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Important Days Current Affairs March 4th Week 2021

Remembrance of Victims of Slavery Day Designated is on 25 March:

Every year on March 25th, the International Day of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade is commemorated. 
♦ The United Nations` chief executive stressed in this speech that the negative and long-term effects of slavery must be discussed. He also urged a renewed commitment to a future in which everybody would live in harmony, dignity, and opportunity. 
♦ The anniversary is the United Nations` annual international commemoration, which took place on March 25, 2007. Remember those who suffered and died as a result of the "transatlantic slave trade" on this anniversary. This is regarded as the greatest abuse of human rights in history. 
♦ For over 4 million years, 15 million men, women, and children were victims of the transatlantic slave trade. The aim of the day is also to raise awareness of the current dangers of racism and discrimination. 
♦ The theme of "breaking the silence, lest we forget" was chosen for the first anniversary in 2008. "Women and Slavery" is the theme for 2015. The United Nations International Decade for People of African Descent started in the year 2015.  
♦ A permanent plaque, named "Return to the Ark," was unveiled at the United Nations Headquarters in New York to commemorate the event. Rodney Leon, a Haitian-American architect, designed it. 
♦ More than 40.3 million people were believed to be exploited in modern ways as of 2016. Women and girls account for 71% of them. Furthermore, children made up a quarter of all slaves.  
♦ Due to decreased work prospects, frequent immigration, increased poverty, and less labour inspections during the Covid-19 pandemic, modern slavery has gotten even more attention. People have become more vulnerable as a result of the pandemic, and more people are turning to exploited work.

Sports Current Affairs March 4th Week 2021

Singhraj Of India Wins Gold In 2021 World Shooting Para Sport World Cup:

In the P1 men`s 10m air pistol SH1 final, Singhraj defeated Ibragimov (Uzbekistan) and took first place. 
♦ On March 21, 2021, Indian player Singhraj won the gold medal at the Para-Shooting World Cup (2021) in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.  
♦ Singolaji won the P1`s highest honour men`s 10m air pistol SH1 final by 2.8 points over Ibragimov (Uzbekistan). 236.8-234 is the final score between the shooters. In reality, Uzbekistan`s Ibrahimmov led the game by just 0.1 points after the penultimate final. 236.8-234 was the final result. 
♦ With 214.4 points, Muharrem Korhan Yamac, a former Turkish Paralympic champion, took bronze. As a result, India is now ranked third in the medal table. India currently has two medals, one gold and one bronze.

Schemes Current Affairs March 4th Week 2021

PMFME Scheme - One District One Product:

The PMFME scheme would use the " One District One Product " strategy to achieve scale gains in input procurement, public service delivery, and product marketing. 
♦ The Ministry of Food Processing Industry (MoFPI) provides financial, technological, and business support to established micro-food processing companies under the Pradhan Mantri Formalisation of Micro Food Processing Enterprises Scheme (PM FME Scheme), which was launched by the central government.
About One District One Product (ODOP): 
♦ The concept`s aim is to transform each of the country`s districts into an export centre. 
♦ Identify products with export potential in the district 
♦ Solve the bottleneck of exporting these products 
♦ Support local exporters and manufacturers as they increase their production capacity and search for new markets outside of India. 
♦ The aim is to encourage exports, manufacturing, and service industries in the districts, as well as provide job opportunities. 
♦ Every district has formed a District Export Promotion Committee to help with this (DEPC). 
♦ These committees can be chaired by a Regional Authority appointed by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade and headed by DM/Collector/DC/District Development officials in the district (DGFT). 
♦ DEPC`s key responsibility is to collaborate with all relevant stakeholders at the federal, state, and local levels to establish and execute a district export action plan.

Economy Current Affairs March 4th Week 2021

New Committee To Screen New Bank Licences:

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) formed a five-member Standing External Advisory Committee (SEAC) to assess applications from Universal Bank and Small Finance Bank. Former Reserve Bank of India Deputy Governor Shyamala Gopinath chairs the committee (SFB). The Standing External Advisory Committee (SEAC) will be made up of well-known figures from the banking and financial sectors and other related fields. 
About the Committee: 

♦ The committee will serve for three years. 
♦ Committee Secretariat: The Reserve Bank of India`s Regulatory Department will provide secretariat support to the committee. 
♦ Universal Bank and SFB applications will be reviewed first by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to ensure that the applicant meets the ostensible requirements, and then by SEAC. 
Small Financial Bank (SFB): 
♦ Small financial banks are financial institutions that offer financial services to areas of the world that are underserved or unbanked. The Companies Act of 2013 enabled us to register as a public limited company.

Memorandum of Understanding Current Affairs March 4th Week 2021

Agreement Signed for Milan-2T

The Ministry of Defense`s Department of Procurement and Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), a National Defense Public Undertaking (DPSU), have signed a contract to supply the Indian Army with MILAN-2T Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM) 
♦ Milan-2T is a Tandem Warhead ATGM with a range of 1,850 metres designed by BDL under licence from the French MBDA missile system. 
♦ These warheads can be fired from both the ground and from vehicles.
♦ For offensive and defensive missions, these can also be used as anti-tank weapons. 
♦ The addition of these missiles would improve the armed forces` operational readiness, which is expected to be completed in three years. 
♦ This is a step in the direction of the Defense Department`s "Atmanirbhar Bharat" objective. 
MoC Between India And Japan:
The Union Cabinet has approved a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) between Japan and India in the field of water resources. 
♦ The MoC was signed by India`s Ministry of Jal Shakti`s Department of Water Resources, River Development, and Ganga Rejuvenation and Japan`s Ministry of Land, Transport, Infrastructure, and Tourism`s Water Disaster Management Bureau. 
♦ The aim of the Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) is to establish long-term cooperation in the fields of water and delta management, as well as water technology, in order to increase information, expertise, technology, and scientific joint experience, as well as to implement joint projects between the two countries. 
♦ The Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) aids in the improvement of irrigation facilities, the attainment of water protection, and the long-term production of water supplies.

MOU has been signed for the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP):

Representatives from the State Pollution Control Boards, Urban Municipal Institutions, and the Institute of Reputation (IoR) signed the Memorandum of Understanding, which included 132 specified cities in implementing the National Clean Air Programme`s action plan for cities (NCAP). 
♦ The National Clean Air Policy (NCAP) is a long-term, time-limited national strategy aimed at solving air pollution problems across India. 
♦ Its aim is to reduce particulate matter concentrations by 20 percent to 30 percent by 2024. (using 2017 as the base year). 
♦ As a technical advisory group, a national expertise network of leading air quality experts has been formed to support activities under the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) and direct local IoR in air quality research.

Environment Current Affairs March 4th Week 2021

Water Crisis in Himachal Pradesh:

Himachal Pradesh`s State Water Minister has repeatedly warned the legislature that the state may face serious water shortages. 
Insufficient rain and snow:
♦ In Himachal Pradesh, there is less snow and rain this year. After the winter, melted snow and glacier water will supply groundwater and other downhill water sources on a regular basis (such as springs, wells, rivers, etc.). Water sources have started to dry up this year due to a lack of snowfall. 69 percent less precipitation than normal: The Indian Meteorological Department reports that the state received only 59 mm of precipitation this winter (January 1 to February 28), 69% less than normal. 
Increasing demand: 
♦ The demand for water has been rising in recent decades as the state`s population has grown. Traditional water sources such as spring water and bawries water are no longer as popular as they once were. 
Climate change: 
♦ Rainfall patterns have also become unpredictably unpredictable. Water sources in some areas are rapidly depleted during dry periods, particularly in Shiwalik hilly areas where soil water holding capacity is low.
Poching Of Greater One-Horned Rhino Claim Of Assam Political Parties:
During the Assam parliamentary elections, various political parties claimed to have significantly reduced Greater One-Horned Rhino poaching. Poaching has decreased by 86 percent in the last three years, according to the Assam Forest Department.
♦ One of five rhino species, the Greater One-Horned Rhino is the largest. The black rhino, white rhino, Javan rhino, and Sumatran rhino are the other four rhinos. 
♦ Greater one-horned rhinos (Rhinoceros unicornis), Javan rhinos, and Sumatran rhinos are the three varieties of rhinos found in Asia. 
♦ India is home to only the Great One-Horned Rhino. 
♦ It is the largest rhinoceros species and is also known as the Indian rhinoceros. 
♦ A black horn and gray-brown hide with skin folds distinguish this creature. 
♦ Rhinoceros consume only grass, leaves, shrub and tree branches, fruits, and aquatic plants, and their diet consists entirely of grass, leaves, shrub and tree branches, fruits, and aquatic plants. 
♦ Indo-Nepal Terai, northern West Bengal, and Assam are the habitats. 
♦ Rhinos are mostly found in Assam, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh in India. 
♦ Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park, Kaziranga National Park, and Manas National Park in Assam are home to an estimated 2,640 rhinos.



Biosphere Reserve at Mahendragiri:

The Odisha government has proposed the development of a second biosphere reserve in Mahendragri, a hilly ecosystem with abundant biodiversity in the state`s southern region. 


♦ The Similipal Biosphere Reserve, which occupies 5,569 square kilometres and was notified on May 20, 1996, was Odisha`s first such reserve. 

♦ The planned Mahendragiri Biosphere Reserve spans 470,955 hectares in the Eastern Ghats` Gajapati and Ganjam regions. 

♦ The hilly ecosystem serves as a transition zone between southern India`s flora and fauna and the Himalayan flora and fauna, making it an ecological estuary for genetic diversity. 

♦ This is focused on the Biosphere Reserve Committee`s feasibility study for the proposed project. 

♦ The Soura, an especially weak tribal group, and the Kandha tribe live on Mahendragiri. 

♦ The flora of these hills is diverse, according to the proposed Ahendragiri biosphere reserve`s study. With approximately 1,358 species of plants, Mahendragiri`s rich flora accounts for 40% of Odisha`s registered flora. 


♦ According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the biosphere reserve is home to 29 of Odisha`s 41 endangered medicinal plants.

