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 1. Scientists Discover New Shape `Scutoid` From Human Cells.

Scientists have announced their discovery of a new shape called the scutoid.

While studying epithelial cells that form our skin and line our organs and blood vessels, researchers found this new "twisted prism" shape.

The scutoid is defined by having six sides on one end, five on the other, and a triangular surface on one of the long edges.

As embryos grow, their tissues twist and curve as they begin evolving into organs.

While scientists initially thought the cells that make up this tissue would be bottle or column shaped, computer modelling suggested a different, new shape that was later confirmed with microscopy and computer imaging.

University of Seville developmental biologist and research co-author Luis Escudero told Gizmodo the shape is completely new to mathematics and geometry.

"It was such a surprise!"

"We are convinced that there are more implications that we are trying to understand as we speak."

The research team said the discovery of the scutoid could have numerous applications across varied scientific fields and could be helpful in the effort to grow artificial organs. The shape was named after the scutellum of a beetle because of its similar shape.



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