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JNTU Kakinada Notification

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada (JNTUK) has recently released important notifications regarding the upcoming B.Tech examinations for various regulation batches. The university is known for its commitment to providing quality education and conducting fair assessments, and these notifications serve as a crucial update for students.

The notifications cover the following regulations:

R20: Students enrolled under the R20 regulation will find detailed information about the examination schedule, fee payment deadlines, and other essential guidelines to help them prepare for the upcoming exams.

R19: For students following the R19 regulation, JNTUK has provided comprehensive instructions regarding the examination process, including the timetable and fee structure.

R16: Those under the R16 regulation can access the relevant notification detailing the examination timetable and fee payment instructions to ensure a smooth examination process.

R13 & R10: JNTUK has also issued notifications for R13 and R10 regulations, ensuring that students from these batches are well-informed about their upcoming examinations.

These notifications reflect JNTUKs commitment to transparency and academic excellence, enabling students to plan and prepare effectively for their B.Tech exams. Students are advised to visit the university official website for further details and updates regarding these examinations.

JNTU-Kakinada Notification

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