IUCN Status For African Elephants:

African Forest elephants and Savanna (or jungle) elephants have been designated as "critically endangered" and "endangered" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). African elephants were previously categorised as a single species and classified as "Vulnerable." This is the first time that the IUCN Red List has evaluated these two species separately. 
♦ African elephants are significantly bigger than Asian elephants and are the world`s largest terrestrial animals. 
♦ At the ends of their trunks, they have two finger-like traits, whereas Asian elephants only have one. 
♦ Elephants are matriarchal, meaning they live in communities dominated by females. 
♦ Elephants in Africa are a crucial species, meaning they play a critical role in their habitats. Elephants are known as "ecosystem engineers" because they have the ability to influence their environment in a variety of ways. 
♦ The elephant`s pregnancy lasts almost 22 months, which is nearly twice as long as any other mammal`s. Since there aren`t enough calves to compensate for poaching losses, the issue of defence has grown. 
♦ African elephants are divided into two subspecies: Savanna elephants (also known as jungle elephants) and Forest elephants.  
African Savanna Elephant: 
Scientific Name: Loxodonta africana 
♦ A decline of 60% in the past 50 years. 
♦ IUCN Status: Endangered 
♦ Habitat: Sub-Saharan Africa Plains African Forest Elephant 
♦ Scientific Name: Loxodonta cyclotis 
♦ Decline: A drop of 86% in the past 31 years. 
♦ IUCN Status: Critically Endangered 
♦ Habitat: Central and West African forests.



Migratory Birds Found Dead in Himachal Pradesh:

A total of 27 migratory birds have been confirmed to have died as a result of poultry. Lower the alarm bell and force the authorities to close the shelter after influenza has been identified in the Pong Dam Wildlife Sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh since March 25. 
Pong Dam Wildlife Sanctuary: 
♦ On the opposite side of the Bis River, the Pong Dam was built in 1975. Other names for the dam include Pong Reservoir and Maharana Pratap Sagar. 
♦ The government designated the entire reservoir a wildlife sanctuary in 1983. 
♦ It was named as a "national wetland significance" by the Indian government in 1994. Pong Dam Lake was designated as a Ramsar Wetland in November 2002.  
♦ Migratory birds migrate to Siberia from the Hindu Kush Himalayas. Come in the winter. Tropical and subtropical forests dominate the protected area. The Bis River and its several perennial tributaries (such as the Guy River, Neogal, Binwa, Uhl, Bangana, and Baner) make up the lake. 
♦ In the calm lake, there are about 22 species of fish, including uncommon fish like Sal and Gad. The lake`s sufficient water level makes it an excellent venue for water sports. 
♦ Eucalyptus, gum arabic, jamun, shisham, mango, mulberry, ficus, Kachanar, Amra and Lee. 
♦ Barking deer, sambar, wild boar, bo, leopard and oriental small-clawed otter. Fish: Labeo, rohita, mahasheer, singhara, sal, gad. 
♦ Black-headed gull, red-necked gull, tern, duck, waterfowl, egret, etc.  

Important days Current Affairs March 4th Week 2021

World Leprosy Day Is On 30th January:

Every January 30th in India is Anti-Leprosy Day, which is Mahatma Gandhi`s difficult day because he was deeply committed to the cause of leprosy. Since 2017, the Sparsh Leprosy Awareness Campaign (SLAC) has been held to commemorate Anti-Leprosy Day and to decrease stigma and discrimination against leprosy patients. 

About Leprosy: 
♦ Leprosy, also known as Hansen`s disease, is a bacterial infection that can affect the skin and nerves, resulting in deformities and disability if left untreated. 
♦ Despite being associated with the disease for centuries, it is not hereditary, entirely curable, and only mildly infectious—more than 85 percent of cases are non-infectious, and more than 95 percent of those who have it have natural immunity. 
♦ The infection is asymptomatic at first and usually remains that way for 5 to 20 years. 
♦ Granulomas of the nerves, respiratory tract, skin, and eyes are common symptoms. 
♦ This can lead to a loss of ability to feel pain, as well as limb loss due to repeated injuries or infections from unnoticed wounds. Weakness and poor vision are also possible side effects. 
♦ Leprosy is one of the oldest diseases in the world wide. 
♦ Every year India accounts for 60% of new cases. 
♦ It was formally announced in 2005 that it would no longer be considered a public health issue in India. The number of new cases had dropped to less than one per 10,000 at the time. India, on the other hand, has the world`s highest number of leprosy patients. 

International Current Affairs March 4th Week 2021

Japan-India Launches Patent Prosecution Highway:

India and Japan announced the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) programme in November 2019. 
♦ In November of this year, India and Japan announced the Bilateral Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) programme between the two countries. 
♦ The Indian Patent Office (IPO) will only accept patent applications related to certain specific technical fields, such as computer science, electrical, electronic, information technology, physics, civil, machinery, textiles, automobiles, and metallurgy, according to a bilateral agreement between the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and the Indian Patent Office (IPO) technical fields. 
♦ The patent prosecution highway is a set of initiatives aimed at speeding up the patent application process by sharing information among participating countries` patent offices. 
♦ Benefits can be obtained for each participating patent office by leveraging prior work done by patent offices in other participating countries. As a result, the work can be completed concurrently, reducing examination workload and improving patent quality.
China, Russia Look To Deepen Best Ties:
Sergei Lavrov, Russia`s foreign minister, is in China for an important visit. 
♦ The visit took place shortly after the Alaska talks on China-US relations. Following the first summit of the Group of Quad Leaders (India, Australia, Japan and the United States). 
♦ He said that the current Russian-Chinese partnership is the best in history. 
♦ He claims that Western countries, especially the United States, are obstructing the creation of a genuinely multi-polar democratic world because they want to maintain their dominance of the global economy and politics at all costs, and combine their will with the requirements put on other countries. 
♦ Russia and China are pursuing a positive and unified agenda in this regard, and they hope that the international governance system will be fair and democratic, run smoothly, and built on the foundation of extensive cooperation between countries and their integration initiatives.



National Current Affairs March 4th Week 2021

National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) Price Regulation:

National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) included 81 drugs into Price Regulation. The NPPA has set prices for 81 medicines, including generic antidiabetics, so that patients can benefit from patent expiration benefits.
♦ The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) was established in 1997 as an affiliate of the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers` Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP).  
♦ The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority is an independent drug pricing regulator that ensures drugs are available and accessible at a reasonable cost. 
Functions and responsibilities: 
♦ According to the powers given to it, to enact and enforce the provisions of the Drugs (Price Control) Order. 
♦ Handle any legal issues that arise as a result of the Authority`s decision. 
♦ Monitor medicine supply, detect shortages (if any), and take corrective action. 
♦ Collect and maintain data on a single company`s production, export and import of market share, and profitability for bulk drugs and preparations. 
♦ Conduct and/or sponsor research related to drug/ pharmaceuticals pricing. 
♦ Advise the central government on changes/revisions to drug policies. 
♦ Assist the federal government with parliamentary issues relating to drug prices. 
♦ Under the Drug Price Control Order, it publishes a list of drugs and their highest prices on a monthly basis (DPCO). 
♦ Headquartered in New Delhi.
Delhi Administration As The Tail Wagging The Dog:
The Delhi National Capital Territory Government (Amendment) Bill, 2021 is a bill that amends the constitution of the Delhi National Capital Territory. 
♦ Parts A, B, C, and D are the four states that exist after the Constitution takes effect. The central government appoints Chief Commissioners and Lieutenant Governors to run the last two states. There is no locally elected legislature to support and consult with them. Delhi was once a part of the C state. 
♦ The Legislative Assembly was formed in 1951, with an elected chief minister. 
♦ Delhi became a Union Territory in 1956, thanks to the States Reorganization Act, and was governed by a President-appointed Administrator. The Delhi Legislative Assembly and the Delhi Legislative Council were both abolished. 
♦ The Delhi Administration Act of 1966 establishes a small representative democracy in Delhi through the Metropolitan Council, which is primarily made up of elected officials. 
♦ The Balakrishnan Committee was established in 1987 to make recommendations on the status that should be given to Delhi. The committee recommended that Delhi remain a Union Territory in 1989, but that a Legislative Assembly and a Council of Ministers be formed, both of which would be accountable to the parliament and have appropriate powers. The 1991 Constitution, according to this article (69th Amendment) Act and the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCT) Act were passed. 
♦ In several elections to the Delhi Parliament since 1991, parties other than the dominant party in the centre of Delhi have won. As a result, the Delhi government and the Union government disagreed on a number of issues. The ensuing fight has raised constitutional concerns, prompting a complaint against Delhi`s special government system in the Supreme Court.

The Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Act is signed into law:

On March 28, 2021, President Ram Nath Kovind approved the Delhi Act (Amendment), 2021, which gave the lieutenant governor privilege over the elected government in the Capital Territory government. 


♦ Articles 21, 24, 33, and 44 of the previous bills from 1991 are amended by this measure. Overall, the Deputy Governor of Delhi is referred to as the “government” in the Delhi NCT (LG). 

♦ According to the bill, LG should be consulted before making any administrative decision based on a cabinet or minister`s decision. The bill further gives LG discretion in matters on which the Legislative Assembly passes legislation. 

♦ It forbids the General Assembly and its committees from enacting rules to begin daily administrative matters or to inquire about administrative decisions. 

♦ Except for public order, police, and property, the Legislative Assembly will make laws under the 1991 "Existing Law." 


♦ Delhi is a federal territory with a legislative assembly, according to Article 239AA of the Constitution, which was promulgated by the 69th Amendment in 1991.

Andhra To Launch 1st Govt Run Animal Ambulance Network of India:

Andhra Pradesh`s state government has agreed to create "India`s first government-operated animal ambulance network." This decision was taken in order to support the state`s livestock and veterinary departments more effectively. 
♦ YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, has made this ambulance network one of his top priorities in order to assist in the rescue of animals in distress and provide adequate animal care. Instruct the Department of Animal Husbandry to set up a mobile ambulance veterinary clinic in each assembly constituency. 
♦ A total of 175 mobile ambulance (veterinary) clinics will be chosen from 108 service departments as assembly constituencies to provide veterinary services at the entrance. These mobile ambulances should be able to provide veterinary emergency care, as well as on-site diagnosis and emergency response. 
♦ The hydraulic lift facility, which can lift animals and carry them to the nearest government veterinary facility in an emergency, is one of the main facilities. A veterinarian and a deputy veterinarian will be assigned to each ambulance. A toll-free call centre for ambulances will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
♦ According to the Ministry of Animal Husbandry, approximately 1,576 veterinary pharmacies have been opened across the province, and approximately 1,376 veterinary doctors have been hired. More veterinarians, according to the Chief Minister, need better functions and care.
Launch Of Central Scrutiny Centre:
To check user files, the Minister of Finance founded the Central Scrutiny Centre (CSC).
About the Central Scrutiny Centre: 
♦ The Corporate Affairs Ministry`s CSC software aims to search user records in a direct process. 
♦ The aim of CSC is to ensure that data quality is not harmed and that it is defect-free. 
♦ CSC will first thoroughly examine the documents submitted by users in the straight-through process, identifying data quality issues and anomalies, and communicating them to the appropriate company registry so that corrective action can be taken to restore the data`s validity and correctness, as well as streamlined sharing with other regulatory agencies if necessary.

