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EAMCET Mock Test
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AP & TS EAMCET online Mock Test

TS EAMCET Mock Test 2024 (Available) - Direct Link

Access the EAMCET mock test 2024 using the links below:

EAMCET Free Online Mock Test Click Here

State level Free Scholarship Test

BS-Computer Science


(4 Year Muldisciplinary Course)
Eligibility: Any Intermediate (BiPC, MPC, MEC or CEC) / 10+2 (CBSE) / 10+2 (ISC) / 3 Year Polytechnic

The BS Computer Science course curriculum aims to ensure that the students graduating from the program not only know the core topics of Computer Science but also develop an equal appreciation of humanities, management sciences and human values. The students are also exposed to emerging topics such as Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things etc to make them industry ready at the end of four years of study. The BS Degree with four year duration is globally accepted Degree Nomenclature, which will enable Indian students for the credit transfer and help them to join in twinning programs in USA and European Universities.

State level Free Scholarship Test Click Here

We are providing you with the Free Online EAMCET Mock Test 2024 by manabadi.co.in. Given that EAMCET is conducted online, engaging in manabadi's online EAMCET mock test aids in familiarizing yourself with online testing and enhancing problem-solving abilities. Utilizing the AP & TS EAMCET mock test free online significantly enhances candidates readiness for the impending examination.

The mock tests for AP & TS EAMCET have been made available online, allowing candidates to access them without the need for entering any credentials. Simply signing in will grant access to the TS EAMCET mock test for 2024. These mock tests serve as valuable tools for candidates to familiarize themselves with the exam's difficulty level and question paper format. The AP EAMCET 2024 mock test will have a duration of 3 hours and cover questions from physics, chemistry, and mathematics. For comprehensive information on accessing the free online AP & TS EAMCET mock tests, please refer to the full article.

EAMCET MOCK TEST Free Online Click Here

State level Free Scholarship Test Click Here

TS EAMCET Mock Test 2024 (Released) - Check Free Online Test Here

TS EAMCET 2024 Mock Test: JNTU-H has released the TS EAMCET 2024 Mock Test at http://www.manabadi.co.in/. Candidates can practice TS EAMCET mock exam for free. Separate mock tests have been provided for Engineering and Agriculture exams for TS EAMCET 2024 practice test.

AP EAMCET Mock Test 2024: JNTUK is expected to update the AP EAPCET 2024 Mock Test link at http://www.manabadi.co.in/ Candidates will get the opportunity to attempt the AP EAMCET Mock Test online for free .

EAMCET Mock Test 2024 - Free Online Test: Advantages

  1. Preparation: Helps students familiarize themselves with the exam format and question types.
  2. Evaluation: Provides a platform to assess strengths and weaknesses in different subjects.
  3. Time Management: Enables practice in time-bound conditions, enhancing efficiency during the actual exam.
  4. Confidence Boost: Builds confidence by simulating the exam environment and allowing for repeated practice.
  5. Identifying Weak Areas: Mock tests provide insights into the areas where candidates are struggling. Whether it's a particular subject or type of question, candidates can identify weak areas and work on strengthening them before the actual exam.
  6. Building Confidence: Regular practice through mock tests boosts candidates' confidence levels. As they become more familiar with the exam format and content, they feel more confident in their abilities to tackle the actual EAMCET exam.
  7. Reducing Exam Anxiety: Anxiety is common among exam takers, especially for high-stakes exams like EAMCET. By regularly practicing with mock tests, candidates can alleviate anxiety as they become accustomed to the exam environment and expectations.
  8. Instant Feedback: Many online mock test platforms provide instant feedback on performance, including scores and detailed explanations of correct answers. This immediate feedback helps candidates understand their mistakes and learn from them, leading to continuous improvement.
  9. Accessibility: Offers convenience as it can be taken online from anywhere with an internet connection.
  10. Cost-effective: Saves money as it is free, eliminating the need for expensive preparatory materials.
  11. Performance Tracking: Allows for tracking progress over time, facilitating targeted improvement efforts.

Prospective candidates intending to participate in EAMCET 2024 are encouraged to engage in the EAMCET mock test 2024 to enhance their comprehension of the computer-based examination. There are no unique login credentials needed to take the mock exam. The credentials are set in the standard manner. Aspirants who take the mock test gain an understanding of the format of questions, difficulty level and time management.

How to Access TS EAMCET 2024 Mock Test?

  1. Visit TS EAMCET official website- www.manabadi.co.in
  2. Click on the "EAMCET Mock Test link" tab
  3. Go to the "EAMCET Free Online Mock Test" link
  4. TS EAMCET mock test (or) AP EAMCET mock test login window 2024 will appear on the screen with the default login Id and password.
  5. Click on "Sign In". Candidates do not need to enter any particular credentials to use the EAMCET 2024 MOCK TEST as default credentials are set by the authorities.
  6. After signing in, general instructions for attempting the mock test of EAMCET 2024 will appear on the screen.
  7. After reading the other important instructions, check the declaration box and click on "I am ready to begin".
  8. After this, the mock test will commence and candidates can attempt the EAMCET MOCK TEST chapter-wise.

