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Schemes Current Affairs October 2nd Week 2021

Desh Ke Mentor Program Launched By Arvind Kejriwal:

Delhi Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwal launched the `Desh Ke Mentor` programme for Delhi Government Schools.


♦ This program`s goal is to advise high school students on the career paths of successful citizens in their respective fields.

♦ The `Desh ke mentor` programme involves `adopting` one to ten government school students to be mentored by experts.

♦ Sonu Sood will serve as the mentors program`s brand ambassador.

♦ Every week, the mentors will have 10 minutes to guide the youths over the phone about their fields.

♦ Mentors can adopt up to ten children from government schools.



Schemes Current Affairs October 2nd Week 2021

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