There is no proposal to introduce the panchayat system in Assam`s sixth schedule district:

According to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), there is currently no proposal to introduce the Panchayat system in Assam`s sixth schedule area.
Sixth Schedule of the Constitution: 
♦ It establishes an independent planning committee that can draught laws related to property, public health, agriculture, and other topics, protecting tribal citizens and giving communities autonomy. 
♦ Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, and Mizoram each have ten autonomous committees. 
Specific tribal areas in Assam: 
♦ Territorial Areas of North Cachar Hills, Karbi Anglong, and Bodoland  
Specific tribal areas in Meghalaya:
♦ Khasi Hills, Jaintiya Hills and Garo Hills  
♦ Tribal areas in Tripura 
Specific tribal areas in Mizoram: 
♦ 2019 Constitution (125th Amendment) Bill for Chakma, Mara, and Lai districts.
♦ The Cabinet accepted changes to the Autonomous Council`s administrative and financial powers in January 2019. 
♦ In February 2019, the Constitution (Amendment No. 125) Bill, 2019, was introduced in the Rajya Sabha for the elected Village Municipal Councils. 
♦ The new legislation is still in the works. The Autonomous Committee, Village, and Municipal Committees will be elected by the State Election Commission.
Ruins Of Garhwal Forts And Fortalices:
A study discovered 193 fortresses and forts in the northern, eastern, and southern regions of the Garhwal Himalayas that are either intact or scattered. This is the first of its kind in the world. There are a total of 36 major fortresses and 12 famous fortress groups. 
♦ Most mediaeval fortresses in Uttarakhand`s Garhwal Himalayas were strategically constructed to form clusters. 
♦ These fortresses were constructed in valleys, ridges, and prominent mountain tops at various elevations, some of which exceed the Garhwal Himalayas` average sea level (MSL) by 3000 metres. They date back to the Common Era (CE) in the 8th century and were built in valleys, ridges, and prominent mountain tops at various elevations. 
♦ These well-connected forts were constructed during or after the Katyuri dynasty`s collapse. 
♦ Uttarakhand`s mediaeval ruling family is known as the Katyuris. From 700 to 1200 AD, they controlled the region that is now Cumaion. 
♦ Vashudev Katyuri established the Katyuri dynasty (sometimes spelled Vasu Dev or Basu Dev). 
♦ The Katuri dynasty of Kumarn once ruled from Sikkim in the east to Kabul in Afghanistan in the west, but by the 12th century, it had disintegrated into various duchies.

Science & Technology Current Affairs March 4th Week 2021

Key Facts of NDHM Sandbox Environment:

The central government intends to assess the results of the National Digital Health Mission`s (NDHM) first phase in order to extend the project, which had previously invested 118.2 million rupees. The "NDHM sandbox environment" was also created as part of this task to encourage innovation and build trust. 
♦ In August 2020, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM). The mission has visited Chandigarh, Dammam and Diu, Ladakh, Dadra and Nagar Haveri`s joint territory, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Puducherry, and Lakshadweep since then.  
♦ The Union`s Ministry of Health is in charge of task execution in the six Union countries. According to the proposal, the central government has released 9,97095 health IDs as of March 15, 2021. 
♦ After receiving informed consent, the health ID issued under the task allows people to track the patient`s health and share data with verified doctors or healthcare providers. It also offers a voluntary opt-out option, allowing users to delete their personal information at any time. 
♦ To encourage creativity, participation, and trust, the government has created the "NDHM Sandbox Environment." A closed ecosystem has been created in the sandbox environment. The system enables the testing of technology or products in a closed environment in accordance with the NDHM standard. The test helps public and private organizations wishing to become part of the NDHM ecosystem to become health information providers or health information users. 
♦ The NDHM is an Indian government agency tasked with providing people with medical identification documents. People will be able to use the Ayushman Bharat Yojana with the help of this identification document. The plan is also compatible with other health-care initiatives such as the Aadhaar Identification Plan and the Ayushman Bharat Yojana Healthcare Plan. The health ID is retained by the user as an account in the mobile application. The Prime Minister announced this mission on Independence Day 2020.
Helium of India Import to Get Affected:
From 2021, the United States can no longer export helium. As a result, India`s industry will suffer large losses as a result of helium imports. 
♦ Helium is an inert, colourless, odourless, and tasteless gas that is extremely rare. 
♦ Rockets and nuclear reactors undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. 
♦ Kamerlingh Onnes, a Dutch physicist, liquefies helium by cooling it to -270 degrees Celsius. 
♦ The Rajmahal volcanic basin, located in the Indian state of Jharkhand, is a billion-year-old helium storage facility. 
♦ India is currently mapping the Rajamahal Basin in preparation for future helium exploration and utilisation.
Buldhana Pattern For Water Conservation:
The Buldhana Pattern for water conservation was presented to the Rajya Sabha by the Minister of Jal Shakti. 
♦ The National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) has created draught guidelines to incorporate guidelines for the following activities: 
(i) Land acquisition for the improvement and development of national highways, state roads, and railways, and 
(ii) Projects to protect water sources by using silt/deep water bodies. 
♦ In the Buldhana district, these two activities were successfully implemented as a pilot project (Maharashtra).  

Department OF Biotechnology - National Biopharma Mission:

The National Biopharmaceutical Mission, which was approved by the Cabinet, was launched by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) with the aim of strengthening emerging biotech companies across India. Accelerating Discovery Research to Early Development for Biopharmaceuticals by Industry-Academic Collaboration – Innovate in India (I3) Biotech pioneers are being empowered, and inclusive innovation is name of the mission.
About National Biopharma Mission: 
♦ A National Biopharma Mission was established to assist small and medium-sized businesses in overcoming the risks associated with product production in the early stages. It encourages entrepreneurship by fostering stronger ties between industry and academia. It also offers academics, innovators, and entrepreneurs advice and training. The delegation continued to promote over shared national facilities, the domestic manufacturing industry (such as GLP analysis facilities, cell line databases and the establishment of clinical trial networks). 
Objectives of the mission: 
♦ Create goods for potential buyers that are nearing the end of the product development process. 
♦ Strengthen and create a common infrastructure for product verification and production. 
♦ To resolve the "main skills gap" between researchers and nascent biotech companies, develop human capital by offering advanced training. 
♦ Create and enhance public and private sector technology transfer and intellectual property protection capabilities. 
Targets of the Mission: 
♦ Develop biotherapeutics, vaccinations, medical devices, and diagnostics, among other biopharmaceutical items. 
♦ Set up shared infrastructure and services, such as GLP verification and reference labs. 
♦ Medical technology verification facility. 
♦ Process growth and cell line development, as well as translation and interdisciplinary analysis. 
♦ Create technology transfer offices in both the public and private sectors. 
♦ To instruct on the acquisition of both technical and non-technical skills.

Co-WIN Upgraded - Can Register for Jab Daily:

The COVID-19 vaccination portal, according to the chairman of the approved COVID-19 vaccination committee, has been strengthened to recognise 10 million registrations and monitor the regular vaccination status of 5 million citizens.
♦ The COVID Vaccine Intelligent Network (CoWIN) framework is a digital platform that can be used to promote and extend the COVID vaccine distribution system throughout the world.  
♦ The Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (EVIN) has been updated (eVIN). This is a government-run operation from start to finish. 

Economy Current Affairs March 3rd Week 2021

India`s Foreign Exchange Reserves Now Worlds Fourth Largest:

India`s foreign exchange market has grown to become the world`s fourth largest. 
♦ India`s foreign exchange reserves have surpassed Russia`s and are now the world`s fourth highest. 
♦ Due to a small current account surplus, funds pouring into the local stock market, and a rise in foreign direct investment, India`s reserves are sufficient to finance approximately 18 months of imports. 
♦ India`s foreign currency reserves dropped by US$4.3 billion to US$580.3 billion as of March 5. 
♦ On the International Monetary Fund (IMF) table, China has the most foreign exchange reserves, followed by Japan and Switzerland.

Indias Per Capita - National Steel Policy:

The Minister of Steel stated in his written response to the Rajya Sabha that India`s per capita steel consumption is 74.7 kg, compared to the world average of 229 kg in 2019-20. 
About National Steel Policy: 
♦ The 2017 "National Steel Policy" aims to increase India`s steel production potential to 300 tonnes by 2030. 
♦ It has a long-term goal of increasing domestic demand, producing high-quality steel, and making the industry more competitive globally. 
National Steel Policy Objectives: 
♦ By 2030-31, raise crude steel output capacity to 300 tonnes. 
♦ Steel consumption per capita will grow to 160 kg by 2030-31. 
♦ Domestic production of strategically used high-end automotive steel, unique steel and alloys, and electrical steel will reach all demands by 2030-31. 
♦ By 2025-26, becoming a net exporter of steel. 
♦ Increase the domestic supply of washed coking coal to 50 percent by 2030-31, reducing reliance on imported coking coal. 
♦ Quality requirements for domestic steel products should be developed and enforced. 
♦ Assist the industry in becoming a world leader in energy and raw material productive steel production by 2030-31.

Environment Current Affairs March 3rd Week 2021

Panel On Mythical Sarasvati River:

After the previous panel of experts concluded in 2019, the centre reorganised an advisory committee to establish a proposal to research the majestic Sarasvati River over the next two years. On December 28, 2017, ASI formed the committee for the first time, for a two-year term. 
About Saraswati: 
♦ The Saraswati River rises in the Himalayas in the western part of Kailash and flows south to Mansarovar before turning west. 
♦ The river flows through Haryana, Rajasthan, and Gujarat`s northwestern region. 
♦ It also passes through Pakistan before joining the West Sea through the Rann of Kutch. 
This river has two branches: 
♦ Both west and east The western branch of the ancient river Satluj flows through the new Ghaggar-Patialiwali creek in the Himalayas. 
♦ Markanda and Sarsuti, on the other hand, represent the Tons-Yamuna branch of Saraswati. 
♦ The branches meet near Shatrana, about 25 kilometres south of Patiala. Suddenly, it flows past a desert (the Rann of Kutch) and into the West Sea`s bay. 
Suggestion On Saving Great Indian Bustard SC:
The number of birds killed by power lines has risen over time, and the Indian Supreme Court has given guidelines on behalf of the endangered Great Indian mixed breed. These power lines run through the natural habitats of Indian Ocean leopards in Gujarat and Rajasthan, which are fading fast. 
♦ Chief Justice Sharad A. Bobde`s bench will examine whether underground cables, rather than overhead power lines, can be used to save the heaviest birds.  
♦ Another mechanism, such as installing a bird diverter to guide the bird away from the power cord, was also found to be ineffective by the court.  
♦ In reality, the cost of installing and maintaining underground pipelines would be higher than the cost of installing and maintaining this type of diverter. 
Great India bustard: 
♦ Ardeotis nigriceps is the scientific name for the Indian bustard pigeon. The Indian subcontinent is home to this bus bird. This is a big bird with long bare legs and a level body. Its appearance is similar to that of an ostrich. It`s one of the world`s heaviest fliers. This bird was once popular on the Indian subcontinent`s arid plains. However, in 2011, it was reduced to 250, and in 2018, it was reduced to 150. The bird is listed as "critically endangered" and is protected by India`s "Wildlife Protection Act 1972".

