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Exercise Sindhu Sudarshan to be held in Rajasthan:

Indian Army`s Exercise Sindhu Sudarshan has been scheduled to be held from 29 November to 4 December in Rajasthan. 

Exercise Sindhu Sudarshan:

The exercise Sindhu Sudarshan will provide a unique opportunity to employ the whole mechanized formations that consist of Tanks and Infantry Combat Vehicles.

The exercise aims to evaluate the capability to strike deep along Western Borders. 

It will also verify the Indian Army`s resolve to implement the integrated launch of Strike Corps in developed and desert terrain using Integrated Battle Groups (IBGs) along the Western Front.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) will provide intimate support in terms of destruction of targets and airlifting troops during the exercise

The exercise will also focus on fine-tuning surveillance and destruction mechanisms, which will support precision strikes and manoeuvres by network-enabled forces under battlefield conditions. 

The exercise will showcase the synergy between the Indian Army and Air Force

The exercise will be reviewed by lieutenant general SK Saini.



Indian Army men, more than 40,000 troops, will participate in the exercise Sindhu Sudarshan. The Indian Army`s integrated battle groups that have been formed for warfighting in the future will be participating in the exercise.



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