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International Current Affairs February 1st Week 2021

Facts of Bhashan Char Island:

Recently, the Bangladesh Authority relocated about 1,750 Rohingya Muslims to a disputed island called "Bhashan Char Island" in the Bay of Bengal. This move was opposed by refugees already residing on the island in Bangladesh.
Key Facts:
♦ The island is also called Char Piya. It is in Hatiya Upazila, Bangladesh. 
♦ The island is situated 6 kilometers from Sandwip Island and 60 kilometers from the mainland, in the Bay of Bengal. Its area is 40 kilometres square.
♦ Bhahan Char island was formed in 2006 by Himalayan silt.
♦ In southern Bangladesh, Cox`s Bazar is a town, fishing port, tourist centre and regional headquarters. The city is renowned for its long beaches of natural sand. It is named Panowa, too.
♦ Sandwip Island is an island in the Chittagong District on Bangladesh`s southeast coast. The Sandwip Upazila is part of the island.
Recent development by Bangladesh on Island: 
The Bangladesh government is preparing to construct 1,440 buildings on the island. The building will have 120 shelters for cyclones as well. The goal of constructing these buildings is to move 100,000 Rohingya refugees from the mainland camps of Cox`s Bazar. The Ashrayan project (Ashrayan-3) was extended in August 2019 to build 100,000 houses on the island.
UK Special Visa Scheme for Hong Kong Residents:
The United Kingdom is opening a special visa scheme that will give residents of Hong Kong the chance to immigrate and ultimately apply for British citizenship.
♦ Visas will be issued to residents of Hong Kong and their immediate family members holding British National (Overseas) passports and will provide UK citizenship with fast-track entry.
♦ Applicants who have received a visa are allowed to live and work for 5 years in the United Kingdom, after which they may apply for settlement. They are eligible to apply for citizenship after twelve months.
♦ Since the arrival of new EU people in 2004, this change is considered to be the UK`s most generous welcome to foreign workers.
♦ The move came a few months after China adopted Hong Kong`s comprehensive national security laws and intends to target pro-democracy demonstrations that have drawn worldwide attention since 2019.

India and US Joint Military Exercise - Yudh-Abhyas

The 16th joint India-US "Yudh Abhyas" military exercise will begin in Rajasthan on February 8 and end on February 21, 2021. The exercise will be held near the India-Pakistan border.
♦ The goal of this meeting is to improve cooperation and interoperability between the powers of India and the Americas.
♦ The exercise will also concentrate on the conduct, in compliance with the United Nations mandate, of counter-terrorism operations.
♦ The exercise between India and the United States will take place during a five-day exercise conducted in Rajasthan in January 2021 by the Indian and French air forces.
♦ Bilateral training exercises between the two armies will take place at the International Training Node at the Mahajan field shooting range.
♦ The 11th Battalion of the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles, part of the Southwest Command, will represent the Army of India.
♦ Troops are going to represent the U.S. The Second Infantry Regiment`s Army and the Third Infantry Regiment. These units belong to the 1-2 Stryker brigade`s fighting team. The headquarters of each brigade would also, along with the soldiers, serve the army.
♦ A holy war has been waged between the two armies since 2004. The purpose of this exercise is to facilitate coordination between the two armies. The two sides share their expertise in training, their culture and develop traditional fighting skills.
♦ For the security threats (such as terrorism) faced by both nations, global terrorism, Yudh Abhyas, between the Indian and American forces, is of great significance. The aim of this exercise is to improve the level of cooperation in defence between the two armies. 
♦ This, in turn, would facilitate bilateral ties between the two countries as well. India`s crucial position in the Indo-Pacific region was also marked by the exercise. This work also plays an important role in the recent construction of the border with northern China.

International Current Affairs February 1st Week 2021

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