Replacement Of Floodgates Of Bhadar Dam Gujarat:

The Bhadar Dam`s sluices were damaged in the 2015 flash flood, and the Central Water Commission`s dam protection organisation proposed repairing them. The Bhadar Dam, located in Rajkot, is the second largest dam in Saurashtra, after the Shetrunji Dam. 
♦ The Bhadar Dam is located in Gujarat`s Saurashtra district, on the Bhadar River. The Bhadar is a major river in Guaratat`s Saurashtra peninsula. It began near Wadi in the Rajkot Area, at a height of 261 metres above mean sea level. 
♦ The river flows through Saurashtra before merging with the Arabian Sea in Naviobandar (Porbandar). The river is 198 kilometres long in total. Drainage covers around a seventh of Saurashtra. 
Flash flood: 
♦ Short-term high-intensity rainstorms are typically associated with heavy thunder. These are water level spikes that occur during or after heavy rain. In the short term, these are extremely localised occurrences with high peaks, with less than six hours between the start of rain and the start of the flood peak. The flood situation worsens when drainage pipes or natural water flow are blocked. 
Central Water Commission (CWC): 
♦ The Central Water Commission is the country`s highest technical body for water resource production and is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Water Resources. The committee is in charge of working with state governments, proposing, organising, and promoting proposals for the management, conservation, production, and use of water supplies for irrigation throughout the United States. flood management, power generation, and navigation purposes.

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve - Uttar Pradesh

The body of a 5-year-old tiger was discovered in Uttar Pradesh`s Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. 
♦ It is found in the Uttar Pradesh districts of Pilibhit and Shahjahanpur. 
♦ In 2014, it was identified as a Tiger Reserve.
♦ It received the TX2 international award for doubling the number of tigers in the previous four years by 2020. 
♦ In the upper Gangetic plain, it is part of the Terai Arc landscape. 
♦ The reserve`s northern border is marked by the India-Nepal border, while the reserve`s southern border is defined by the Khakra and Sharada rivers. 
♦ There are more than 326 bird species, 127 animal species, and 2100 flowering plant species. 
♦ Tigers, swamp deer, Bengal tigers, leopards, and other wild animals can be found in the wild. 
♦ In its high-paying trees, plantations, and grasslands, there are many bodies of water. 
Other Protected Areas in Uttar Pradesh: 
♦ Dudhwa National Park  
♦ National Chambal Sanctuary  
♦ Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary  
♦ Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary

Awards Current Affairs March 3rd Week 2021

Sahitya Akademi Awards Was Announced on 12th March:

On March 12, 2021, the National Academy of Letters declared the name of the "2020 Sahitaya Akademi Award." These names were unveiled at the start of the annual "Literature Festival." 
♦ M Veerappa Moily, a politician and journalist, will receive the award, as will poet Arundhathi Subramaniam and 20 other authors. When God is a Traveler, a collection of poems by Subramaniam, won the grand prize in English. For his epic poetry "Sri Bahubali Ahimsa Digvijayam," Veerappa Moily was given the name Kannada. Seven poems, five short stories, four novels, two plays, one memoir, and one epic are included in this list. including 20 Indian languages.  
♦ The awards for the languages of Nepali, Malayalam, Odiya, and Rajasthani will be announced later. 
♦ Harish Menaksi (Gujarati), RS Bhaskar (Konkani), Anamika (Hindi), Irungbam Deven (Manipuri), and Nikhileshwar arranged the award in the "Poetry Category" (Thailand). Rupchand Hansda (Santali) and Lugu) were won. 
♦ Imaiyam (Tamil), Nanda Khare (Marathi), Mahesh Chandra Sharma Gautam (Sanskrit), and Sri Hussain-ul-Haque were declared winners in the "novelty category." The short storey award went to Apurba Kumar Saikia (Assamese), Hiday Koul Bharti (Kashmiri), Dharanidhar Owari (Bodo), Gurdev Singh Rupana (Punjabi), and Kamakant Jha (Maithili). 
Selection Procedure: 
♦ These books were chosen based on a three-member jury`s recommendations in the relevant language. They arrived at their final decision using the protocols that had been designed for this reason. According to the resolution, the award will be announced by the Executive Board based on the jurors` unanimous selection or the majority vote. 
♦ In our country, India, the Sahitya Akademi Award is a literary honour. Sahitya Akademi, India`s National Writing Institute, bestowed the honour. The award is given to the best literary achievement books published in any of India`s 24 major languages, including Hindi, English, and the other 22 languages mentioned in the Constitution`s Eighth Schedule. which consists of an engraved bronze plaque and a shawl, in the amount of 1,00,000 rupees.

Science & Technology Current Affairs March 3rd Week 2021

ISRO Launched Sounding Rocket RH 560 on 12th March:

On March 12, 2021, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched RH-560, a sounding rocket. The rocket will be launched to investigate "vertical shifts" in neutral wind and plasma dynamics. 
♦ The Satish Dhawan Space Center`s Sriharikota Range (SHAR) launched the RH-560 rocket (SDSC). The sounding rocket is a one-stage or two-stage solid propellant rocket, according to ISRO. These rockets are used to perform space research and probe the upper atmosphere. ISRO started launching locally built sounding rockets in 1965. 
♦ ISRO recently announced that on March 28, 2021, it will launch an Earth observation satellite that will provide near real-time border pictures. Natural disasters would be able to be monitored more quickly as a result of this. 
♦ The GISAT-1 satellite will be launched by the Sriharikota spaceport`s "GSLV-F10 rocket." The spacecraft will be launched into a geosynchronous orbit by the rocket, and then into a geostationary orbit by an airborne propulsion system. The orbit is about 36,000 kilometres above the equator of the earth. 
♦ The space agency and the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C51) launched the primary satellite of Brazil, Amazonia-1, as well as 18 passenger spacecraft, from the Sriharikota Spaceport in February 2021. During the covid-19 pandemic in 2021, this is ISRO`s first satellite. This is also New Space India Limited`s first commercial mission (NSIL), which was carried out with the help of Spaceflight Inc. of the United States of America (USA).
Linking Of OTPRMS Certificates With Digilocker:
The OTPRMS certificate will be connected to DigiLocker, and registration fees will be waived entirely, according to the Union Education Minister. 
♦ To ensure worry-free access, the Ministry of Education (MoE) has agreed to connect the Online Teacher Pupil Registration Management System (OTPRMS) Certificate with DigiLocker. 
♦ The provided certificate will be moved to DigiLocker, which can be found on the National Council for Teacher Education`s website. 
♦ The registration fee of Rs. 200/- for obtaining an NCTE-issued OTPRMS certificate has been waived. 
♦ All stakeholders in India will be able to receive digital authorization as a result, simplifying industry.

Largest Floating Solar Farms Being Built In Singapore:

Singapore is constructing the world`s biggest floating solar farm. The country has resorted to constructing energy plants near entire reservoirs and along the coast. 
♦ Given that this floating solar farm is one of the world`s smallest countries, it is also one of India`s largest per capita carbon dioxide emitters, so it is currently being built. As a result, it is constructing floating solar farms in order to respond to climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Sembcorp Industries was in charge of the construction. 
♦ Singapore faces a renewable energy problem because it lacks rivers for hydroelectric power generation.  
♦ The turbine cannot be powered solely by wind. As a result, the authorities attempted to reform this idea by establishing floating solar farms. As a result, this tropical nation switched to solar power. 
♦ The country has planned to develop energy plants along its coast and reservoirs because its land area is limited, about half the size of Los Angeles. 
♦ Growing sea levels are a threat to the island nation as a result of climate change. As a result, the nation acknowledges the importance of reducing pollution.  
♦ As a result, the Singapore government has announced a number of "green plans," including efforts to increase charging stations to promote the use of electric cars, minimise waste sent to landfills, and plant more trees.  
♦ In addition, by 2025, the country intends to quadruple its use of solar energy to 2% of total electricity demand, with a goal of reaching 3% by 2030.
Aligning A Missile Deal With Destination Manila:
An "implementation agreement" for the "arrangement for procurement of defence materials and equipment" was signed by India and the Philippines. The agreement provides the groundwork for government-to-government sales of defence systems. The Philippines is looking to buy Indian BrahMos cruise missiles.
About BrahMos: 
♦ BrahMos cruise missiles are developed by BrahMos Aerospace Limited, an Indian-Russian joint venture. 
♦ This is the world`s first operational supersonic cruise missile.  
♦ BrahMos cruise missiles have a range of at least 290 kilometres and can fly at Mach 2.8 (nearly three times the speed of sound) (the new version can reach 400 kilometers). 
♦ Because of its high altitude, air defence systems using surface-to-air missiles would have a hard time intercepting BrahMos, while modern fighter jets will be easier to attack and even neutralise. 
♦ In the next version, attempts are being made to improve the missile`s speed and range. The objective is to achieve supersonic speed (at or above Mach 5) and a range of 1,500 kilometres. 
Scientists Have Discovered Artificial Photosynthesis:
Artificial Photosynthesis (AP) provides carbon capture and conversion options. 
♦ Scientists have found a way to capture excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by mimicking nature`s own process of reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, i.e. photosynthesis. 
♦ Artificial Photosynthesis (AP) captures carbon dioxide and converts it to carbon monoxide, which can be used as a fuel in internal combustion engines. 
♦ In Artificial Photosynthesis, scientists use a simpler nanostructure to mimic the fundamental process of natural photosynthesis. However, there are numerous challenges to overcome in order to successfully implement Artificial Photosynthesis. 
♦ An integrated catalytic system based on a metal organic framework (MOF-808), which includes a photosensitizer, was designed and manufactured by a team of scientists from JNCASR (a molecule that absorbs light and transfers electrons from incident light to another molecule nearby). The molecule can reduce carbon dioxide by utilising solar energy and catalytic centres. 
♦ The established catalyst has a high selectivity for CO2 to CO reduction when exposed to visible light, exceeding 99 percent. 
♦ The catalyst oxidizes water to produce oxygen (O2). 
♦ When analysing the photocatalytic module`s CO2 reduction amount in an aqueous medium without any additives, it demonstrates excellent CO generation performance. 
♦ The integrated catalytic module can be reused for several catalytic cycles without losing its activity because it is heterogeneous.


