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Etawah lion safari opened for public:

  • The lion breeding center, the facility is equipped with hospital staff quarters backed by assured water and electric supply and is operated by trained staff. 
  • The wildlife entrusted with this project visited Longleat Safari Park, England, for inspiration. 
  • A lion safari, a deer safari, an elephant safari, bear safari, and a leopard safari. 
  • The 4D theatre, which gives you real closeups with wildlife, as per information available on an official website. The forest minister praised former Chief Ministers Mulayam Singh Yadav and his son Akhilesh Yadav for their efforts to bring the project on the ground.
  • The safari will attract tourists and make Etawah an important tourist center in the country.

Sumatran rhinoceros are extinct in Malaysia:

The last Sumatran female rhinoceros, named Iman, in Malaysia died. With this, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Environment announced that Sumatran rhinoceros is now extinct in Malaysia. 


Iman was captured in March 2014. Iman was given the very best care and attention after the capture. 

In 2008, the officials captured Tam, a Sumatran male rhinoceros. It was transferred to the Tabin Wildlife Reserve in the state of Sabah. He was left with female rhinoceros Puntung, captured in 2011 and Iman. Puntung, the female rhinoceros, was euthanized in 2017 due to cancer. Tam, the last male Sumatran rhinoceros in Malaysia died in April 2019. Efforts to breed proved unsuccessful.

Sumatran rhinoceros:

Sumatran rhinoceros also known as hairy rhinoceros, Asian two-horned rhinoceros is the smallest rhinoceros. The weight ranges from 500 to 1,000 kg. International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has placed it in the critically endangered category of its red list. This species is inhabited in rainforests and cloud forests in India, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia,  Bhutan, Bangladesh, and China.




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