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International Current Affairs June 4th Week 2020

Russia announces to take 1st tourist on space walk in 2023 year

Russia`s Energia Space Corporation has announced that, under a new deal with a US company, it will take the first tourist on a spacewalk in 2023. Energia has concluded a Space Adventures deal. Despite this the International Space Station (ISS) has two space tourists.
♦ Energia announced after NASA signed an agreement with Richard Branson`s space travel firm Virgin Galactic. Following a special training program in the USA, the agreement is to facilitate private missions to the station.
♦ The plan is launched after Elon Musk`s SpaceX`s first successful mission to take astronauts to the station on a reusable Crew Dragon spacecraft in the month of May 2020. That has ended almost a decade of Russia holding a monopoly on shutting people into orbit.
♦ In March SpaceX revealed its own space tourism trip on board the Crew Dragon for three people in the year 2020.
♦ SpaceX had previously taken 8 tourists to the ISS between 2001 and 2009, together with the Russian agency.



International Current Affairs June 4th Week 2020

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