AP Go-Number.63 Technological Reforms towards Streamlining For Higher Education

Tags:ap go-number.63 technological reforms towards streamlining for higher education

Andhra Pradesh has been a pioneer in undertaking e-governance initiatives and the employment of technology for the delivery of public services. While many laudable initiatives in the above direction have been taken in various spheres of public service delivery, it is noticed that there is significant scope for the introduction of technology in the functioning of Higher Educational Institutions in the State to usher-in stakeholders' centricity, transparency and accountability. A series of consultations have been held by the Higher Education Department with various stakeholders, including A.P.State Council for Higher Education (APSCHE), various Universities, A.P. Centre for Financial Systems & Services (APCFSS) etc. and several reform areas in the ‘Academic’ and 'Administrative' domains of the Higher Educational Institutions, have been identified. To implement the technological reforms for streamlining the functioning of the Higher Educational Institutions, the following orders are issued:

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