Important days Current Affairs March 3rd Week 2021

International Day of Action For Rivers is Designated on 14th March:

On March 14, observe International River Action Day to raise awareness about the importance of rivers in the face of climate change. 
♦ On this day, groups and individuals all over the world join together to protest disruptive water infrastructure schemes, as well as the health and long-term management of watersheds.  
♦ Previously, the day was recognised as "International Dam Day" in honour of rivers, water, and life. Some schemes to protect rivers or oppose dam building have also been launched in India. One of them is the Narmada Bachao Andolan. 
♦ The "International Day of Action on Dams and Rivers, Water and Life" was passed by participants at the First International Conference of Dam Influencers in Curitiba, Brazil, in March 1997.  
♦ Representatives from 20 countries met in Brazil on March 14 to declare the International Day of Action as the "Day of Action Against Large Dams." 
♦ The main goal of organising this day is to raise a united front against disruptive water development projects, restore the basin`s health, and demand equitable and sustainable river management. 
Theme 2021: Rights of Rivers.
Ordnance Factory Day is on 18th March:
The 220th Ordnance Factory will celebrate its 50th anniversary on March 18, 2021. Every year on March 18th, India celebrates Ordnance Factory Day. In 1801 Kolkata built the first ordnance factory. In the world, there are 41 ordnance factories. 
♦ The ordnance factory`s history is inextricably connected to British rule in India. The Ordnance Factory Committee, which still governs the country`s ordnance factories, was organised in Williamsburg, Calcutta, in 1775. 
♦ There were 18 ordnance factories in India prior to independence. The Ordnance Factory`s Board of Directors was formed in 1979. 
♦ The Ministry of Defense manages the Ordnance Factory Commission. It is the world`s largest and oldest defence organisation. The board of directors has long been referred to as the nation`s fourth branch of defence. It is the world`s 37th largest arms producer. 
♦ Small arms, rockets, rocket launchers, chemicals, explosives, landmines, bombs, anti-tank warfare, and other weapons are all produced by the commission. 
♦ In 2017-18, the board of directors representing the Indian government made a profit of US$2 billion.

World Poetry Day is on 21st March:

Every year on March 21, the country celebrates World Poetry Day. 
♦ The decision to designate March 21 as "World Poetry Day" was made at a UNESCO meeting in Paris in 1999. Poetry Day`s primary goal is to promote linguistic diversity through poetry and to give endangered languages a chance to be heard in the community. The day also promotes poetry recitation and poetry teaching as an oral tradition. At the 30th General Assembly in Paris in 1999, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared March 21 as World Poetry Day for the first time.   

National Current Affairs March 3rd Week 2021

Kalanamak Rice Festival to be Held in Uttar Pradesh:

In the Uttar Pradesh town of Siddharth Nagar, the state government will host a three-day "Kalanamak Rice Festival." On March 13, 2021, the festival will begin. After the success of the "Jansi Strawberry Festival" and "Lucknow Jaggery Festival," the music festival was organised. 
♦ Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath stressed the importance of encouraging localised production and creating a market for it in order to create new income opportunities for farmers. This year`s festival began on March 13th. 
♦ A rice festival was held as part of the "Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan" and "Local for Vocal" activities to encourage, sell, and brand the selected products as "One District One Product" (ODOP).  
♦ This region grows Kala Namak rice, which is a result of some areas in eastern Uttar Pradesh. As a result, festival attendees will be able to sample dishes made with Kalanamak rice. 
♦ These stalls sell Kala Namak rice seeds as well as rice. Visitors can learn about the origin, nutritional and scientific importance, and cultivation of Kala Namak rice during the festival. Throughout the festival, Kala Namak`s dishes were on display at various stalls. Prao, kel, lentils, cumin rice, poha, tomatoes, chickpeas, khichdi, idli, and fara are some of the dishes available. 
♦ The festival will also feature a vibrant cultural programme that will highlight the talents of local artists and students. Progressive growers, FPOs, and self-help organisations may obtain information on commodity production and processing as part of the initiative. 
Lakhs of Visitors Visited Statue of Unity:
After its unveiling in 2018, Kevadia`s "Statue of Unity" in Gujarat`s Narmada area has attracted over 5 million visitors. 
♦ On October 31, 2020, India`s first seaplane service launched from Gujarat. This path links Ahmedabad`s Sabarmati Riverfront with Kaivadia`s Statue of Unity. 
♦ Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is commemorated by the Unity Statue. Before India`s independence, Sardar Patel owned 560 princely states, so the statue was called the "statue of unity." It opened on October 31, 2018, to commemorate Sardar Patel`s 143rd birthday. 
♦ The Unity Statue is the world`s tallest statue. It stands 182 metres tall, 23 metres higher than the Buddha Statue in China`s Spring Temple and nearly twice as tall as the United States Statue of Liberty (93 metres). 
♦ It was added to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization`s "Eight Wonders" in January 2020. (SCO). 
♦ It is situated on Sadhu Bet Island, which is part of the Narmada River, which flows between the Satpura and Vindhya mountains. 
♦ The intricate bronze siding work was done by the Chinese foundry Jiangxi Toqin Company, and the statue of Unity was modelled by Padma Bhushan`s sculptor Ram V Sutar (JTQ).

Appointment Of State Election Commissioners - SC:

The Supreme Court ruled that State Election Commissioners should be appointed by independents rather than bureaucrats. 
♦ The Goa government has filed an appeal against a Mumbai High Court order suspending the Goa State Electoral Commission`s municipal election notices. 
♦ The Supreme Court (SC) has now upheld the High Court`s decision on municipal reservations, ordering the state government to inform the municipalities of Mormugao, Margao, Mapusa, Quepem, and Sanguem of reservations within 10 days. 
♦ It also gave the State Election Commission until April 30 to complete the election process. 
♦ State Election Commissioners should be appointed by independents rather than bureaucrats. This is important because giving government workers the extra expense of the State Election Commissions is "a constitutional mockery." 
♦ Across the country, states can nominate independent persons to serve as Election Commissioners. 
About the State Election Commission: 
♦ The State Election Commission, which is responsible for supervising, directing, and monitoring the preparation of the electoral roll and the conduct of all elections to Panchayats and Municipalities in India, owns the Indian Constitution (Article 243K, 243ZA). 
♦ The Governor of each state appoints the State Election Commissioner. 
♦ The Governor shall, upon the State Election Commission`s request, provide the State Election Commission with the required staff to perform the functions assigned to the SEC provision, according to Article 243. (1). 
♦ The states, according to the Constitution, are responsible for creating local self-government institutions (entry 5, List II, Schedule 7). 



Appropriation Bill Gets The Nod Of Lok Sabha:

The Appropriation Bill has been authorised by the Lok Sabha, enabling the central government to withdraw funds from the Consolidated Fund of India for its business needs and programme implementation. Speaker Om Birla signed the bill by using the guillotine, a legislative instrument that allows for the swift approval of pending grant requests without debate. 
About Appropriation Bill: 
♦ The Appropriation Bill is a bill that authorises the government to withdraw funds from the Consolidated Fund of India to cover its expenditures during a fiscal year. 
♦ The government can only remove funds from the pooled fund if Parliament supports it, according to Article 114 of the Constitution. 
♦ Simply put, the "Finance Bill" specifies the amount and intent of withdrawals, while the "Appropriation Bill" specifies the amount and purpose of withdrawals.
Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project National Project Status:
Rajasthan`s Chief Minister has asked that the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project (ERCP) be designated as a national project. The primary benefit of a project that has been designated as a national project is that the federal government will fund 90 percent of the project`s costs. The cost of ERCP is expected to be around Rs. 40 billion. 
About the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project: 
♦ Its goal is to collect excess water from rivers in southern Rajasthan during the rainy season, such as the Chambal River and its tributaries (including Kunnu, Parvati, and Kalishinde), and use it in the southeastern part of the state, where water is scarce for drinking and irrigation. 
♦ By 2051, ERCP expects to be able to meet the demand for drinking water as well as industrial water for humans and livestock in southern and southeastern Rajasthan. 
♦ It is suggested that 26 large and medium-sized projects provide drinking water to 13 districts in Rajasthan, as well as irrigation water for 280,000 hectares of land. 
♦ The 13 districts are Kota, Baran, Tonk, Jaipur, Bundi, Sawai Madhopur, Ajmer, Jhalawar, Karauli, Alwar, Bharatpur, Dausa, and Dholpur. 

International Current Affairs March 3rd Week 2021

Somalia To Organize Elections UN:

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has requested the Somali government to hold elections on March 12, 2021, as soon as possible. The UN Security Council made this request in a resolution that highlighted Al-Shabaab and other armed opposition groups as a serious threat to Somalia`s security. 
♦ The African Union has been approved by the United Nations Security Council to maintain a large force of approximately 20,000 people in Somalia until the end of 2020. The goal is to reduce the threat of terrorist groups while also ensuring federalism, autonomy, solidarity, and stability. Somalia is a country in Africa.  
♦ The resolution`s aim is to hand security over to Somali authorities so that they can take the lead in 2021 and assume full responsibility by 2023. The UN Security Council resolution also emphasised the importance of building capacity among Somali forces and agencies, as well as AU forces. 
♦ Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed) was under the pressure after failing to hold scheduled elections in February 2021, and the resolution was passed. The referendum did not take place because there was no consensus on how to vote. Muhammad has also been accused of delaying the election because he is seeking re-election to a second four-year term. 
♦ Somalia is located in Africa`s Horn of Africa. The nation is bordered on the west by Ethiopia, on the northwest by Djibouti, on the north by the Gulf of Aden, on the east by the Indian Ocean, and on the southwest by Kenya. Somalia has the world`s longest coastline. The nation has a population of 15 million people and is Africa`s most culturally united country. Somalis make up 85 percent of the population. The official languages of Somalia include Somali and Arabic.

