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WHO declared Wild Polio free for Africa:

The statutory body, the Africa Regional Certification Board, has proclaimed Africa free from wild polio. The announcement was made during an event of the World Health Organization (WHO), by the African National Certification Commission for disease control.
The Africa Global Certification Commission reported that Polio has been eradicated in all 47 countries in the WHO Africa region. Commonly, the poliovirus affects the nervous system and induces permanent paralysis in hours.
Nigeria was the last state in Africa to be declared free of wild polio. Less than a decade ago, Nigeria accounted for over half of all global events.
The virus has crippled thousands of children in Africa. Now the disease is present only in Afghanistan and Pakistan. There is no cure but the vaccination toward polio prevents kids for life.
Polio is Poliovirus-caused disease. The virus is affecting the nervous system. Polio is also called poliomyelitis. Polio is a disease caused by the Poliovirus virus. It is very infectious. It is distributed mainly through person-to-person communication. Children younger than five years of age are developing the virus than any other age group.Poliovirus spreads by means of food or water containing human feces and less commonly from infected saliva.

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