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World Unani Day is Designated on 11th February:

Celebrate Unani World Day on 11 February 2021. Through the Unani medical system, the aim of World Unani Day is to spread awareness of health care.
♦ Including its prevention and treatment principles, the purpose of World Unani Day is to spread the consciousness of health care through the Unani medical system.
♦ World Unani Day is observed every year to mark the anniversary of the birth of Hakim Ajmal Khan.
♦ Unani System Principle: This means that the body has four kinds of humor: dam (blood), Bowham (phlegm), safra (yellow bile) and sauda (black bile).
♦ The wellbeing and sickness of the body would be influenced by the consistency and sum of the four kinds of laughter.
♦ Greece is the origin of Unani. In India, sometime around the 11th century, Arabs and Persians introduced it.

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