Dispute Between Kenya and Somalia:

Kenya has refused to take its maritime border dispute with Somalia to the International Court of Justice. 
♦ The crucial issue of contention between the two countries is the direction in which their Indian Ocean maritime border should be extended. 
Somalia’s position: 
♦ The maritime frontier should run parallel to the land border, all the way to the Indian Ocean (ie, southeast). 
Kenya`s position:
♦ The equator should be parallel to the coastal frontier. 
The importance of the disputed area: 
♦ The conflict has resulted in a triangle with a surface area of approximately 160,000 square kilometres. It`s a big place with a lot of marine protected areas. It is also thought to contain oil and natural gas reserves.
International Court of Justice: 
♦ In 1945, the United Nations Charter created the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which began operations in April 1946. It is the United Nations` primary judicial organ, and it is housed in The Hague`s Peace Palace (Netherlands). It settles legal disputes between countries and offers legal advice on matters referred to it by UN-accredited agencies and specialized agencies in accordance with international law. Although the courts have no enforcement power and well-known countries ignore their rulings, their rulings are binding.
India-Brazil-South Africa Dialogue Forum (IBSA) Was Held:
The Women`s Forum of the India-Brazil-South Africa Dialogue Forum (IBSA) was held. 
About IBSA: 
♦ In June 2003, the India-Brazil-South Africa Dialogue Forum was formed as a cooperation mechanism between three developing countries, three multi-ethnic and multi-cultural democracies.  
Its determination is: 
♦ Assist in the design of new international frameworks 
♦ They will speak out about global issues. 
♦ Intensify their relations in a number of areas. 
♦ The "Declaration of Brasilia" of 2003 formally announced the founding of IBSA, citing India, Brazil, and South Africa`s democratic credentials, their status as developing countries, and their willingness to operate on a global scale. This is the primary reason why these three countries are connected. 
♦ Participatory democracy, respect for human rights, and the rule of law are the fundamental ideals, norms, and values of the IBSA (India-Brazil-South Africa Dialogue Forum). 
♦ To retain a flexible and transparent structure, the Forum does not have a permanent headquarters or executive secretariat. 
♦ It holds Summits of Heads of State or Government at the highest level. 
IBSA`s activities are divided into four tracks: 
♦ Political coordination

Economy Current Affairs March 2nd Week 2021

Xcelerator Bengaluru Initiative unveiled in Bengaluru:

Karnataka has launched the "Xcelerator Bangalore Initiative" to support women-owned micro-enterprises. 
♦ On March 8, 2021, the state submitted its budget for the year 2021-2021, which included 371.88 billion rupees for women`s services. Similarly, the government has taken steps to promote small-scale or micro-entrepreneurs, workers, professional women, and rural self-help groups, such as the well-known "Promotion of Women" scheme.
♦ "Xcelerator Bangalore" is a six-month accelerator programme that has been meticulously developed. It aims to provide assistance to women in order to help them grow their microbusinesses. The UBUNTU Association of Women Entrepreneurs Consortium, the Global Alliance of Large Entrepreneurs (GAME), and the Karnataka Federation of Industry and Commerce are collaborating on this initiative (FKCCI).
♦ Xcelerator Bangalore aims to connect and develop 50,000 women-led businesses. It was co-designed and co-created with the Women Entrepreneur Development Organization`s professionals, successful entrepreneurs, and academics. It was created and implemented in collaboration with the Karnataka Association of Women Entrepreneurs (AWAKE), which has a 37-year history and is dedicated to empowering women.
About Karnataka Federation of Industry and Commerce (FKCCI): 
♦ On May 8, 1916, Sir Bharat Ratna Sir M. Visvesvaraya, an engineering genius and politician, established the Mysore Chamber of Commerce. Great institution builders and visionaries. Until 1920, Ross was the first chairman of the Chamber of Commerce. The Karnataka Federation of Industry and Trade was later called the chamber of commerce (FKCCI). It is the highest level of trade organisation.

Sports Current Affairs March 2nd Week 2021

Wrestler Bajrang Punia Regains Top Position:

Bajrang Punia, an Indian wrestler, has reclaimed the world No.1 spot. He won the ranking after capturing the gold medal in the Matteo Pellicone Ranking Series for the second time in a row.
♦ The wrestler beat Mongolia`s Tulga Tumur Ochir 2-2 in the 65kg freestyle final held in Rome on March 7, 2021. In the final 30 seconds, he scored. 
♦ The game was won with a score of 2 points. This is Bajrang Punia`s first international match since Covid-19 broke out.
♦ Before the start of the Matteo Pellicone rankings, wrestler Bajrang Punia was ranked second in the world. His win in the competition helped him retake first place in the 65 kg weight division.
♦ His total points now stand at 14. He made full use of the game prior to the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.
♦ In the 2020 final, the wrestler beat Jordan Oliver of the United States.
♦ He won the gold medal in this game. He had already reserved his place for the Tokyo Olympics in September 2019 after winning a bronze medal at the World Championships.
Tokyo Olympics: 
♦ The Tokyo Olympics was the official name for the 2020 Summer Olympics.
♦ It was expected to take place from July 23 to August 8, 2021. The event will take place in Tokyo, Japan.
♦ It was initially expected to take place from July 24 to August 9, 2020, but the first time was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
♦ The games are now known as "Tokyo 2020," and the game has been rescheduled for 2021 for publicity and branding purposes.

Schemes Current Affairs March 2nd Week 2021

Schemes of WCD Ministry- Umbrella Schemes

All of the Ministry of Women and Child Development`s major schemes, namely Mission Poshan 2.0, Mission Vatsalya, and Mission Shakti, are listed as "3 Umbrella Schemes."
Mission Poshan 2.0: 
♦ To launch Mission POSHAN 2.0, the government is integrating the Supplementary Nutrition Program with the Poshan Abhiyan.
♦ Umbrella ICDS – Anganwadi Service, Poshan Abhiyan, Scheme for Adolescent Girls, National Creche Scheme Mission Shakti will all be part of this.
♦ Schemes and strategies to empower and protect women will be included.
♦ A One-Stop Centre, Mahila Police Volunteers, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Women`s Service Helpline, and Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana will all be part of the initiative. Vatsalya Mission
♦ Will study national child care and security programmes.

Memorandum of Understanding Current Affairs March 2nd Week 2021

MoU signed for Sub-Mission on Agroforestry (SMAF) Scheme:

Under the current Sub-Mission on Agroforestry (SMAF) Scheme, a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare and the Central Silk Board aims to develop a model for the integration of agriculture and forestry in the silk sector.
♦ The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding aims to enable farmers to follow a sericulture-based agro-forestry model, thereby contributing to the development of Indian manufacturing and the Prime Minister`s global vision. 
♦ This link will give agriculture and forestry a new dimension, allowing growers to earn higher returns and supporting the development of India`s popular silk series. 
♦ The production of agroforestry in the silk industry will be promoted by the Central Silk Board. 
About Sub-Mission on Agroforestry (SMAF): 
♦ The programme has been in place since 2016-16 and is based on guidelines from the 2014 National Agroforestry Policy. 
♦ In 20 states and two UTs, the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation, and Farmer Welfare is implementing the programme.
♦ The National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture is in charge of this sub-mission (NMSA).
♦ SMAF aims to encourage farmers to plant multi-purpose trees together with agricultural crops for: 
♦ Climate resilience 
♦ Additional source of income to the farmers 
♦ Enhanced raw materials for the wood and herbal medicine industry 
♦ As a result, in addition to long-term wood species usage, a concerted effort to include medicinal, fruit, fodder, tree-borne oil seeds, lac host, and other uses is needed.
♦ Mulberry, Asan, Arjuna, Som, Soalu, Kesseru, BadaKesseru, Phanat, and other sericulture host plants will be planted as block plantations and farmland boundaries or surrounding plantations.

International Current Affairs March 2nd Week 2021

China Gives Green Light For First Downstream Dams On Brahmaputra:

The first dam to be constructed on the lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo river, as the Brahmaputra was known in Tibet before it flowed into India, was given the green light in China`s new Five-Year Plan (FYP) 2021-2025 draught. 
♦ The development of hydropower bases downstream of the river is one of the priority energy projects to be carried out in the next five years, according to the draught outline of the "2025 Five-Year Plan" and the draught long-term target by 2035. 
♦ The part of the Tibetan river that flows into India is referred to as downstream. 
♦ These projects` inclusion in the draught plan means that the authorities have given their approval for the first phase of excavation downstream. 
♦ This is the start of a new era in river hydropower production. 
♦ Other big projects include the construction of nuclear power plants along the coast and power transmission lines. 
♦ All of the documents are complete and ready for formal approval.
Defence Acquisition Councils Plans-US:
Under Project-75I, the Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) will seek multibillion-dollar deals with the United States for armed drones and advanced submarines.
♦ India has been trying to buy 30 armed drones from the US, each serving ten people, but the process has been repeatedly postponed in recent years.
♦ Despite the Navy`s urgent need for High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) drones, the Army and Air Force remain sceptical of the platform`s utility due to its high cost.
♦ The Navy has launched two unarmed MQ-9B Sea Guardian drones that were purchased from the US.
♦ The 75I-class submarine is the Indian Navy`s successor to the 75-class Kalvari-class submarine.
♦ The Defense Procurement Procedure`s Strategic Partnership (SP) model is being used to process this project.
♦ This project was approved by the Cabinet Committee on Security in 1999 as part of a 30-year plan to develop indigenous submarines.
About Defence Acquisition Council: 
♦ The Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) is the Ministry of Defense`s highest decision-making body, in charge of formulating new strategies and capital acquisitions for the three services (Army, Navy, and Air Force) as well as the Indian Coast Guard.
♦ The Minister of Defence  is the chairman of the Defense Acquisition Council.
♦ It was formed in 2001, following the recommendations of the Group of Ministers on "National Security System Reform," i.e., after the Kargil War (1999).

Science & Technology Current Affairs March 2nd Week 2021

Google Launched Women Will Web Platform:

On March 8, 2021, Google unveiled a new online platform called "Women`s Will" in honour of "International Women`s Day." Under the platform`s acceleration programmes, business coaching, and advice, 1 million rural women in India will be able to become entrepreneurs. 
♦ The portal is available in both English and Hindi. It will offer advice to aspiring rural women, allowing them to turn their hobbies or interests (such as beauty services, tailoring, home tuition, food processing, and so on) into a company. It will also serve as a guide for business management and promotion. In the beginning, Google will collaborate with 2,000 Internet Saathis to assist women transform into entrepreneurs. 
♦ In 2015, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai launched the Internet Saathis project to provide digital literacy training to women in various villages.

National Current Affairs March 2nd Week 2021

Smugglers of Red Sanders Was Arrested:

An foreign Red Sanders smuggler from Chennai was apprehended by the Kadapa police, who confiscated logs worth Rs 1 crore. 
Red Sanders: 
♦ The rich tones and healing properties of Red Sanders (Pterocarpus santalinus) are well-known.  
♦ Several areas of Andhra Pradesh, as well as parts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, are home to the tree. Red sand grinders were prohibited from being exported in 2004 after being listed in Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.  
♦ However, the General Administration of Foreign Trade (DGFT) revised its export policy in 2019 to allow red sand mills to be exported (if obtained from cultivated land). The soil is red, and the climate is hot and dry, so Red Sanders grow on stony, eroded, and fallow land.  
♦ It is listed on the Red List by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as a near-threatened species.
NRI Quota Seats For OCI Cardholders In Educational Institutions:
OCI (Overseas Indian Citizens) cardholders can demand "only NRI quota seats" in educational institutions based on tests like NEET and JEE, according to a recent notice published in the Gazette (Mains and Advanced). Ministry of Home Affairs is the name of the department within the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)
♦ OCI has no right to engage in "missionary, mountaineering, journalism, or entertainment practises" without the permission of the Indian government.
♦ The three previous notifications that did not indicate the special permits needed for these activities have been replaced by this one.