Computer Based Test (CBT):

  1. The Computer-Based Test (CBT) is a simple and better way to conduct exams using Computers.
  2. Testing is done in person, on a computer, at an approved testing center.
  3. With the Technological developments, the CBT is becoming the standard format for most of the entrance tests.

Merits of CBT:

  1. Candidates are free to change their answers at any point of time during the CBT.
  2. As there is no bubbling involved in CBT, the chances for wrong bubbling is completely eliminated.
  3. Candidates can see a Countdown Timer in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Test duration is 180 minutes in which the candidate should answer 160 Questions.
  5. At any point of time, the candidate has a complete view of the number of Questions answered / not answered / answered and marked for review/ not answered marked for review/not visited.

Support for CBT Preparation:

  1. Candidates can take Practice / Mock Test to know more about CBT in the TS EAMCET-2024 website.
  2. Video related to Instructions or Procedure of CBT & Mock test link for CBT are available in TS EAMCET- 2024 website: https://eamcet.tsche.ac.in
  3. Practice CBT on the website : https://eamcet.tsche.ac.in by clicking on Mock Test option.

Steps for CBT:

  1. Candidates should verify the Hall Ticket Number displayed on the allocated system and enter the password.
  2. Verify personal information along with photographs displayed on the computer system used for taking the CBT. If any mismatch in the data, immediately the candidate should report to the invigilator. Read all the instructions carefully.
  3. Click on Checkbox “I have read and understood the instructions…..” after reading the instructions.
  4. Click on the “I am ready to begin” button.
  5. Start answering the questions.

Instructions for TS EAMCET-2024:

  1. Candidate should report at Test Center two hours before the commencement of the test on the date and time mentioned in the Hall Ticket.
  2. Candidates will not be allowed into the Test Center even if they are LATE BY A MINUTE after the commencement of the test and not allowed to leave the examination hall till the END of the examination (i.e.,12.00 Noon in forenoon session and 06.00 PM in afternoon session) under any circumstances.
  3. Hall Ticket & ID verification will be done at the entrance of the test center and allowed after complying with all the rules of the Test.
  4. TS EAMCET-2024 officials will take candidate’s Photograph.
  5. Invigilators will guide candidates to their respective computers/ nodes allotted.


  1. On the allotted Computer / Node, Candidate’s details (Name, Photograph etc.) will be displayed as shown below.
  2. At the scheduled time (15 minutes before the start of the Test), Enter Username and Password as instructed by the Invigilator in the exam hall.
  3. After entering Username and Password click on “Sign In” button.
  4. For any system related assistance, contact the invigilators by raising hand.
Telangan Eamcet mock exam 2024


The Instructions will be available in both English and Telugu (in English for English opted candidates, English & Urdu for Urdu opted candidates) languages simultaneously.

TS Eamcet Instructions 2024

Test Specific Instructions

TS Eamcet Test Specific Instructions 2024
  1. Each question will be displayed in the concerned language (English only/ English and Telugu/ English and Urdu) as selected by the candidate in the Online application form. That is, Each question will be displayed in English language if medium of test selected is English only in Online application, each question will be displayed in both English and Telugu languages simultaneously if medium of test selected is English and Telugu in Online application, each question will be displayed in both English & Urdu languages simultaneously if medium of test selected is English and Urdu in Online application.
  2. “Previous” button helps you to read the Instructions again.
  3. Click on the Declaration Box.
  4. Click on “I am ready to begin” button.
  5. Timer count starts as soon as you click the button “I am ready to begin”.
TS Eamcet Test Specific Instructions 2024

Test Taking Process

  1. Questions in Mathematics / Biology & Zoology, Physics and Chemistry are displayed in different Sections (Subjects).
  2. Candidate should select the Section (Subject) which he / she would like to start the Test.
  3. 1st Question from the selected Section (Subject) gets displayed for answering or Click on the question number in the Question Palette in the right side of your screen to go to that numbered question directly.
  4. Question and options for the selected question number will be displayed in “Question window”.
  5. Select any one of the four options as answer for the question by clicking on the radio button (small circle) beside each option.
  6. To change the already chosen answer, click on the radio button (small circle) of another option. If you want to remove the answer, click on Clear Response button.
  7. To save your answer, you MUST click on the Save & Next button and then go to the next question, otherwise your answer will not be saved.
  8. After answering a question to mark the question for review, click on the Mark for Review & Next button. If an answered question is selected for Mark for Review, that answer will be considered in the evaluation.
Note that ONLY Questions for which answers are saved by clicking on “Save & Next” button or “Mark for Review and Next” button after answering will be considered for evaluation. TS Eamcet Test Taking Process 2024
  1. Submit button will not be enabled till the Test closure time (180 Minutes). System will automatically submit your answers Post Test (after test closure time, that is after 180 minutes).
  2. Test Summary will be displayed to the candidate with Section (Subject) Name, Number of Questions in a Section (Subject), Answered, Not Answered, Marked for Review, Answered & Marked for Review and Not Visited.
  3. Please confirm by clicking ‘Next’ Button.
  4. Your Test will be successfully submitted with this confirmation.
TS Eamcet exam summary 2024


