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Yutu 2 found gel like substance in the far side of Moon:

China`s lunar rover Yutu-2 has found a strange gel-like substance during its exploration activities on the far side of the moon. 
Gel-like substance:
The gel`s shape and color are significantly different from the surrounding lunar soil. The colour of the material has been described as unusual. The material is located on the inner edge of the impact crater. The substance was found during the 8th day of an exploration mission to a region covered in small impact craters.
Chang-e-4 lander:
The Chang-e-4 lander and Yutu-2 rover landed on the other side of the moon in January. It became the first spacecraft to reach the unexplored region of Earth`s only satellite. Scientists believe that the far side of the moon has unique features never before explored on site.
Chang-e 4 is a robotic spacecraft mission. It is part of the second phase of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program.
Iranian army introduces a new homegrown jet-propelled drone called Kian:
  • Iranian Army unveiled a high-precision jet-propelled drone called Kian.The capacity of carrying long-time surveillance missions and attack the targets far from the country’s borders.
  • The unmanned military drone developed in two models.It was developed by Iranian technicians of the Army.
  • The tensions between Iran and the United States President Donald Trump in 2018 withdrew the US from the Iran nuclear deal -2015 and reimposed sanctions on Iran.
  • The new home-grown air defense system called Bavar-373.The US withdrew from the Joint.
  • Comprehensive Plan of Action, an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program reached in July 2015 . 
  • Iran, the P5+1 (the 5 Permanent members of the United Nations Security Council-China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States + Germany) and the European Union.

ESA and NASA partners for asteroid deflection:

The European space agency (ESA) has announced its plan to partner with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to stop asteroids hitting Earth. The teams from both the space agencies will meet in Rome in the month of September. The teams will discuss to deflect the potentially threatening asteroids away from colliding with the planet. 

In the meet, Asteroid researchers and spacecraft engineers are to propose the Asteroid Impact Deflection Assessment (AIDA) which is a viable method of planetary defence. according to the ambitious technique, one spacecraft will be sent to hit an asteroid and another will be sent out to obverse and gather data from the crash site.

Collision Mission:

  • The asteroid researchers aim for the smaller body of the double Didymos asteroids between Earth and Mars.
  • For this purpose, NASA is building the Double Asteroid Impact Test, or Dart spacecraft, which has been scheduled to launch in 2021. DART will reach its target at 6.6 km/s in September 2022. 
  • DART will be accompanied by an Italian-made miniature CubeSat called LICIACube. This will travel alongside to capture the moment of impact.
  • On the other hand, ESA`s HERA will perform a detailed measurement of the asteroid`s size and the crater shape. By this study, the researchers can figure out whether the technique can be used against a real threat. The mission has been planned to be launched in October 2024.

Reliance Jio launches wired broadband starting at ?699

Mukesh Ambani`s Jio announced the launch of its fiber-based broadband service, offering minimum internet speed of 100 Mbps for ?699 a month, a rate 35-45 per second.

Jio Fiber will offer free voice calling anywhere in the country, unlimited data and video conferencing.

Jio Fiber - Plans and Advantages

  • The annual subscribers will get 4K set top box, for streaming TV channels, free while a 4K television set would be complementary with plans with higher payouts such as `Gold`.
  • The company announced complementary high definition set-top box and an advanced modem Jio Home Gateway, zero-latency gaming and device security of up to five devices in all the plans priced between ?699 to ?8,499 per month.
  • The Device Security, Home Networking, VR Experience, Video Content services, provided by RCITPL (a platform service company) and TV Video Calling & Conferencing, subscribers need to purchase compatible devices.
  • They offer complementary television sets to annual subscribers of broadband plans in the range of ?2,499 to ?8,499. The company is offering television set on two-year subscription of gold plan priced at ?1,299 per month.
  • The launch of Jio Fiber, with its revolutionary services is just the beginning of a new and exciting journey. The company announced the launch of the service across 1,600 cities.
  • Reliance Jio, Mukesh Ambani`s vehicle for re-entry into the telecom space, had three years back begun mobile services, offering free voice calling and data. That got millions hooked on to his network which started charging for internet data usages from April 1, 2017, while voice calls continue to remain free.
  • Jio 3.5 lakh crore investment in 4G telecom services coupled with aggressive pricing had unleashed intense competition in the market that forced rivals to either fold up or merge to better compete with it.
  • Currently, the average fixed-line broadband speed in India is 25 Mbps. Even in America, which is the most developed economy, it is around 90 Mbps. Jio Fiber, India`s first 100 per cent all-fiber broadband service, will start from 100 Mbps and go all the way up to 1 Gbps. This will propel India to top 5 broadband nations globally.
  • Jio Fiber customers subscribing to ?699 plan will get three-month complimentary access Jio Cinema and Jio Saavn app and ?849 plan subscriber will get three-month access to video entertainment apps. The customers opting for Jio Fiber will need to pay ?1,000 installation charges and ?1,500 refundable fee.
  • BSNL tops fixed line broadband service segment with 9.05 million customers. It is followed by Bharti Airtel with 2.4 million customers, Atria Convergence Technologies 1.45 million, Reliance Jio`s subsidiary Hathway Cable & Datacom 0.84 million and MTNL 0.74 million.

Jio Fibre Bronze plan:

1) Jio Fibre ?699 per month basic plan will offer a minimum speed of 100 megabit per second.

2) The plan offers a data cap of 100 GB plus 50 GB extra.

3) Jio Fiber customers subscribing to ?699 plan will get three month complimentary access to Jio Cinema and Jio Saavn.

4) You will be required to make a one-time payment of ?2,500 which comprises ?1,500 security deposit and ?1,000 non-refundable installation.

5) Reliance Jio will also provide high definition set-top box, router, free voice calling anywhere in India, television-based video calling and conferencing service, along with ?699 Jio Fibre Bronze plan.

6) The company will also provide zero-latency gaming and device security of up to five devices in all the plans ranging between ?699 and ?8,499.





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