AP Go-Number.84 Regulation of Period of waiting for posting

Tags:ap go-number.84 regulation of period of waiting for posting

1.In the circumstances stated by the C.I.E., A.P., vide Lr. 1st read above, and in terms of the instructions issued vide Cir.Memo.2nd read above, Government after examining the matter, under FR 9(6) B, the waiting period of (56) Fifty Six days for posting in respect of Sri K.Chandra Mohan, Jr.Lecturer (Economics), G.J.C., Thurumella, Prakasam District i.e from 04.06.2019 to 29.07.2019, be regulated as "Compulsory Wait".

2. The C.I.E., A.P., Guntur is requested to take necessary further action in the matter, accordingly.

3. These orders does not require the concurrence of Finance Department, as per the instructions issued by the Govt. vide Cir.Memo.2nd read above, delegating the powers to the concerned admn. dept. in Secretariat.

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