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Hi this is Khasim an M.B.A graduate from Nimra College of Business Management,i suggests all the I-CET aspirants to join in Our college,why because its good institution for management education and you will be mould here in every aspect of your program,at the time of joining in M.B.A i dont know much about this programme but when i leave NCBM i am the Topper of our batch(2009-2011) and i have Won 17 Prizes in Business-Quiz along with my team partner Mr.Khaleel and we have represented N.C.B.M in 42 National and State level Management meets including I.I.M Bangalore,BITS Pilani Hyd,Siva Sivani Kompally,Sri Nidhi Hyd,K.L.University,V.R.Siddhartha,P.V.Siddhartha,R.V.R&J.C Guntur,T.J.P.S Guntur, L.B.R.C.E....and many more reputed institutions,and that Complete Credit goes to our N.C.B.M and heartful thanks to Baji sir,Mujeeb sir,Vamsi sir,Rehman sir and all staff of N.C.B.M. So finally i suggest all ICET aspirants better to join in Nimra College of Business Management(N.C.B.M),Ibrahimpatnam,VIJAYAWADA. Thank you.


NCBM is excellent among all Nimra group of colleges in all factors like Principal,Faculty,Infrastructure and more..........

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