister enjoys the confidence of the House.
Floor test:
♦ The minimum requirement is primarily to understand whether executives enjoy the confidence of the legislature. This is a constitutional framework in which the chief minister appointed by the governor can be expected to prove a majority in the state legislative assembly.
♦ According to the Constitution, the chief minister is appointed by the governor of the country. When a party gets a majority in the House of Representatives, the governor appoints the leader of the party as its chief minister.
♦ If the majority is challenged, the leader of the party advocating the majority must shake the vote of confidence and show the majority of those present and voting. If the chief minister cannot show that they have a majority in the House of Representatives, they must resign. This happened both in Parliament and in the State Legislative Assembly.

National Current Affairs February 3rd Week 2021

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