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Defence Current Affairs October 2nd Week 2020

Exercise Suraksha Kavach, a Joint Anti Terrorist Exercise By Indian Army and Police was held:
The Indian Army`s Agnibaaz Division (41 Artillery Division) has organised Exercise Suraksha Kavach, a joint exercise for both the Lullanagar Pune Maharashtra Police and the Indian Army. For both the Indian Army and the Police, the exercise was an opportunity to collaborate, organise, co-opt and streamline their exercises and procedures.
Exercise Suraksha Kavach:
♦The purpose of the Suraksha Kavach exercise is to harmonise the procedures of both the Indian Army and the Police to enable anti-terrorist Quick Reaction Teams (QRTs) in Pune, Maharashtra to counter any terrorist acts.
♦ The exercise also included the involvement of the Army and Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) Fast Reaction Teams, Dog Squads and Bomb Disposal Teams, and the Maharashtra Police Quick Reaction Team.
♦ During the exercise, a simulated scenario was formed regarding the involvement of terrorists in family accommodation at Lullanagar, based on which the outer cordon was initially created by Rapid Reaction Teams of the Army.
♦ Traffic management was carried out jointly by the Maharashtra traffic police and the Military Police Army Corps on the nearby roads. 
♦ The joint operation was carried out to neutralise terrorists by the Army`s Counter-Terrorism Task Force (CTTF) and the Maharashtra Police Rapid Reaction Unit.
♦ Space interference exercise, the search of the space by Dog squads for any unidentified items / explosives and their neutralisation / diffusion by Bomb Disposal Units were involved.

♦ The exercise took into account all COVID-19 safety requirements, and the strength of the participating troops was reduced accordingly.


Defence Current Affairs October 2nd Week 2020

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