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Forest Fire in Shirui Mountain:

The state government of Manipur has requested assistance from the federal government to put out a forest fire at the top of Shirui Mountain in Manipur`s Ukhrul District. 
Shirui Kashong Peak: 
♦ Shirui Kashong Peak is a tourist attraction in Manipur`s Ukhrul district. The elevation is 2835 metres above sea level.
This mountain has two main attractions: 
♦ The river that flows through Ukhrul and Barry Lily. Shirui Kashong Peak is located in Manipur`s Ukhrul district.
♦ Shirui Kashong Peak`s main attractions are the unusual Lilium mackliniae (Shirui lily) and the river in Ukhrul district. Shirui aze and Shirui ato are the two villages that make up Shirui. Antu Bairui has 100 households with a total population of 472 people, while Azebai Rui has 184 households with a total population of 793 people.
♦ Shirui`s residents speak the Shirui dialect, which is part of the Tibetan-Burman language family. Shirui Lily Festival is a week-long festival held in Shirui. In 2017, it was declared a national holiday.
The Earliest Cherry Blossoms Ever Seen in Japan
The cherry blossoms in Japan are in full bloom, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. Japanese cherry trees typically bloom in April. The cherry blossoms are ten days earlier this year. This is Japan`s first cherry blossom rose, which bloomed earlier. The first cherry blossoms in Japan were seen in the year 1200. 
♦ Cherry trees started flowering in early 812 AD, according to Osaka University in Japan. Climate change and global warming are mostly to blame. From 47.5 degrees Fahrenheit in 1953 to 51.1 degrees Fahrenheit in 2020, Japan`s average temperature has risen. 
♦ In Japan, the arrival of cherry blossoms normally heralds the start of spring. Sakura is the Japanese word for cherry blossoms. 
♦ Japan organises flower viewing or flower viewing events throughout the cherry blossom season. Hanami has a long background in Japan. In the year 710 AD, the art of flower beauty started. 
♦ Cherry blossoms are a type of flower. The cherry tree is a cherry tree that is grown for ornamental purposes. They are not to be confused with edible cherry trees. 
♦ Cherry tree leaves secrete a hormone that stops the flowers from blooming any longer. When the temperature increases, this hormone is no longer secreted. The flowers are in full bloom as the weather warms up. Hormones began secreting this year as a result of climate change, and flowers entered this stage earlier than average. 
♦ Sakura trees can be found in the world. They are most common in the northern hemisphere, especially in temperate climates. Japan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, China, South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Indonesia are among the countries involved. 
♦ Sakura can be found in Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Mount Garo, and Mount Kasi in India. The Cherry Blossom Festival in India takes place in the autumn (i.e. October and November). Cherry blossoms are well-known in Shillong.

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