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Environment Current Affairs July 2nd Week 2021

Tiger Corridor in Rajasthan:

The Rajasthan government plans to improve a tiger corridor that will connect the newly proposed Ramgarh Tiger Reserve, Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, and Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve. Another tiger reserve in Rajasthan is the Sariska Tiger Reserve.
About the Animal Corridor:
♦ Wildlife or animal corridors are designed to provide safe transit for animals between two ecosystems that are separated by a large distance. Corridors are classified as either functional or structural in flora and wildlife. 
♦ From the animal`s perspective, functional corridors are described in terms of performance (basically areas where there has been recorded movement of wildlife).
♦ Structural corridors are uninterrupted stretches of forested land that structurally unite the landscape`s otherwise disjointed pieces.
♦ When structural corridors are impacted by human anthropogenic activities, practical corridors are frequently widened as a result of animal use.
♦ The National Tiger Conservation Authority, in partnership with the Wildlife Institute of India, produced a document in 2019 that mapped out 32 of the country`s most important corridors, with government interventions implemented through a Tiger Conservation Plan.
♦ Under section 38V of the Wildlife (Protection) Act of 1972, states are required to publish a Tiger Conservation Plan.
♦ Desert National Park in Jaisalmer; Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur; Sajjangarh flora and wildlife sanctuary in Udaipur; National Chambal Sanctuary in Rajasthan (on tri-junction of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh).
IUCN List: Endangered.
Project Tiger: The initiative is a Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change-sponsored scheme that was created in 1973 to provide government assistance to tiger states for tiger conservation in designated tiger reserves in India. The National Tiger Conservation Authority is in charge of the project (NTCA).



Environment Current Affairs July 2nd Week 2021

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