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National Current Affairs January 2nd Week 2021

Urban Local Bodies Reforms In India:

Telangana becomes the 3rd State to finish the Urban Local Bodies reforms.
♦ Telangana has become the third state in India to successfully introduce the reform of the "Urban Local Bodies (ULB)" mandated by the Ministry of Finance and the Expenditure Department.
♦ The State is therefore entitled, through Open Market Borrowings, to mobilise additional financial capital of Rs 25.08 crore.
♦ Two other states, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, which have completed this reform, have now joined Telangana.
♦ The aim of the reform of urban municipal institutions and of the reform of urban public utilities is to improve each state`s urban public finances so that public health and health services can be provided better. Ultralight organisations that have experienced economic revival will also be able to create strong infrastructure for citizenship.
Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav Drive in Goa:
Cleanliness activities are managed in Ibrampur, Veling and Parra villages in Goa under the ICAR`s `Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav` initiative.
♦ The drive “Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav” was launched in 2015.
♦ This is the flagship programme of the Prime Minister of India.
♦ Objective: Provide the required information, knowledge and advice to farmers through adoption villages on a daily basis.
♦ Aim: To link the direct interface of scientists with farmers in order to speed up the process of landing in the laboratory.
♦ The drive, which is an independent body responsible for organising agricultural education and science, is implemented by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research-ICAR.
♦ ICAR reports to the Ministry of Agriculture`s Department of Agricultural Research & Education.

Digital Calendar & Diary of state of India:

The Digital Calendar and Diary of the State of India were launched by the Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting.
♦ On Google Play and iOS App Store, Digital Calendar & Diary of the State of India are available as free smartphone apps.
♦ They are available in Hindi and English, and 11 regional languages will soon be available.
♦ The app listed was created by the Outreach and Communication Bureau of the Ministry of Data and Broadcasting, along with the NIC (National Informatics Centre).
♦ The app will provide:
♦ The timeline for the launch of India`s diverse government programs so far.
♦ The latest data on the various projects, activities, and publications of GOI.
♦ Official holidays & other important dates.
♦ Inspirational & motivational messages from our nation`s great personalities.
♦ With the most sophisticated protection & privacy controls, the supply of digital notes can be stored.
♦ Provision for meeting preparation and the setting up reminders for important activities and events.
♦ In the future, the visually-handicapped people also can use this app.
NIXI Provides Free Domain in Local Indian Languages:
A free IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) is given by NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India) which contains any of the 22 preferred official Indian languages and each IN name reserved by the registrant. Free local language emails will also be sent by applicants. In order to stimulate the adoption of International (IDN) Domain Names and increase local language content, this offer was made.
NIXI can be a non-profit company pursuant to Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013, enacted in 2003. To shape peer-to-peer ISPs (Internet Service Providers) with each other, NIXI was created. The goal is to redirect domestic domestic traffic, not to thank the United States/abroad for it all. this protects international bandwidth, thereby improving service quality (reducing latency) and reducing ISP bandwidth costs.

National Current Affairs January 2nd Week 2021

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