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International Current Affairs November 3rd Week 2020

Railway Line to Connect China and Tibet:

China has begun to build a strategic railway line (this is the second major railway line to Tibet) that will connect Sichuan Province in southwest China with Linzhi, Tibet, near the border of Arunachal Pradesh in India. Linzhi (also known as Nyingchi) is located near the border of Arunachal Pradesh.
♦ The India-China border dispute involves a 3,488-kilometer line of actual control, which is the actual border between the two countries. China claims that Arunachal Pradesh is a part of southern Tibet, but India firmly rejected it.
♦ Just like the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Line (which connected Lhasa (the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR)) to the mainland in 2006), this will be the second route to connect the Tibet Autonomous Region with the mainland.
♦ The Sichuan-Tibet Railway departs from Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, and enters Tibet via Qamdo, shortening the journey from Chengdu to Lhasa from 48 hours to 13 hours.
♦ When there is a crisis on the border, the railway can act as a "fast track" for the transportation of strategic materials.
♦ Since this railway runs near the southwest border of China, it will greatly improve the efficiency and convenience of military personnel and material transportation and logical materials.

Tristan Da Cunha Declared Marine Reserves In The Atlantic Ocean:

Tristan da Cunha was declared the largest fully protected marine protected area in the Atlantic Ocean.
Tristan da Cunha: 
It is also home to the most remote human settlement in the world. This is also an isolated British Overseas Territory. It is a remote volcanic island group in the South Atlantic. It has its own constitution. It is also home to tens of millions of seabirds and several unique terrestrial birds. It is also home to the World Heritage Site of Gough and the inaccessible islands, which is one of the most important seabird islands in the world.
Key facts:
♦After joining the British "Blue Belt Project", it will become the largest forbidden zone in the Atlantic Ocean and the fourth largest in the world.
♦This means that fishing, mining and any such activities are prohibited.
♦This will close more than 90% of its waters for harmful activities such as trawling, sand mining and deep-sea mining.

International Current Affairs November 3rd Week 2020

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