Mandatory Provision of Airbags:

Airbags must be issued for passengers seated in the front seats of the vehicle in front of the driver, according to a Gazette notice. Ministry of Public Transportation and Highways.
♦ Airbags must be installed in vehicles produced on or after April 1, 2021 (new model) and August 31, 2021 (existing model).
♦ This safety feature is based on the Supreme Court`s Road Safety Committee`s recommendations.
♦ All current models in the M1 category are expected to have no more than eight passenger seats, with the exception of the driver`s seat.
About Airbags:
♦ The airbag can deploy in the event of a crash, serving as a protective cushion between the rider and the dashboard.
♦ The front airbag is built to inflate in a moderate to extreme frontal collision to keep the person`s head and chest from colliding with the vehicle`s rigid structure.

Environment Current Affairs March 2nd Week 2021

Night Safari Introduced in Madhya Pradesh:

On March 4, 2021, Madhya Pradesh will begin offering night safari tours in three national parks. 
♦ Wildlife lovers will now encounter magnificent animals at night thanks to the launch of night safaris in Madhya Pradesh`s three national parks. 
♦ Bandhavgarh National Park, Kanha National Park, and Pench National Park are the three parks.  
♦ Day trips are usually taken during the day because visitors feel better during this period. However, visitors who went on a day trip missed out on seeing nocturnal animals in their natural habitat.  
♦ As a result, the state now hopes to organise regulated hunting activities. The safari park`s route will be decided by the government. They`ll make certain that neither the animals nor the visitors are hurt.  
♦ Night Safari reservations can be made through the Wildlife Safari Reservation portal. The State Forestry Department manages the portal. 
Bandhavgarh National Park: 
The Umaria district is home to this national park (Madhya Pradesh). The park is 105 square kilometres in size. In 1968, the Bandhavgarh park was designated as a national park. In 1993, it was declared as a tiger reserve. The central region currently occupies 716 square kilometres. Bandhavgarh has the highest tiger population density in the world, with 8 tigers per square kilometre. The park is also known as Panch National Park  
Pench National Park: 
In 1975, Madhya Pradesh developed this national park. It covers a total area of 257.26 square kilometres. The park`s name is derived from the Pench River. In 1965, the park was declared a sanctuary, then a national park in 1975, and finally a tiger reserve in 1992. Between 5.30 and 8.30 p.m., the park will perform night hunting. Animals such as jack wolves, wild boars, and nocturnal birds can be seen by visitors. 
Kanha National Park: 
Safari events can take place in this park between 7:30 and 10:30 p.m. Visitors can see the park, which is the seat of Barasingha (Barasingha), during night tours. This park, also known as Kanha–Kisli National Park, is Madhya Pradesh`s largest national park.

Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary- Olive Ridley:

The Orissa State High Court sent a three-person team to the Gahirmatha Marine Reserve to evaluate the steps in place to protect the endangered olive ridley sea turtles. 
♦ According to a study published in the Environmental Journal, 800 olive ridley turtles have died as a result of the Forest and Fisheries Department`s negligence since January. 
♦ Thousands of olive ridley turtles construct massive nests on the Orissa Sea`s coast every year. 
♦ The world`s largest nesting site for these turtles is Gahirmatha beach in Odisha, which is located off the coast of the Bay of Bengal.

Olive Ridley Turtles Arrive At Gahirmatha Beach:

Female Olive Ridley tortoises have started to migrate to Gahirmatha beach in Odisha`s Kendrapara district. The "arribada" phenomenon occurs when they arrive at the beach to lay eggs.
♦ The word "arribada" refers to the special natural heritage of these marine species that congregate on nesting grounds to lay eggs. On March 10, 2021, the Gahirmatha nesting site`s Nasi-2 beach will host the annual large-scale nesting of marine species.Approximately 2,000 turtles hatched their eggs on the field. The huge nesting process is expected to take at least ten days. Approximately 7.3 million Olive Ridley turtles will congregate for large-scale nesting in 2019-2020.
Gahirmatha Beach: 
♦ This is a beach in the state of Orissa. It separates the mangrove forest of Bhitarkanika from the Bay of Bengal. This beach is home to the world`s most important olive turtle nesting beach. The Gahirmatha Marine Wildlife Sanctuary includes this beach.
Olive Ridley Sea Turtle: 
♦ The tortoise`s scientific name is Lepidochelys olivacea. The Pacific Ridley Sea Turtle is another name for this turtle. The Cheloniidae family includes tortoises. It is the world`s second tiniest recognised animal. This species is also the most common sea turtle on the planet. Warm tropical waters, especially in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, are home to this species. This turtle can also be found in the Atlantic Ocean`s warm waters. Olive Ridley and Kemp`s Ridley tortoises are known for their arribadas, which are large-scale nesting sites.
Ridley turtles in Kemp: 
♦ The Atlantic Ridley Sea Turtle is another name for it. Turtles are the rarest and most endangered sea turtle species on the planet. 

Important Days Current Affairs March 2nd Week 2021

International Day of Women is on 8th March:

International Women`s Day (March 8) is a worldwide remembrance of women`s social, economic, cultural, and political accomplishments. This day also served as a rallying cry for greater gender equality. 
♦ For more than a century, International Women`s Day (IWD) has been observed. One million people from Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland attended the first International Women`s Day celebration in 1911. 
♦ This was previously known as "National Women`s Day," which was established by the United States on February 28, 1909. This is because the labour movement started in New York City in 1908, when 15,000 female workers went on strike to protest unfair working conditions.  
♦ National Women`s Day was not recognised as International Women`s Day until 1910, after German women`s rights activist Clara Zetkin made proposals at an international conference. 
♦ Since women in Soviet Russia gained the right to vote on this day in 1917, March 8 was proclaimed a national holiday. The United Nations General Assembly has called on member states to declare March 8 as UN Women`s Rights and World Peace Day in 1977.
Theme 2021: 
♦ Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.

National Gestational Diabetes Awareness Day is on 10th March:

March 10 was designated as the "National Gestational Diabetes Awareness Day." On March 10, 2019, India celebrated the world`s first National Gestational Diabetes Awareness Day.
♦ The day`s goal is to raise national awareness about the connection between maternal health and diabetes, as well as to invite pregnant women to free screenings at hospitals and clinics. 
♦ The commemoration was first proposed in 2016, when more than 300 representatives from South Asian countries signed the Colombo Declaration. 
♦ The National Health Mission of India is the first government ministry to declare this day a national holiday. 
♦ Trainings for healthcare workers, news conferences, awareness-raising events, workshops for women`s organisations, and comprehensive screenings were all held to commemorate the day. 
♦ Dr. V Seshiah, a diabetes specialist, was born on March 10th, and his birthday was chosen. He has made important contributions to gestational diabetes science, strategy, and implementation. 
About Gestational Diabetes: 
♦ Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT) that starts or is first recognised during pregnancy is known as Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM). 
♦ Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy is another name for GDM (HIP). Gestational diabetes is a disorder that causes blood sugar levels to increase during pregnancy. 
♦ Thirty percent of the 3 million women with GDM go on to develop type 2 diabetes within five to ten years of giving birth, further increasing the number of diabetics in the world. 
♦ India’s GDM rate is 26.3%, the highest in the world.

National Current Affairs March 1st Week 2021

Lok Shaba TV and Rajya Shaba TV Sansad TV:

Sansad TV – Lok Shaba TV and Rajya Shaba TV The Indian Parliament has combined two television channels, Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV, into a single channel known as Sansad TV. 
♦ Live TV shows in Hindi and English, as well as news and current affairs programmes, will continue to be shown on this new channel. The Rajya Sabha TV station is located near Talkatora Stadium on leased public land. 
♦ This agency will now merge with the infrastructure of Lok Sabha TV to form a new organisation. Former textile minister Ravi Kapoor (Ravi Kapoor) has been appointed as the CEO of Sansad Television for a one-year term.
♦ In 2019, a committee of experts headed by Prasar Bharati CEO Surya Prakash suggested combining the two organisations. 
♦ Sansad TV will be made up of two outlets or channels that will ensure that the two hospitals` live broadcasts operate smoothly. The channel will have two options during the parliament`s adjournment: run the current affairs channel in English and Hindi, or close one channel and show the programme on the other. In a small bungalow, the new channel will set up shop on Mahadev Road. 
♦ Consolidation of companies would be a substantial cost-cutting step. Rajya Sabha Television Company will pay 10-12 crore in rent for offices and studios on Talkatora Road as part of the merger.

Environment Current Affairs March 1st Week 2021

Study on Snow Leopard in Himachal Pradesh:

According to a new study based on scientific enumeration of this enigmatic species, up to 73 snow leopards (Panthera uncia) could be hiding in the Himalayan highlands. 
Conservation of Snow Leopard: 
♦ Through the Project Snow Leopard, India has been protecting snow leopards and their habitats (PSL). The Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection (GSLEP) programme has included India since 2013. To secure,
India has identified three major landscapes:
Hemis-Spiti in Ladakh and the Himalayas; Nanda Devi-Gangotri in Uttarakhand; and Khangchendzonga-Tawang, which straddles the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. 
♦ The Snow Leopard Project (PSL) was founded in 2009 to encourage an inclusive and participatory approach to snow leopard conservation and habitat security. Snow leopards have been added to the list of 21 critically endangered species by the Ministry of Wildlife, Forests, and Climate Change`s conservation plan. 
♦ In the five states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himalayas, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh, snow leopards live in the high landforms of the Himalayas and trans-Himalayas. Snow leopard habitat covers the bulk of Lahaul-Spiti and Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh. Its possible habitat also includes Shimla, Kuru, Camba, and Kangra`s upper reaches. The bulk of these areas are in remote regions, and winter also limits accessibility challenges. 
IUCN Status: Vulnerable

Economy Current Affairs March 1st Week 2021

Union Signs $304 million Pact With AIIB for Power Transmission Network:

The Central Government and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) have agreed to invest $304 million in Assam`s power transmission network. The money will go toward the "Assam Intra-State Transmission System Enhancement Project," which aims to improve the state`s power transmission network`s reliability, capability, and safety. 
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: 
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is a multilateral development bank headquartered in Singapore. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank`s mission is to enhance social and economic results in Asia and beyond. Members of the World Bank are among the 57 founding members of the agreement. Beijing is home to the organization`s headquarters. It first opened its doors in January of 2016.