  1. The countdown timer starts ticking down as soon as you click the button “I am ready to begin”.
  2. The countdown timer in the top right corner of screen will display the remaining time available (Time Left) for you to complete the Test.
  3. When the timer reaches zero, the Test will end by itself automatically. You are not required to click on “Submit” button to end your Test.
TS Eamcet timmer 2024

Sections (Subjects) Navigation

  1. Sections (Subjects) in this question paper are displayed on the top bar of the screen.
  2. Questions in each Section (Subject) can be viewed by clicking on the Section (Subject) name.
  3. The Section (Subject), candidate is currently viewing will be highlighted.
  4. Candidate can change the Section (Subject) by clicking on the respective Section (Subject) name, anytime within the duration of the Test.
TS Eamcet selection 2024
  1. After clicking the Save & Next button on the last question for a Section (Subject), you will be automatically taken to the first question of the next Section (Subject).
  2. Candidate can view summary of the corresponding Section (Subject) as part of the legend that appears in every Section (Subject) above the Question Palette.

About Telangana & Andhra Pradesh EAMCET

Telangana State Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test-2024 (TS EAMCET-2024) is being conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad (JNTUH) on behalf of Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE). This state level examination is the prerequisite for admission into various professional courses offered in University / Private Colleges in the state of Telangana and held once in a year.
Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE) has entrusted the task of conducting the prestigious Entrance Examination of the State “AP EAMCET” to JNTUK for the first time after reorganization of the State of Andhra Pradesh. The APSCHE has instilled confidence and faith in JNTUK for the smooth conduct of the AP EAMCET for 2 times (2015 & 2016) in offline mode and 3 times (2017,2018 and 2019) in Online mode in the State of Andhra Pradesh.The Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test (EAMCET) - 2024 is being conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada (JNTUK) on behalf of Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE). This Examination is the pre-requisite for admission into various professional courses offered in the University/Private Colleges in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

Prepare for EAMCET Mock Test

Since you know that EAMCET is a highly competitive exam, we advise you to choose the right tool for the preparation for your exam. You should make a proper study plan which can be useful for better mark scoring. Books, question papers, mock tests etc. can be some of the main preparation material. We 're offering you details of manabadi's Free Online EAMCET Mock exam.

How To Apply Eamcet Online Mock Test 2024

  1. Visit http://www.manabadi.co.in/.
  2. Choose any one from the choice Full Exam and Previous Year Exams.
  3. From the next drop-down screen, click the test sequence
  4. It will open a new page that includes details of the chapters in the examination paper.
  5. Click on the button titled Start Exam to continue.
  6. Now, read the instructions carefully given on the next page before moving forward.
  7. Click on to start the exam.

Benefits Of EAMCET Mock Test

  1. EAMCET Online Mock model gets you knowledgeable with the actual exam pattern.
  2. You know your strengths and weaknesses with every ridiculous EAMCET test.
  3. EAMCET Mock Tests build your accuracy and speed, both of which are very important for high scoring.
  4. After solving one or more of AP & TS EAMCET online paper, you understand the level of examination difficulty and get prepared mentally for it.
  5. Like sample papers, practice papers, EAMCET Preious year papers, mock test also help you better manage time in solving multiple choice questions.

EAMCET Mock Test 2024 – Navigation:

  1. The screen displays subjects (physics, chemistry , and mathematics) in this question paper
  2. Questions can be displayed in each section by clicking on the name of the section (subject).
  3. The part presently seen by the candidate is highlighted.
  4. Candidates can change the section (subject) at any time within the duration of the test by clicking on the respective section (subject) name.
  5. You will automatically be taken to the first question of the next section (Subject) after pressing the 'Save & Next' button on the final question for a section (Subject).
  6. Candidates may view summaries of the corresponding section as part of the epic that appears above the Question Choice in each Section (Subject)

EAMCET Mock Test 2024: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • Ques.1- How can I prepare for eamcet online?
  • Ques.2- How do I apply for a mock test?
  • Ques.3- How can I get 140 marks in eamcet?
  • Ques.4- What are mock tests?

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