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Pakistan re-elected to UN Human Rights Council:

Facing opposition from advocacy groups over their awful human rights records, Pakistan has been re-elected to the UNHRC. The Human Rights Council of the United Nations (UNHRC) is an agency of the United Nations whose purpose is to promote and protect human rights all over the world.
♦ Pakistan received the highest number of votes among the 5 candidates from the Asia-Pacific region.
♦ Pakistan won 169 votes in a secret ballot, Uzbekistan 164, Nepal 150, China 139 and Saudi Arabia lost the race with just 90 votes in a 193-member UN General Assembly vote.
♦ Since January 1 , 2018, Pakistan has been part of the UNHRC. Pakistan will continue as a member for another three-year term starting on January 1, 2021, with this re-election.
♦ This is the 5th time that Pakistan has been elected to the UNHRC
♦ Pakistan is strongly committed to fostering and preserving human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, as well as to upholding them effectively.
♦ Russia and Cuba, running unopposed, also won the seats.

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