Sports Current Affairs March 1st Week 2021

Odisha to Host Indian Womens League Football:

Odisha will host the Indian Women`s League, according to the All India Football Federation (IWL). The date, however, will be released at a later time. 


♦ Indian football has been attempting to revive field sports in the ongoing Covid-19 event. The game begins with the qualifiers for the I-League. The Indian Super League (ISL) and the I League are the next two leagues. The two divisions, the ISL and the I-League, are currently in play.

♦ Indian women`s football has gotten a lot of attention on the international stage in recent years. On December 1, 2021, the Indian senior team will convene in Goa for a two-month training camp. They`ll also face Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine in three games in Turkey.

♦ The Indian Women`s League is India`s top women`s professional football league. The league`s first meeting was held in Cuttack in October 2016. The All India Football Federation is in charge of organising the game (AIFF). Many young football players use the game as a forum to show off their skills. It also offers them the chance to pursue a football career.

♦ The Indian Football Association is governed by the All India Football Federation (AIFF), which is the country`s governing body. It is affiliated with the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF). It was founded in 1937. The Asian Football Federation, which governs Asian football, is also a founding member of the AIFF. All professional football matches and competitions, such as the Indian Super League, Super Cup, and I League, are licenced and governed by the governing body. In cooperation with the state government, it also organises local football matches. It also oversees the Indian national football team, the Indian women`s football team, and other other youth teams.

Vinesh Phogat Won Gold in Ukraine Wrestling Event:

Vinesh Phogat of India captured the women`s 53kg gold medal. In Kiev, Ukraine, she was awarded a medal at the 24th Ukrainian Outstanding Wrestler and Coach Memorial. 
♦ As a result, Indian wrestler Vinesh Phogat won the final against Vanesa Kaladzinskaya of Belarus, who is ranked seventh in the world. This is a gold medal competition.  
♦ She won for the first time in a match after winning a wrestling match and after the lockdown implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic. The 26-year-old wrestler will now return to action in the season`s first bout, which will take place in Rome from March 4 to July 7, 2021. 
♦ The Asian Games and Commonwealth Games gold medalist advanced to the final by beating Romania`s Ana A in the semifinals. With a height of 53 kg, the wrestler recently won her place in the Tokyo Olympics. She is the only female wrestler from India who has qualified for the Tokyo Olympics.
♦ The Summer Olympics in 2020 are also known as the Tokyo Olympics. This is an upcoming international multisport festival that will take place from July 23 to August 8, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. The plan was expected to take effect from July 24 to August 9, 2020. The proposal was delayed in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And if it is postponed to 2021, the case would be known as "Tokyo 2020." For the first time, the Olympic Games is delayed and rescheduled rather than being cancelled. 
♦ Summer and winter sports competitions are the most common international sporting events. Thousands of athletes from all over the world competed in a number of sports in the end. With over 200 countries/regions competing, these games are considered the most important sporting competitions in the world. The Summer Olympics are held every four years, while the Winter Olympics are held every four years and every four years.

Awards Current Affairs March 1st Week 2021

Highlights of Golden Global Awards:
The 78th Golden Globe Awards will take place in both virtual and physical formats on February 28, 2021. 
Los Angeles and New York City were used to film the award ceremony. As a consequence, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey co-hosted the award show for the fourth time.  
  • Virtually, all of the award winners accepted their prizes. They also delivered a televised acceptance speech. This year`s Golden Globe Awards were the first big television broadcast award during the current Covid-19 pandemic.  
  • The award ceremony has also been rescheduled from its January date. With 42 nominations, Netflix has the most this year.  
  • There are 22 nominations in the film category, including two for best picture (drama). "Mank" and "The Trial of the Chicago 7," both Netflix films, were nominated for Best Picture (Drama). Twenty Netflix shows were nominated in the TV show category, with "The Crown" and "Schitt`s Creek" being the most successful. 
  • Nomadland won the award for best film and drama, and Nomadland director Chloe Zhao won the award for best director. Barbra Streisand became just the second woman to receive the award when she won it in 1984.
  • For his role as Levee Green in the film "Marini`s Black History," the late American actor Chadwick Boseman earned the Best Action Award.

Important Days Current Affairs March 1st Week 2021

World Defence Day is on 1st March:

On March 1, 2021, World Defense Day will be observed. The aim of this day is to raise public awareness about natural and technical disasters, as well as emergency services. 
The International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO) Congress founded World Civil Defense Day in 1990. It marks the anniversary of the ICDO Constitution coming into effect as an intergovernmental body in 1972. The French surgeon George Saint-Paul founded the ICDO in Paris in 1931. In June 1935, the French Parliament recognised it, and in 1972, it obtained official recognition. an intergovernmental organization`s standing The Constitution of the ICDO serves two purposes. Its mission is to raise public awareness about the crucial importance of citizen safety around the world, as well as to raise people`s awareness about self-protection plans and preventive measures that should be taken in the event of an accident or disaster, and I would like to express my warmest congratulations.The efforts and sacrifices of national institutions in charge of disaster relief.
Zero Discrimination Day is on 1st March:
The 2021 Zero Discrimination Day will be observed worldwide on March 1, 2021, to address discrimination and injustice faced by women and children.  
♦ The goal of the day is to raise awareness and action in groups to protect women`s rights, eradicate discriminatory norms, and promote women`s empowerment and gender equality. 
♦ The United Nations celebrated the first "Zero Discrimination Day" on March 1, 2014, after the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) initiated the "Zero Discrimination Movement" on World AIDS Day in December 2013. 
♦ The aim of Zero Discrimination Day is to respect everyone`s right to a complete and productive life in a dignified manner. The goal of this day is to promote global unity in the battle against discrimination of all forms. Discrimination against women must be removed, according to UNAIDS, in order to tackle HIV/AIDS.



Womens History Month 2021 March:

Women`s History Month will begin on March 1, 2021, on the first day of the month. This month is particularly important because, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, all women`s suffrage centennial celebrations will be shortened or cancelled in 2020.
♦ Every year, Women`s History Month (Women`s History Month) is observed to celebrate the achievements of women throughout history and in modern society. In March, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia observe the month, which also coincides with International Women`s Day on March 8.
♦ In 1978, the two countries initiated commemorative events. The commemoration started in California`s Sonoma County. Then Gerda Lerner took up the cause.
♦ The Covid-19 pandemic is predicted to spread by 2020. In the midst of the pandemic, women face a range of inequalities, ranging from wage disparities to family threats. 
♦ Gender-based violence affects one out of every three women at some point in their lives, according to estimates. As a result, it is expected that this month will concentrate on advocating for, protecting, and helping women. This month`s theme is "Celebrating Women." 
♦ International Women`s Day is celebrated on March 8th all over the world. The focus of the women`s rights movement is on this day. Following the American Socialist Party`s celebration of Women`s Day in New York City in 1909, the German delegate suggested a Separate Women`s Day. In 1917, women in Soviet Russia were given the right to vote. As a result, March 8 becomes a national holiday in that region. Later, in 1977, the United Nations began to celebrate this day.  

Science & Technology Current Affairs March 1st Week 2021

Launch of PSLV-C51 and Amazonia-1 Mission:

On February 27, 2021, the Indian Space Research Organization`s (PSV-C 51) or Amazonia-1 mission will be launched. At 8:54 a.m., the countdown will begin. On February 28, 2021, the project was finally launched successfully. 
♦ The Satish Dhawan Space Center (SDSC) in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, is scheduled to launch PSLV-C51.  
♦ On February 28, 2021, at 10:24 p.m., it will be launched from the Space Center. ISRO`s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle is on its 53rd flight.  
♦ The PSLV-C51 rocket will carry the Brazilian satellite Amazonia-1 as the primary satellite in this launch.  
♦ ISRO vehicles can also carry 19 passenger satellites in addition to Brazilian satellites. The weather in the city on February 28, 2021, will, however, affect this launch. 
♦ This is also ISRO`s commercial node organisation "New Space India Limited (NSIL)" first specialised commercial mission.
♦ This mission is being carried out by NSIL under a commercial agreement with Spaceflight Inc. Spaceflight Inc. is a satellite carpooling and task management service provider. It is situated in Seattle, Washington, United States of America. NSIL will send 14 of the 18 passenger satellites. 
♦ Amazonia-1 is being launched by the Brazilian National Institute of Space Research. The satellite is an earth observation satellite that uses optical technology. The satellite would attempt to strengthen the current structure. It will also share data from remote sensing to monitor deforestation in Brazil`s Amazon. Furthermore, the satellite will provide data on diversified agriculture throughout Brazil. 
♦ The PSLV will transport four passengers from the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center, a node department (IN-SPACe). IN-SPACe is a non-profit organisation under the Ministry of Space. It gives the private sector access to space activities.

Russia Launched 1st Arctic-monitoring Satellite:

Russia has launched the first satellite to track the Arctic. Roscosmos, Russia`s space agency, has successfully launched the first Arctic monitoring satellite, which will track the region`s climate and atmosphere.
♦ The Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket, which also carries the Arktika-M satellite, was launched by the space agency. On February 28, 2021, the rocket was detonated at Kazakhstan`s Baikonur International Space Airport.
♦ It is important to build such a satellite system in a highly elliptical orbit to collect information in order to solve operational meteorological and hydrological problems.  
♦ The satellite will also keep an eye on the Arctic`s climate and atmosphere. It will also have continuous monitoring of Russia`s northern territories around the clock.  
♦ Every 15 to 30 minutes, the Arktika-M satellite will give an overview image of the Earth`s Arctic and neighbouring regions.
♦ This satellite is part of a Russian initiative to launch a series of remote sensing and emergency communications satellites. The satellite has a 12-hour orbit that is strongly elliptical. A constellation of two Arktika-M satellites was also developed to keep an eye on the earth`s high latitudes. The Lavochkin Elektro-L weather satellite will serve as the basis for the satellite. MSU-GSM multi-spectral imagers and transmitters for weather and rescue systems are among the satellite`s payload. The satellite`s first launch was set for 2013, but it has been postponed until 2021. 
Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities (Roscosmos): 
♦ It is a Russian Federation state-owned corporation involved in space exploration, aerospace research, and space programmes. After the Soviet Union fell apart in 1991, Roscosmos emerged. It was established in 1992 under the name Russian Space Agency. Moscow is the headquarters of Roscosmos. Its main mission control centre is in Korolyov, which is close by.