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State to be given alternative plans on EAMCET and NEET,
Hyderabad, Nov 08: The government fears that majority of the students, especially from rural areas and Telugu medium backgrounds, will find it difficult to clear Neet. They will be allotted seats based on their Eamcet scores. The government feels that students from BC, SC and ST categories will be the worst affected on account of Neet due to the limited preparation time they will get and it has to adopt Eamcet scores to maintain the reservation matrix in medical and allied courses.

The department of higher education will submit this ‘alternative plan’ to the government for approval. The officials are of the view that the alternative plan will not be in conflict with Neet and by implementing the plan the state can also protect the interests of AP students who fail to clear Neet. The government wants to utilise the benefit Andhra Pradesh enjoys by not being part of the ‘central pool’ wherein it has no need to allot 15 per cent MBBS seats to the ‘national quota’ unlike other states.

Andhra Pradesh and Jammu Kashmir have been exempted from the ‘central pool,’ thanks to the Presidential Order. If AP was part of ‘central pool,’ it would have to fill the empty seats with students from other states based on their Neet scores. Since AP is not part of the ‘central pool,’ all the seats still empty after Neet counselling can be allotted to local students, based on their Eamcet scores.

“This is the advantage AP has over other states and we want to utilise that to protect the interests of our students who fail to qualify in Neet. There is also no need to take approval either from the Centre or from the MCI to implement our alternate plan. This way, there will be no conflict with Neet or anyone. We can adopt Neet as well as Eamcet for MBBS admissions. This will give a dual advantage to our students,” said a senior official of the Higher Education department.

When asked whether it would not be a burden on students to appear for both Neet and Eamcet, he said, “Inter BiPC students would anyway have to appear for both the tests since NEET deals only with MBBS admissions. They have to take Eamcet to get admissions in other medical allied courses, since there are just 4,800 MBBS seats in the state while about 8,000 are available in dental and allied courses.”

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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